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How to Make a Reversible Swiffer Sock. November 4th, 2010 Email 361 users recommend This Swiffer sock can be used as a duster (ruffly side), mopper (smooth side), and it fits right over your sweeper.

How to Make a Reversible Swiffer Sock

I took the photo on the bottom right just in case you were wondering if it really works—ick! Linda Permann To start, chain 31. Working in the front loop only, *ch 4, sl st in next dc; repeat from * across. Photo: Linda Permann Make a few more decrease rounds to close up the sock so it'll fit snugly over the swiffer. See more of my projects on my personal blog, and look for my new book, Crochet Adorned, in stores August 11, 2009. View 9 member project galleries posted in: yarn, green, eco, scraps, cover, swiffer sock, reuseable, duster, mop, swiffer cover Stay connected with CraftStylish Inspiration for crafting with natural resources.

Housse de Tabouret enfant Mandala - Tuto DIY - -happyghan. Mary G's Butterfly Pins Butterfly - magnet or pen (3 colors) Supplies needed: # 10 crochet cotton (colors of your choice) 6 mm bead (s) # 24 gage craft wire pen back or magnet # 6 steel crochet hook Pattern: chain 7 slip stitch to form a ring ROUND 1 chain 3 (counts as a double crochet), 2 double crochet, chain 2, 3 double crochet, chain 2, till you have 8 groups of 3 and chain 2 spaces between all double crochet groups.


Finish off. ROUND 2 attach thread in any chain 2 space, beginning shell, shell in all chain 2 spaces around, slip stitch in 3rd chain of beginning shell. Tığ İşi Çiçek Yapımı - Nalan'ın Hobileri. Crocheted Puff Flower. Just another site. Ta-dah!

Just another site

Hello! I am sooooo happy today because I finally finished my eldest son’s blanket. And now I am working on my youngest son’s blanket at full speed. Joining Hexagons Tutorial. While involved in the 'great craft room clean up of 2012' - I found a little packet with some balls of cotton yarn and crocheted hexagons from a forgotten project.

Joining Hexagons Tutorial

It was supposed to be a pin cushion - from a pattern I bought from Ravelry, can't remember the name of the pattern maker. I had 6 hexagons finished, and I think I only needed 8, but looking at it now, I think the reason I tossed it aside was that, as I was assembling it, I realised it was going to make a pretty big pincushion. So I did what might be expected and turned it into a doily/thingy. Anyway, I get quite a few people asking me about joining hexagon crochet, so I took the opportunity to photograph my steps to show those that need the know-how, how to join hexagons together.

Après l'orage... Le soleil n'est pas plus au rendez-vous dans le Languedoc qu'ailleurs mais il ne pleut plus...

Après l'orage...

Sunburst Granny Square (Free!) Presenting the Much Anticipated, Drooled Over, and Pined For *~*~*~Sunburst Granny Square Pattern~*~*~* The reader will note: This pattern is not truly my own.

Sunburst Granny Square (Free!)

I simply looked at a bunch of Sunburst Granny squares to get the feel for how the circular part was worked. ChOuette un tutO - .CéLINE FACTORY. 8. Accessoires ( Facile * ) - page 2. DIY & tuto noeud en crochet facile. 9 septembre 2012 7 09 /09 /septembre /2012 09:55 Voici un petit tuto pour vous expliquer comment je fais mes petits noeuds, le tout à ma sauce, alors je ne sais pas si c'est compréhensible?

DIY & tuto noeud en crochet facile

J'ai fait un point qui ne se trouve pas dans le lexique du crochet, Tuto daisy. Fleurs au crochet. Let's go!

fleurs au crochet

24. Dezember 2012 * Granny Square "Desideria" * nadelspiel Adventskalender 2012. Free pattern for a Flower Gardan Granny Square. I finished the Flower Garden Granny Square project!

Free pattern for a Flower Gardan Granny Square

It was a shoulder bag! The idea turned so well and the bag looks so lovely. I just love it. Do you like it, too? Inside Crochet Issue 19 July 2011 - Alejandra Tejedora - Picasa Albums Web. Crochet Books & Magazines. Granny etoile. Hi everyone; my second, baby boy option, blanket is now decided upon.

granny etoile

I wanted a blanket covered in 5-point stars, made up of hexagon motifs similarly to my baby girls puffed daisy blanket. This wasn't the most straightforward project to design, and I have to admit that I don't think I could just write the pattern down in a way that most people would be able to understand easily, so a comprehensive photographic tutorial is essential for this project. I would have loved to have made a video tutorial for you, but with only 1 pair of hands I'm afraid it is beyond me! (I suddenly feel the need for a large rubber band to hold my camera to my forehead! PONCHO. Blusa diferente de crochet. Free patterns from crocheters: Community Board.

Jumble Throw. The Jumble Throw is an updated granny square afghan crocheted in a randomized selection of colors. One size Finished Measurements Approximately 35” square Materials 11 Balls Berroco Pure Merino DK (50 grs), #4503 Barley (A) 1 Hank each Berroco Inca Gold (50 grs), #6420 Azul (B) and #6434 Carbon (C) 1 Ball Berroco Geode (50 grs), #3645 Pink Jasper (D) 1 Hank each Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light (50 grs), #4288 Blueberry Mix (E) and #4212 Cordoba Grape (F) Alternate Colorway. Granny Tissue Box Tutorial. Granny Tissue Box Cover Tutorial 8ply yarn. 3.5mm crochet hook.

