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Next Generation Web Performance. 3 time saving tools to help marketers identify online influencers. Engaging influencers in your industry should be part of every organization’s marketing strategy, no matter how large or small the company.

3 time saving tools to help marketers identify online influencers

Engaging with influential experts and further developing these relationships can accelerate lead generation, build trust, and increase brand awareness. Additionally, it’s a great way to get feedback on the product or service you offer. A tweet or blog post from an influencer can increase traffic to your website by the hundreds, if not thousands overnight.

In the early days of, now part of BlackBerry, we spent a lot of time building relationships with influencers in our target market. The identification process was one of the most difficult steps. At the time there was not a simple tool or process, so we manually searched, followed, and listened while we built our list and began engaging. Little Bird enables businesses of all sizes to discover peer-validated, topical influencers on all major social media networks, based on topic of interest. Free Online Spell Check Tool. This tool does not check the following: Words that have a capital letter in them Words with numbers or special characters in them.

Free Online Spell Check Tool

Because of the resources this tool uses, we limit this tool to only 5 runs per day, per user. If you would like to use this tool more than 5 times, please bookmark this page and come back after 24 hours. Spell check website content. Open Penguin Data Project. The SEO & PPC Philippines Daily. Adds New Data Types for Audiences, Creative Works. Call-to-Action Button Generator - Design buttons & download as CSS PNG. Introducing Wistia Labs. Toss on your lab coat and follow us for a tour of Wistia Labs: a new set of experimental video tools suited for the maddest of web video scientists.

Introducing Wistia Labs

(Dim the Lights is featured above!) It can be challenging to experiment with new functionality within a product when your ultimate goal is to keep things clean and simple. When you've got a quirky, out-there idea, or a new feature that's crazy cool but only a few people will use, how do you avoid cluttering the product? How about features that are super useful but that you might not be able to guarantee compatibility with for every browser or platform? We already launched the Twitter Follow Lab back in February, and now we're happy to announce a whole bunch of new Labs. Map Maker.

PunchTab : Loyalty programs, giveaways and rewards programs for websites, blogs, and mobile applications. 6 Free Google Docs Every SEO Needs To Have. One of my favorite parts of being in the online marketing community is how people within the community are so generous in sharing tips, strategies, and tools to do your job better.

6 Free Google Docs Every SEO Needs To Have

A common way that a lot of online marketers use to build helpful tools is Google Documents. Using Google Docs is ideal because it’s free, flexible, and easy to share with others. SEER Open Sources Everything! If you can’t program, that’s OK.

SEER Open Sources Everything!

If you can use a spreadsheet you’re all set. There’s no code involved here. Create Geo Sitemap and KML files for FREE! Freebase. 10 Super tools for Facebook analytics! 13 Social Media Software Tools for Marketing Your Company or Clients - YouMoz. Several weeks ago I noticed my agency was spending way too much time on our clients' social media marketing campaigns and not enough time on the rest of inbound marketing channels.

13 Social Media Software Tools for Marketing Your Company or Clients - YouMoz

So we decided to do some research on social media software that would help us improve our workflow. Along the way, we discovered software that is worth mentioning to the Moz community. The objective of this blog post is to provide a list of social software that can help you run your social marketing campaigns better. Some of the software is FREE (my favorite four letter word) while others are expensive. We highly recommend going through all 13 tools to find what is best for your current situation. The first five are social media marketing suites (like a CRM). You can think of HootSuite as a Social Media Management Dashboard. Use this if: You are marketing Facebook Pages, Twitter, Google+ Pages, or LinkedIn.

Don't use this if: you need robust Analytics. Cost: Free, $10/mo for Pro. Quozio - Make Beautiful Quotes. Campaign Configurator. Real-time Analytics for websites from GoSquared. Cyfe: Monitor Your Business’s Every Move. Recently I was seeking for ways to stay more organized when it comes to helping my clients take advantage of every online opportunity.

Cyfe: Monitor Your Business’s Every Move

We all know the important things that we should be checking to make sure our websites stay on top of the game. We need to keep an eye on important areas such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, latest brand mentions, social mentions, etc. Even with just one website to manage, checking all of those sources individually can be time consuming. If you work for an agency and handle multiple clients, you can imagine the time that would take to check these everyday. In my quest to find a solution I stumbled upon an awesome tool called Cyfe, an online dashboard for your business.