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General Hallucinogen Information

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Psychedelics information. Erowid - (Build 20090824085414) Online Books : "Golden Guide Hallucinogenic Plants" by R.E. Schultes. The Golden GuideHallucinogenic Plants by Richard Evans Schultes What are hallucinogenic plants?

Online Books : "Golden Guide Hallucinogenic Plants" by R.E. Schultes

How do they affect mind and body? Who uses them - and why? This unique Golden Guide surveys the role of psychoactive plants in primitive and civilized societies from early times to the present. Open the Book(This online version is presented in 10 page segments.) See Erowid Library/Book store entry or download it as (approx 4.5 MB) Psychoactive Vaults : Psychedelic Crisis FAQ. This FAQ is not regularly updated or maintained.

Psychoactive Vaults : Psychedelic Crisis FAQ

It may include out-of-date information. Please check the version date to see when it was most recently revised. For current information, see Erowid's summary pages in the substance's main vault. Disclaimer This FAQ is presented for informational purposes only. PsychonautWiki. Disregard Everything I Say. References Database. The WWW Psychedelic Bibliography. The Psychedelic Library.

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The Psychedelic Library

The forbidden fruits were eaten, And thereby the warm life of reason congealed. A grain of wheat eclipsed the sun of Adam, Like as the Dragon's tail dulls the brightness of the moon. . — Rumi: Masnavi I Ma'navi The files in this library are transmitted under the "Fair Use" rulingsregarding the 1976 Copyright Act for NON-profit academic, research, and general information purposes. The Lycaeum - Entheogen Definition. Definition of "Entheogenic" Quick Definition: mind altering, psychedelic, spirit inducing, shamanistic substance Some of you who stumble upon this website may be slightly puzzled by a word in our header that is probably unfamiliar to many: Entheogenic.

Converted into a noun, the word becomes Entheogen, and the two terms have recently become quite popular among aficionados of botanically and chemically fueled visionary experiences. Rolling off the tongue somewhat easier than the earlier "psychedelic" and also free of that word's accumulated cultural baggage, they have become the terms of choice for many modern psychonauts to refer to their plant and chemical teachers and the states of consciousness that result from their ingestion; in fact, there is now even a print publication devoted to such matters entitled "The Entheogen Review.

" The term means literally 'becoming divine within'. En = Within, Inner Theo = Divine, God Gen = Becoming, Creating. Leda > About Leda. The Lycaeum Entheogen Database (Leda) was created to organize the complex and ever-expanding web of entheogen information. Leda picks up where our old drug archives left off. Our intent is to absorb all available entheogenic knowledge, cross-reference it for you, and make it browseable through an intuitive interface. This is a community project of immense size and complexity. As volunteers attempt to fill our continually growing vessel with knowledge, we are reminded of how little we actually know about these teachers, and how much research has yet to be done.

Contributing We are always looking for help in the following areas: Quality AssuranceWe need swarms of people to generally poke and prod at the database and send in reports of bugs, inconsistencies, user interface issues, and suggestions. Please send new content, bug reports, suggestions, etc. and other database-related items to To volunteer, please contact History. T R Y P T A M I N D . C O M. Links. General Psychedelic Research. Scientists suggest fresh look at psychedelic drugs. This is your brain on love (and other drugs) Forget about roses.

This is your brain on love (and other drugs)

If you really want to nail it tonight, try this on for size: Darling, when you touch my face like that, my dorsolateral middle frontal gyrus is but one region that releases a variety of chemicals into my blood stream, thus beginning their incredibly rewarding--and speedy--journey to my nether regions and resulting in undulating pleasures. So say researchers at Syracuse University who found, in their 2010 MRI study, "The Neuroimaging of Love," that falling in love takes about a fifth of a second, looks neurologically similar to getting high on cocaine, and affects sophisticated cognitive functions, including metaphors and body image. Which means you could also charm the object of your neuro-affection with the line: "Darling, given how quickly we fell in love, we should be celebrating the mere achievement of simply liking each other after the initial high wore off.

" Seeking the Truth : Hallucinogens. Drugs/Ethnobotony. Drug Stories ^_^ Documentaries. Psychedelics.