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Mort : la tech fait le grand saut - Le Blog. Cet article est le second de la série Un pavé dans la tech.

Mort : la tech fait le grand saut - Le Blog

Après Eros, … Thanatos. Mis à part les selfies meurtriers dont la presse ne cesse de parler, il existe d’autres liens entre innovation technologique et fin de vie. Mort numérique, pages d’hommages sur Facebook, données “afterlife”, crowdfunding pour enterrement ou encore pierres tombales connectées font sauter les verrous des tabous et révolutionnent un secteur qui évoluait jusqu’à présent très lentement. Jusqu’à poser les questions sensibles de l’immortalité et du transhumanisme… Vu de loin, on pourrait imaginer que l’industrie funéraire ne peut pas connaître la crise.

Temple Bansho-ji, cimetière japonais. Voici peut-être ce à quoi ressembleront les cimetières de demain. En Europe, si la mutation est moins flagrante, une évolution est clairement en cours. La vidéo fait également sont irruption dans le domaine. France Culture - (ré)écouter. Ingress. [PODCAST] Patrick Baud Histoires de Nuit #4 - La Dernière Question (Isaac Asimov)

[INTENTION] Spacemen Magazine 1964 - Ray Bradbury s view on sf and film. The connections between the cinema and science fiction should be many and constant.

[INTENTION] Spacemen Magazine 1964 - Ray Bradbury s view on sf and film

This Is a science fiction era we live in and the cinema is a science fictional device, that is, a machine which, only a few short years ago, would have been looked upon as impossible, miraculous, beyond the ken of the ordinary person or even the extraordinary person. But now – suddenly - this one “empathy” machine has been given into the hands of mankind, whereby, if used well, we can: Find ourselves in the body of a white man If we are black... …the body of a black man if we if we are white We can be Baptist while remaining Catholic We can be woman and remain man We can be the dwarf while we are 6’ tall Ugly if handsome and handsome if ugly. So with this one “machine” alone much in the world changed, in good, and in bad directions. the projection machine and the power Hitler used this invention to empathize attention to a false image of Germany.

This is a great loss to us all. [WEBFILM FICTION] Wildseed studios "creating the media brands of the future" February 3, 2015 Why did two TV execs leave the BBC and Aardman to form online video outfit Wildseed Studios?

[WEBFILM FICTION] Wildseed studios "creating the media brands of the future"

Co-founder Cleverly explains By James Martin Wildseed Studios is a broadcast alternative for online video producers, founded by former BBC creative executive Jesse Cleverly and Aardman Animation’s former head of broadcasting Miles Bullough. Why leave “traditional” TV and jump into online video? MIPBlog: Why did you decide to establish Wildseed Studios? Jesse Cleverly: We looked at the world from the point of view of emerging creators and saw a contradiction. We decided there was an opportunity there to provide the next generation of creative talent with the three things we see that they need: high level creative mentorship, strategic advice and investment sufficient to take their work to the next level.

The end game for us is to create the media brands of the future. [EXPO] Mécanhumanimal, Enki Bilal au Musée des arts et métiers. [VIRTUAL REALITY] Enjoy your own space adventure with VR Star Wars and Star Trek. H+ Google Hangout 3. [ENQUETE COLLABORATIVE] Attention, Filmmakers: Here Are the Secrets to the 'Seria. By Matthew Poe | Indiewire November 30, 2014 at 10:00AM The true crime podcast has become an addiction for millions of listeners -- and the reasons why might be useful for any storyteller.

[ENQUETE COLLABORATIVE] Attention, Filmmakers: Here Are the Secrets to the 'Seria

Elise Bergerson/This American Life "Serial" host Sarah Koenig in studio. For now, at least, there are still two Americas: the half that is totally consumed by the podcast "Serial," and the one that will be once someone convinces them to start the first episode. If you know someone who's listening, and they have not already talked your ear off about it, you should feel free to ask them -- it will not be difficult to pry an opinion out of them. But if you're in the latter half, and none of your friends is yet a convert, here's what you need to know: "Serial" is a new show from the producers of "This American Life" that has, in two short months, become the most downloaded podcast in the world.

Not Knowing HBO 'The Wire' What's the lesson in the risk that Koenig is taking? Ira Glass and New Journalism. [VLOG FICTIF] The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

[VLOG FICTIF] The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Vous lisez un « bon article ». Pour les articles homonymes, voir LBD. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (littéralement « Les Carnets intimes de Lizzie Bennet »), ou plus simplement LBD, est une web-série dramatique américaine adaptée de l’œuvre de Jane Austen Orgueil et Préjugés[1] où l’intrigue, qui se déroule au début du XXIe siècle, est présentée en temps réel à travers le blog vidéo[2] que Lizzie Bennet, jeune étudiante californienne, tient pendant un an, y ajoutant une nouvelle page deux fois par semaine, le lundi et le jeudi. [WEBSERIE FICTION] Farmed and Dangerous.