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The Truant Muse | My 50,000th Tweet: "Arrogance Kills." My 50,000th Tweet: “Arrogance Kills.” Ever since I discovered Twitter - I mean, really discovered it, without scorning it - I have loved it as a news feed. For me, it replaced my daily use of the Dow Jones Newswires, the Bloomberg headlines, and the Reuters terminal as well as multiple visits to and to hunt for stories. Good stories are tweeted by their publications, retweeted by their reporters, and then retweeted again by followers who find them interesting. I use my Twitter feed as an aggregation tool as well as a commentary on news, and as a way to hear from readers - or at least, readers who tweet - what they think about financial news and stories. (And cute animal pictures, such as this slideshow of otters, which was my 50,000th tweet - and, appropriately, a retweet.) The Truant Muse | My 50,000th Tweet: "Arrogance Kills."