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The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class. Marijuana/Drug Legalization. Guerre mondiale financière. Pourquoi la répression financière va échouer. By Ron Hera, Hera Research, LLC Excessive leverage and risk in the financial system, e.g., using customer funds to speculate, never ends well.

pourquoi la répression financière va échouer

Stock market crashes, bank and investment firm failures or economic recessions are all potential consequences. Following the failure of the United States to regulate over the counter (OTC) derivatives and the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, U.S. banks became the largest financial business entities in history. The U.S. real estate bubble, sub-prime lending and mortgage backed securities (MBS), along with unregulated OTC derivatives, then lead to bank insolvencies, a historic stock market crash and a near collapse of the global financial system. Central banks and governments intervened to prevent systemic collapse but governments were saddled with enormous debts due to bank bailouts, lost tax revenues and massive social welfare costs. Measures that began as emergency interventions became routine suggesting a new economic paradigm. Beat Generation.

Free Press: Verizon Wireless App Blocking Hurts Consumers, Competition and Innovation. WASHINGTON - December 6 - According to reports, Verizon Wireless is restricting consumers’ ability to download and use Google Wallet.

Free Press: Verizon Wireless App Blocking Hurts Consumers, Competition and Innovation

New mobile payment systems such as Google’s offer consumers opportunities for flexible, fast and convenient transactions using their mobile devices. Verizon Wireless is reportedly limiting third-party mobile payment systems in an attempt to force its wireless subscribers to use only Verizon's technology. This practice mirrors those adopted by Verizon Wireless and other carriers that block the use of third-party "tethering" applications, which Free Press contends violates the terms of Verizon's 4G spectrum licenses. MILITARES ASESINAN UN PERRO ATADO, MANSO Y SUMISO. Irán “desenchufa” embajada virtual de EEUU.

La guerra indirecta entre Teherán y Washington sigue su curso, esta vez con el bloqueo por parte de Irán de la embajada virtual estadounidense que fue abierta esta semana, un portal en la web especialmente diseñado por EEUU para los iraníes.

Irán “desenchufa” embajada virtual de EEUU

Expertos califican esta respuesta simétrica de paso comprensible, por tratarse la embajada de un arma propagandistica de la guerra mediática emprendida por Estados Unidos contra Irán. Este miércoles los cibernautas iraníes informaron que el sitio no estaba disponible y que sólo aparece un aviso sobre los contenidos delictivos del enlace. Mientras eso ocurre en Irán, en otras partes del mundo, no hay problemas de acceso. Instrumentos de la guerra secreta “Es un componente mediático de una guerra de sabotaje que ya empezó”, opina el politólogo Omar Hassan. Se cree que la reciente avalancha de sanciones económicas y políticas contra Irán, así como la creciente tensión internacional sobre su programa nuclear podrían también ser parte de esta guerra. Hillary Clinton Says Parliamentary Election In Russia Was Rigged. VILNIUS, Lithuania -- Issuing new warnings to two U.S. partners Tuesday, U.S.

Hillary Clinton Says Parliamentary Election In Russia Was Rigged

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton criticized Russia for a parliamentary election she called rigged and said election gains by Islamist parties must not set back Egypt's push toward democracy after the fall of autocrat Hosni Mubarak this year. She acknowledged the success of Islamist parties in Egyptian parliamentary voting that the U.S. has praised as fair. But many of the winners are not friendly to the United States or U.S. ally Israel, and some secular political activists in Egypt are worried that their revolution is being hijacked. Islamist parties are among the better-known and better-organized in Egypt, and while they were expected to do well in last week's first round voting, a hardline bloc scored surprisingly large gains.

Katie Boehret's interview: Katie, I am looking forward to catching your writings. I love to write & am half... Free Classifieds marketing online auctions. Josh Weinberger on Listorious. Writing Tips & Tools. True Crime Finance Stories. Killing the American Dream. ZEIT ONLINE's interview: What exactly is Zeit? What does Zeit Tweet?

All Roads Lead to Rothschild – United Nations of Film. 20 Things the G-20 Could Have Done. Americans are under the quaint, even vaguely poignant illusion that they will actually elect a president next year.

20 Things the G-20 Could Have Done

But, of course, the voting that will determine who leads the United States from 2013 onward will take place not in the United States but in Europe, in China, and in a handful of other distant locations. As a consequence, this week's G-20 meeting in Cannes, France, should be viewed as an even earlier and more influential caucus than the ones taking place in Iowa.

And upcoming meetings among eurozone finance ministers, the U.S. World financial crises visualised: how does Greece's debt restructuring compare? Global Currency. System effects of bank crisis underestimated. The system effects resulting from banks’ behaviour during the credit crisis are much greater than expected.

System effects of bank crisis underestimated

The financial world has underestimated the risk to the system of these effects, which are also known as second-round effects. Economist Jan Willem van den End came to this conclusion in PhD research which investigated how banks and governments acted during the crisis.

Future suggestions of world economy

Asia. European Ecconomies- Austerity the New Normal? Middle East. United States. IMF, WTO, ECB, FedReserve. Food Insecurity. Protests. BRIC. The Mortgage Crisis.