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Chemainus ufo video. DR. ROGER LEIR - The Turkey UFO Events. Pitlochry UFO Case. Man Abducted By UFO. Strange lights appear in the sky above Utah County - ABC - Salt Lake City, Utah News. UFO's In Ancient Art - Ancient UFO sightings. ~ "The Baptism of Christ" ~ Fitzwilliam Musuem, Cambridge, England Painted in 1710 by Flemish artist Aert De Gelder depicts a classic, hovering, silvery, saucer shaped UFO shining beams of light down on John the Baptist and Jesus.

UFO's In Ancient Art - Ancient UFO sightings

What could have inspired the artist to combine these two subjects? ____________________________________________________________________ "The Crucifixion" hangs above the altar at the Visoki Decani Monestary in Kosovo, Yugoslavia ~ it was painted in 1350. On either side of Jesus are a pair of Jetsons like skycars, one chasing the other ~ the pilots apparently working controls.

American Chronicle - Ed Komarek — Fundación Brandt. Article originally published in the Online Magazine American Chronicle May 20, 2008 by Ed Komarek CIA interest and involvement in extraterrestrial reality has been well documented through declassified documents.

American Chronicle - Ed Komarek — Fundación Brandt

The extent and the degree of CIA involvement has not been well documented but is massive and beyond the comprehension of most investigators. Of course the CIA is not the only major player in the investigation, exploitation and suppression of extraterrestrial technology and reality. Other organizations like the NSA are very much involved but what is unique about CIA involvement is the covert scope and breadth of CIA operations throughout society not just in the United States but worldwide as well.

Line of UFOs Behind ISS [Not a Lens Flare] NASA Moves Camera to Avoid UFOs !? Feb. 3, 2011. UFO North of Duncan Near Hidden Hills Road by Westholme (Part 2) Video discusing a 1994 African UFO sighting... Here is an interesting video I found on the YouTube today.

Video discusing a 1994 African UFO sighting...

It is from Staphane Allix’s documentary Experiencers and covers the events of September 16, 1994 when a UFO landed just outside a school in Zimbabwe. Check out the video… it is a little long (9 minutes) but very interesting, I promise… The Mouths of Babes I really had not heard too much about this particular sighting before having watched this video so I decided to dig a little deeper and see what I could uncover on this event. UFO 2010 11 15 - British Columbia Canada - Lichtkugel Formationsflug. Retired Army Colonel Says UFOs Are Real, But Denies Government Cover-Up.

Whether you believe or disbelieve the notion that UFOs are visitors from another planet, a former highly decorated military officer now comes forward with information that may infuriate those on both sides in the ongoing ET debate. Retired Col. John Alexander , using his military savvy and high security clearance, spent a quarter of a century going through the top levels of the U.S. government and military searching for the group of people who were allegedly responsible for UFO information and the supposedly decades-old UFO cover-up.

VIDEO: Air Force officers discuss UFO sightings at National Press Club - Dateline Zero. Lake Erie UFO - (Daylight) Orbs Of Light - Clip 9. Incredible UFO Buzzed By Helicopter 2011. Newly released files from The National Archives. UFO Night Vision PA. Past JSE Research Articles from SSE. Buzz Aldrin Reveals Existence of Monolith on Mars Moon. Jacques Vallee 1979. UFOs Shut Down U.S. Nuclear Base UFO Disabled Army Weapons CNN. PROOF Morphing Orb UFOs Hide in Woods!, September 21, 2010. Former Legislator Makes Statement on Un-Released Eisenhower Brief. U.S. Nuclear Weapons Have Been Compromised by Unidentified Aerial Objects. Web Bot. Web Bot is an Internet Bot computer program whose developers claim is able to predict future events by tracking keywords entered on the internet.

