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Excel Functions and Formulas Popular Excel Functions Text Functions:Logical Functions:Lookup & Reference Functions:Math & Statistical Functions: What's New on This website is dedicated to Excel functions and formulas. You will find information and examples of each of the Excel Built-In Functions and information on how to combine these functions to produce a wide range of Excel Formulas. Excel Functions and Formulas
SpreadsheetLIVE :: Bring Spreadsheets to LIVE Create, share and publish spreadsheets online SpreadsheetLIVE offers a fully featured spreadsheet application environment within a web browser. Create spreadsheets from scratch and access them from any computer with an Internet connection. SpreadsheetLIVE :: Bring Spreadsheets to LIVE

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Volume-High-Low-Close Chart © Ted French Excel has a number of stock market charts that can be used to show changes in stock market prices and volume over a given period of time. A Volume-High-Low-Close Chart shows the high, low, and closing prices for a stock for a given time period as well as the number of shares traded. To find more about this type of chart, read the step by step tutorial on creating an Excel Volume-High-Low-Close Chart. Related Tutorials Excel Tutorials Excel - Spreadsheet Help Spreadsheet - Tips and Tutorials
Daily Dose of Excel Daily Dose of Excel You all know that I love keyboard shortcuts. There is a limit, though. Some of my custom shortcuts clear the Undo stack, which can be a real pain, so I have to balance the productivity gains of the shortcut against the side effects. Back in January, I wanted to see which shortcuts I’d been using, so I created some code to keep track.

Howdy folks. Jeff here. I recently gave a presentation on Excel efficiency to a bunch of analysts, in which – among other things – I’d pointed out that if you ever find yourself having to switch calculation to Manual, there’s probably something wrong with your spreadsheet. Here’s the slide: This prompted one of the […] Continue »