Wool needle. Scissors. Etui a crochet. How to insert a zipper and line a crochet purse tutorial. I just finished this awesome slate gray crochet purse from my original pattern and now I need to add those important finishing touches of a zipper and lining. I have created this tutorial to show in detail how I did this! To see more images of purses created with this pattern see my earlier blog post. Purchase this crochet purse pattern here! Inserting the zipper: Purchase a zipper that is an inch or two longer than your opening.

Unzip the zipper and start pinning to the top of the purse. Here is a picture looking at it from another angle: Comment assembler des solid granny square pour une Babette blanket. J'ai eu pas mal de questions sur la manière dont j'assemble mes carrés pour la Babette. 2-Fleur-d-Afrique. May Roses. This is my pattern for these adorable May Roses, a sweet little floral decoration for all sorts of prettifying projects. Make them into brooches, attach them to hats, bags, hair slides, cardigans. Assemble a whole bunch of them to prettify a tea cosy, a bag, a cushion. Mu%C3%B1eca_azul_hastaelmonyo. LE TRAVAIL EN ROND PLAT. Comment faire un rond au crochet - répartir les augmentations. Commment réaliser un rond au crochet .

Calculer le nombre d'augmentations par tour en maille serrées, demi-brides, brides, doubles brides. Free crochet pattern heart ♥ Mijn excuses voor degenen die geen Engels kunnen lezen, deze post gaat over de Engelse vertaling van het hartje van Karin aan de haak. As promissed here is the post of the English translation of the little heart, designed by: Karin aan de haak. Free crochet Pattern HEART en rosa: Espanõl Mi disculpa, yo hablar no Espanõl. 12. Le Plaid par Carré. 12. 62146220. 61655851. Larksfoot Crochet Pattern Stitch - Baby Afghan. Larksfoot Crochet Stitch - Baby Afghan Video Tutorial: Larks Foot Crochet Stitch - Baby AfghanVideo Tutorial: Larksfoot Crochet Pattern Stitch Left Hand Tutorial Written by Teresa Richardson Extended or Long Double Crochet - This is where you will work a double crochet several stitches below the row you are on.

You will need to pull up on the stitch and allow for some additional yarn, so the stitch does not sag. Multiple: 4 You will add 4 chains for each segment of the pattern stitch that you want to add to the width. Example: If you want to make a baby afghan with a size I/5.5mm crochet hook, 4-ply yarn, you will chain 108. Groovyghan. Tuto crazy patchwork crochet. Crochet and the city - Au fil des choses... Grand plaid par bandes. Kumasi Throw. Crochet patchwork tutorial - Paper & needle crafts among other handmade things. First I'd like to say a big Thank you to everyone who took the time to visit my blog and to leave a comment on my crochet patchwork cushion cover, I also received a few questions so I hope the photos and the instructions below will help. Initially I thought I'd make lots of little squares but then I wasn't too keen on having to join them all up somehow so I came up with this instead. Chain 9 and skip the 1st chain, work in rows of dc to form a square.

Change colour as shown below and turn. When working your 1st row in a different colour make sure you crochet over the ends of your yarn, this way you won't have to worry about weaving in all those ends at the end. When you reach the end of your 1st row cut the ends and carry on changing colours at regular intervals until you have your strip as long as you want it. Join the strips together by sewing or slip stitching and make sure you align the squares correctly. Joyeux Anniversaire : free colors. Joyeux anniversaire Gé!!!!!!! Les instructions des défis - Crocheter en liberté. [Pierrot Yarns]Patterns Club. Sunny-Spread-Traduction. Single_Crochet_Join. Comment faire mon sac filet : Vintage style phone case « Cult of Crochet. Tutoriel Carré Old America en crochet Granny square tutorial. Bebacrochet. Crochet : Tous les messages sur crochet - Page 5 - vracaJo. JulieAnny_s_Stained_Glass_Afghan_Square.

Filet orange - vracaJo. Sac filet carré de base. DIY Tuto bannière retro kitsch. Tuto etui a lunette carre de base. Spirales - espirales - clothogancho2. Etole tuto. Granny Circle Placemats. Candy color scarf - part 1 - about crochet. Decision time..... Mon Sac 22 carrés à moi ... façon Facile Cécile : LE CHAT... ET L'AIGUILLE. Crocheted Flower Purse - Meladora's Free Crochet Patterns & Tutorials. The Kraft Farm: Crochet it up! Hair Ties and Headbands. Ami_k4. Tuto assemblage des fleurs pour l'étole japonaise. Etole japonaise au crochet - Le pot 2 colle & Cie. Tutos : Tous les messages sur Tutos - Alma Chita. Boite ronde au crochet. Anleitung: Sunburst Flower Granny Square haekeln « Kasa Amend.

Crochet : les carrés Peace and Love. It-bag : le tuto - @ La Quinta. 9-Les tutos et les liens très très utiles - Page 10. Crochet : Tous les messages sur crochet - Page 2 - clothogancho2. Cadeau - African Flowers - Potiron's World. Lily Pad Hexagons... Milles-puffed-rings3. Fleur Popcorn Granny Squares Tutoriel.

Couverture Kaléidoscope: petit carré et Zig Zag Rejoindre suucrette. Squaring the Big Circle Tutorial. Lexique du crochet américain français. Popcorn Flower Crochet Granny Square. Blog La Compagnie des Laines tutos fleurs. Tutoriel Pop Corn «helencrochet1. Sunburst granny square tutorial « Eda'scrochetroom. Fleur dans un carré: Le modèle sucrette. Modèle de fleur au crochet. Tuto granny - Le blog de solcroch68.