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paper.li – read Twitter as a daily newspaper

paper.li – read Twitter as a daily newspaper Niche publishing Cover all the relevant news for your town or community, on an industry or event, or any topic you find fascinating. Content marketing Easily publish relevant, curated content daily to engage your community, build relationships and attract the right visitors to your brand. Web monitoring
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114 expressions à connaître quand on s’intéresse aux blogs Vous pensez bien connaître le vocabulaire classique des blogs : modérateur, blogroll (= blogoliste), catégorie, nuage de tags… Je n’en… Lire la suite [...] Astuce #Facebook du jour : comment modifier le nom de votre page Facebook Paper.li, ou comment lire Twitter... comme un journal

Paper.li, ou comment lire Twitter... comme un journal

Tools for presenting with Twitter Tools for presenting with Twitter Presenting while people are tweeting is challenging – but also adds a new dimension to the presentation experience for your audience. Gradually tools are being developed to make it easier for you as the presenter to manage the backchannel. Posting Tweets during the presentation
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It’s hard to know where to start - We’ve officially closed our doors at Downstream and it’s a weird feeling. Something you’ve spent every waking moment thinking about (and many weird dreams) is now a thing of the past. It’s not something we need to think about anymore. On the one hand, we’re sad that this venture didn’t work out the way we hoped. However on the other hand, we’re excited to clear our heads and take everything we’ve learned and do it much better on whatever may be next. Tweetstream


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