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Semiconductor sales leaders by year. This article lists the top 10~25 largest semiconductor companies by sales leaders since 1987.

Semiconductor sales leaders by year

The article ranks two types of semiconductor companies mixing them in one list: Integrated Device Manufacturers (IDM) such as chip makers from Intel, Samsung, and STMicroelectronics that design, manufacture and sell their chips.Fabless manufacturers such as Qualcomm, NVIDIA and AMD that design and sell chips but outsource manufacturing to foundry companies.You can also find a list of foundry companies such as TSMC and UMC that manufacture chips designed and sold by their customers especially from fabless companies as described before.Finally there's information about semiconductor equipment sales leaders describing IC equipment supplier's revenue, which support all the semiconductor companies. Gartner Dataquest Corp. has the longest history as the reference publisher of this ranking. What is interesting about these revenue numbers is that they are nominal (without factoring in inflation).

Note: Media - La TV du futur: les écrans et les marques au-delà du connecté et du contenu… From Hulu to Google TV Battle Is on in Distribution Turf War - Advertising Age - MediaWorks. MTV’s launches ‘WatchWith’ for iPhone. Today, MTV announced an iPhone version of their WatchWith app (already available for the iPad) to offer a second screen experience for their shows, “including Jersey Shore, Awkward, Teen Wolf, 16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom and The Challenges.”

MTV’s launches ‘WatchWith’ for iPhone

Kristin Frank, general manager of MTV/VH1 digital media, explained how important this new app is for the brand. Interactive Television. It’s Not TV, It’s the HBO iPhone App. Lots of television networks are starting to get into the mobile app business — the Discovery Channel, MSNBC, CNN and CNBC are just a few of the networks with iPhone-specific applications.

It’s Not TV, It’s the HBO iPhone App

Now we can add one more channel to that list: HBO. The HBO iPhone app [iTunes link] offers subscribers (or even just fans) easy access to HBO programming guides and show information. The HBO app has a nice interface and makes it easy to get SMS reminders of when your favorite show or movie is airing next. Total Audience for Online Video Continues to Climb. Internet Users Embrace TV. The fourth edition of Deloitte’s “State of the Media Democracy” report reveals Internet users are more in love with their televisions than ever—and ready for the coming convergence of TV and online.

Internet Users Embrace TV

In 2009, 65% of Internet users wanted to connect their TV to the Internet, a 7-percentage-point increase over 2008. Web users across all generations increasingly wanted to watch online content, as well as content on their PC, on traditional television screens. Even among matures, nearly one-half were ready for Internet-enabled TV sets. Live TV remained the most popular way for respondents to watch their favorite shows, though 4% reported watching on free online sites such as Hulu and, and 3% watched online on the TV show’s Website. