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The Templars

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Knights Templar International. NOTE: The Knights Templar International is a Christian Organisation and as such we reject all forms of racism as anti-Biblical and reject all forms of political hatred no matter from what end of the political spectrum it comes from.

Knights Templar International

We firmly believe in the dignity and humanity of all people regardless of colour creed, ethnicity or political persuasion. This does not mean we necessarily agree with them or their beliefs but as committed Christians we are convinced of the principles of free speech, lawful assemble and freedom of expression for all mankind without fear of persecution. KTI-NOM A MODERN ORDER FOLLOWING AN ANCIENT TRADITION. The medieval Knights Templar, best known to us today as the famed warriors of the Crusades, were a devout military religious Order that uniquely combined the roles of knight and monk in a way the Western medieval world had never seen before. The Templar Order’s administration was structured hierarchically. The Guilt of the Gnostic Knights Templar: The Chinon Parchment.

The recently discovered Chinon Parchment of the Vatican Library in 2001 has brought a level of redemption to the Knights Templar.

The Guilt of the Gnostic Knights Templar: The Chinon Parchment

It does not discount their “heretical” activities, which were entirely gnostic in nature and reveal Johannite and Sufi influences on the Knights. But it does absolve them of these “crimes.” The History of the Parchment When Pope Clement V summoned many of the accused Knights Templar to his residence in Poitiers, France to determine the truth of the heretical allegations against them, some of the highest ranking knights, including Grandmaster Jacques de Molay, were diverted to Chinon, where they were met by three cardinals. Did the Templars Hide the Ark of the Covenant? Unraveling the Cove-Jones Cipher. On October 25th this year, the Vatican released a document that had remained in its secret archives for seven hundred years.

Did the Templars Hide the Ark of the Covenant? Unraveling the Cove-Jones Cipher

It is the report of the official Church investigation into the activities of the Knights Templar in the early fourteenth century. In October 1306, these crusader knights were found guilty of idolatry, blasphemy, and heresy, and their order was dissolved. Some were burned at the stake, others imprisoned, and most were stripped of their assets. Astonishingly, this extraordinary document reveals how the Vatican enquiry found no evidence of wrongdoing. It was the Pope himself, Clement V, who directly intervened and declared the Templars heretics. The warrior monks who invented banking. Image copyright Getty Images On London's busy Fleet Street, opposite Chancery Lane, is a stone arch through which anyone may step, and travel back in time.

The warrior monks who invented banking

A quiet courtyard houses a strange, circular chapel and a statue of two knights sharing a single horse. The chapel is Temple Church, consecrated in 1185 as the London home of the Knights Templar. But Temple Church is not just an important architectural, historical and religious site. It is also London's first bank. THE DARK HISTORY OF THE TEMPLARS. Although the crusaders are commonly thought to have been motivated by their deep Christian faith, crusades were actually wars inspired by avarice.


At a time of utmost poverty and misery prevalent in the West, the attractions of the East-in particular, the Muslim societies' wealth and prosperity-played on the minds of Europeans, especially those in the Church. These attractions, bolstered with Christian teachings, begot the crusaders' mindset, seemly motivated by religion but actually motivated by worldly designs. This is the reason why Christians, who had followed more or less peaceful policies in the previous 1,000 years, suddenly began to display an appetite for war-specifically, the "liberation" of the holy city of Jerusalem and Palestine as a whole. We can retrace the beginnings of the crusades to November 1095, when Pope Urban II gathered the Council of Clermont. Des Templiers aux Francs-Maçons. Les templiers aux Francs-Maçons L’Ordre du Temple n’en finit jamais de déchaîner les passions.

Des Templiers aux Francs-Maçons

Régulièrement, on affirme des thèses selon lesquelles il serait coupable ou victime. Il aurait détenu des connaissances ésotériques de la toute première importance qui aurait poussé le Vatican à le dissoudre en tant qu’Ordre. Les chevaliers de l’Ordre auraient retrouvé en Palestine des documents mettant en cause l’histoire officielle des premiers siècles du christianisme. Ils auraient retrouvé l’Arche d’Alliance ou du moins une partie du trésor du roi Salomon. Les Templiers. TEMPLIERS (ordre des) sceau du temple L’ordre du Temple était un ordre religieux et militaire international issu de la chevalerie chrétienne du Moyen-Âge.

Les Templiers

Il fut créé le 13 janvier 1129 à partir d’une milice appelée les Pauvres Chevaliers du Christ et du Temple de Salomon. Il œuvra pendant les XIIe et XIIIe siècles à l’accompagnement et à la protection des pèlerins pour Jérusalem dans le contexte de la guerre sainte et des croisades. Après la perte de la Terre sainte, il fut victime de la lutte entre la papauté et la monarchie française et fut dissout par le pape le 22 mars 1312 lors d’un procès en hérésie. templiers Légendes autour de l’ordre du Temple Il est nécessaire de commencer par un avertissement aux lecteurs : les légendes diverses et variées nées autour de l’ordre du Temple sont apparues après sa dissolution et n’ont pas de rapport avec l’histoire de l’ordre, mais avec l’histoire des mythes (voir l’article sur les légendes au sujet des Templiers). La reconnaissance. Bacon Bible - How a Templar re-wrote the Bible, page 1.

Yes, you read correctly.

Bacon Bible - How a Templar re-wrote the Bible, page 1

The "Authorised" Bible, King James Bible, the one that almost all churches read... has been re-written by a Knight Templar/Rosicrucian. Many people, including Catholics, believe that the true Bible to follow is the KJB. However, that is very much not so. Many had suspicions about the Bible having been changed over the years from the original Greek, Hebrew, and Latin Bibles and related books, to a more dictactorial version. Well, according to one source, the suspicions would reveal to be true. FROM TEMPLARS TO FREEMASONRY. Even a quick examination of the Templars' history reveals the major transformations they underwent along the way.


They first appear under a Christian façade, but soon enter a darker phase in which un-christian and perverse philosophies and teachings show through. This doesn't happen all at once, however, and many events are responsible for the changes that occurred. These changes first came about during the Templars' sojourn in the Holy Land: During this phase, they became acquainted with the Cabala and learned the mysterious teachings of various other Jewish sects. The Templars, the Jews and blood libel. 1250 French Bible illustration depicts Jews (identifiable by Judenhut) being massacred by crusaders (Photo credit: Wikipedia) In the late twelfth and thirteenth centuries, a number of children were alleged to have been murdered by the Jewish community in various towns in Europe.

The Templars, the Jews and blood libel

These accusations were certainly false and designed primarily to enable the seizure of the assets of prominent, wealthy Jews. Due to various prohibitions put on Jewish people, they established a niche in medieval society as money lenders and this was how some became very rich. Their clients included kings, bishops and princes and the sums involved were huge. For Christians, the church ban on earning interest meant that this kind of money lending activity was strictly speaking sinful. Knights Templar (Freemasonry) A cross and crown laid upon a cross pattée inscribed with "In Hoc Signo Vinces" resting upon downward pointing swords in saltire is often used to represent the Knights Templar. Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges Cathedral. Distant view of the Cathedral Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges Cathedral (French: Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges) is a former Roman Catholic cathedral in Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges, Haute-Garonne, southwestern France.

It was the seat of the Ancient Diocese of Comminges. Description[edit] Secrets - Mystères. THE DARK HISTORY OF THE TEMPLARS. The Knights Templar 2/4 - A History. Les Chevaliers cathares. 2/2 Les cathares (1208-1310) Royaume de France. Templar Music - When darkness rise. THE DARK HISTORY OF THE TEMPLARS.