Web Bot

It was developed in 1997, originally to predict stock market trends.[1] The creator of the Web Bot Project, Clif High, along with his associate George Ure, keep the technology and algorithms largely secret and sell the predictions via the website. Methodology[edit] Internet bots monitor news articles, blogs, forums, and other forms of Internet chatter.

Words in the lexicon are assigned numeric values for emotional quantifiers such as duration, impact, immediacy, intensity, and others. The lexicon is dynamic, and changes according to shifts in emotional tension, and how humans communicate those changes using the Internet. Predictions[edit] Claimed hits[edit] Misses[edit] A massive earthquake in Vancouver, Canada and the Pacific Northwest was predicted to occur on 12 December 2008.[7]The US dollar completely collapses, or Israel bombs Iran in 2011. And then there was light. UFO 8/06/2010. Paranormal, UFOs, Cryptids and Unexplained Phenomena. (Please excuse the translation) - - (Xinhua Ji Nan) 10 13, one on "the end of the Qinling Mountains to a village to disappear overnight," the post pass crazy on the network, especially in the micro-Bo was crazy reserved.

Paranormal, UFOs, Cryptids and Unexplained Phenomena

After many journalists confirmed that the network confirmed rumors of the news department. "I have heard, yesterday 4:00, the end of a village in the Qinling Mountains, all disappeared overnight! ... ... There are a large number of troops sealed off the scene ... ... " Baidu Post Bar in the Qinling reporter saw a lot of friends concerned about the so-called "foot of the Qinling Mountains next village disappeared. " Aliens in the NASA Archives - More Stunning NASA UFO Anomalies Captured On Film. TRANSCENDENCE PART 19 GIANT UFO UPDATE (HD) OCTOBER 17TH 2010 A.D ( Part E ) PLEASE MAKE VIRAL ALL!! 1976 Tehran UFO incident. The 1976 Tehran UFO Incident was a radar and visual sighting of an unidentified flying object (UFO) over Tehran, the capital of Iran, during the early morning hours of 19 September 1976.

1976 Tehran UFO incident

During the incident, two F-4 Phantom II jet interceptors supposedly lost instrumentation and communications as they approached, only to have them restored upon withdrawal; one of the aircraft also supposedly suffered temporary weapons systems failure, while preparing to open fire. The incident, recorded in a four-page U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) report distributed to at least the White House, Secretary of State, Joint Chiefs of Staff, National Security Agency (NSA) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), remains one of the most well-documented military encounters with anomalous phenomena in history, and various senior Iranian military officers directly involved with the events have gone on public record stating their belief that the object was not of terrestrial origin.

The incident[edit] Gen. UFOs Over New York, Seattle, Puerto Rico, The Golden Gate Bridge, And Malaysia – TODAY! NOW! : Welcome the Light. Admin | Oct 14, 2010 | 8 comments [I think I will be constantly updating this page so look for the red UPDATE: information!

UFOs Over New York, Seattle, Puerto Rico, The Golden Gate Bridge, And Malaysia – TODAY! NOW! : Welcome the Light

Keep checking back to this page! The Big Study. Ancient Anomalies and Aliens - Part 1: Art. Ancient Anomalies and Aliens - Part 1: Art Even though I wanted to do this whole thing in one massive thread, I just don't have the time to put something like that together.

Ancient Anomalies and Aliens - Part 1: Art

So I'm going to do it in parts. First I want to make clear that this thread isn't just about ancient anomalies, but anomalies that support the ancient alien theory. Paranormal, UFOs, Cryptids and Unexplained Phenomena. MUFON CMS - Since October 4, 2010 - Texas Gulf: 4 October – On a fishing trip with my younger brother, we drive to Port Aransas, Texas at 9PM Monday night from San Antonio, Texas.

Paranormal, UFOs, Cryptids and Unexplained Phenomena

On the drive via Interstate 37 south, I did noticed a blue/white/red light up at about 30 degrees from the highway flying ahead of us at about 20,000 feet. Having just finished a previous UFO investigation the week prior, I took this light as an aircraft flying to Corpus Christi so I ignore it. After taking the Port Aransas car ferry about 12:30AM, 5 October, we park our SUV passed the end of the paved road of East Cotter Ave were it becomes the entrance to Nueces Country Park. President John F Kennedy Secret Society Speech version 2. Blood History and our Extra Terrestrial Origins.

In late 2007, I was introduced to the Sumerian Enuma Elish, the story of creation which influenced the Torah and the later Old Testament Bible.

Blood History and our Extra Terrestrial Origins

All through history and shrouded in mystery, lies the undeniable fact that Earth was not only visited by extra terrestrials in the past, but assisted in our evolution as we are today. I will summarize histories and accounts as documented in various ancient and modern day texts which reveal compelling information regarding our genetic make up and our true origins. It is said, that millions of years ago, Earth was barren and violent. Many scientists agree that the first signs of life sprung upon Earth only after she was hit by a protoplanet [or large meteor(s)]. She was called Tiamat, according to the Ancient Sumerians. Fotos de OVNIs do Satélite SOHO que a NASA e a ESA Não Escondem. « OVNI Hoje! Paranormal, UFOs, Cryptids and Unexplained Phenomena. MUFON CMS - Cork County, Ireland - 8/30/2010 - (unedited): It was Monday Aug 30, 2010. 11.15pm when I saw it. I'm living in the Cork City, suburbs, Ireland.

Beyond my house is fields, so pretty dark. It was a clear night. Stars visible. I popped out the back garden for a cigarette (no funny stuff - too old) My wife was watching TV inside. Have a look at the attached graphic, it's as close as I can recreate (bar the centre). PS. Mysterious Lights Over East El Paso, News Channel 9. UFO ABDUCTION - Italian Woman Impregnated by Aliens 100% Real Footage.

BIG U.F.O. SCARES MINERS IN CHILE CAPTURED by CELL VIDEO! Video: China and India both know about underground UFO base in the Himalayan border area deep into the tectonic plates - Collecting out of the ordinary news worldwide - Quasi Mundo. Paranormal, UFOs, Cryptids and Unexplained Phenomena. Norman Muscarello, a teenage Navy recruit, was walking down a quiet country highway at night, when suddenly, a huge object loomed above him.

Thus began the "Incident at Exeter," a series of sightings officially qualified as "unidentified. " The encounters that night took special precedence over other UFO sightings because of the credibility of two Exeter police officers who also saw the UFO, as well as that of the dispatcher and supervising officer who first heard Muscarello's account. Garden Grove UFO SIGHTING POLICE ESCORT, AMust See UFO Sighting thats UFO Family Detail Testimony Phoenix Lights Craft. UFO Photograph : unknown - January 8, 2003. The following email was received by FROM: Jack DATE: Sat, 9 Aug 2003 21:38:09 -0700 (PDT) TO: Pictures SUBJECT: First three of five triangle UFO pictures...

I forward these pictures from a friend (first three of five). Here is what he says about these pictures... I had purchased a cheap digital camera and had cannibalized it to make an inexpensive CCD imaging system for my telescope. That morning I had gotten up early in the AM to try and get some pictures of Mars - which was rising early in the morning that time of year. 3 mysterious objects discovered coming right at Earth... Well, this is an interesting story... An Astrophysicist from SETI has announced that he had made a rather startling discovery out on deep space... Three of them, to be precise... Astrophysicist Craig Kasnov has announced that he has discovered the large objects out in deep space that seem to be making a B-line for the Earth. He (as well as unnamed SETI scientists working on the project with him) estimates that at the rate that they are traveling, these objects should be arriving within Earth's vicinity by mid-December, 2012...

Right around the same day that the Mayan calendar ends, said to mark the end of a human epoch and the return of Quetzalcoatl. Belgium_triangle_ufo.jpg 400×444 pixels. UFO Photograph : Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA - January, 2007. Here's a couple of photo's of what I think is the same object as the Weyauwega ufo. As I've now gotten quite a few photos in my investigations and most are just dust and lense flairs, this one intrigues me. An email contact of mine sent them. UFO Photograph : Unknown - Unknown. UFO 2008 02 09 - Stahlscheibe bei Tag - SEHR Eindrucksv;o)ll. Excellent UFO Footage In Santiago Chile, Dec 2010. WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange Threatens with Soprano-Style ‘Insurance’ if Killed or - Los Angeles ufo.

Israelis Shoot Down UFO Over Nuclear Power Plant. WikiLeaks Set To Reveal Secret “US-UFO War” Docs, according to Kremlin report - Dateline Zero. Defence lifts lid on Kiwi X-files - national. Leslie Kean Working on “Belgian Wave” Documentary - Dateline Zero. UFO over Kurdistan - Not Fake 14.1.2008 (new) UFO & Paranormal News. My Great Grandfather Ike Knew about UFO and Alien visits to Earth Secrets are not healthy and perhaps it is time the secrets of contact with aliens on the part of the US government and knowledge of UFO visitation be revealed. Yes, that's right, the US is in contact with ETs and knows full well that some UFO sightings are of alien origin. As my name suggests I am a great granddaughter of President Dwight D Eisenhower and I should say from the start that I am fairly certain Ike was aware of aliens visiting Earth. In so many ways it was obvious. For starters there were the little comments here and there.

STS-80 - Never explained video of UFOS. Taiwan News reports UFO sighting. Most important images of a UFO ever filmed" 2008, Turkey. Disclosure War at Critical Mass: Birds, Fish and Political Deaths - Part Two. 1952 Washington D.C. UFO incident. The 1952 Washington, D.C. UFO incident, also known as the Washington flap or the Washington National Airport Sightings, was a series of unidentified flying object reports from July 12 to July 29, 1952, over Washington, D.C. The most publicized sightings took place on consecutive weekends, July 19–20 and July 26–27.

Events of July 19–20[edit] Nph-iarticle_query?1995Obs...115...78S&data_type=PDF_HIGH&whole_paper=YES&type=PRINTER&filetype= UFO sighting Gold Coast Queensland Australia. UFOs The True Story of Flying Saucers 1956. UFOs - Phoenix Lights Seen by Many in Tucson, RIGHT OVER MY HEAD! Nov. 20, 2010. Prehistoric UFO and ET images found in remote cave in India.

Large UFO in Fresno, USA May 5, 2011 Analysis! Massive ufo invasion in Kaliningrad / Много НЛО в Калининграде 10.05.2011. Reportagem do Fantástico, OVNI em Curitiba, 1991. Kentucky Coal Train Collision With UFO Disc. Sakurajima Unexplained Light and Ufos - 7/11/2011 Japan. Dead alien found in UFO hotspot in Russia ; With translation. Clear photos of UFO taken by Antonio Urzi with a camera connected to a telescope, Italia. Triangle UFO’s Spotted Over California, Las Vegas, Colorado, Massachusetts Videos. SECRET US INTELLIGENCE AGENCY HOLDS UFO ANSWERS By Anthony Bragalia. UFO Over St. Petersburg Russia March 22 2011. UFO The Jerusalem Angel SPECIAL STEP BY STEP ANALYSIS.

Florida-March 2011!Wow! Eerie 20 Minute, Loud Rumbling Sound *Video* Former Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell calls on the US government to 'open up' about aliens. Top 10 UFO sightings: Are they more believable than those red lights over Lafayette? (VIDEOS) Starchild Skull 2010 Nuclear DNA Recovery. UFOs Randomly Intelligent Maneuvering Hard Evidence OVNI. Jazma Online Forum - CSM JAMES NORTON HAS PROOF OF UFOS! Amazing UFO Fleet Over Fukushima Japan March 26, 2011.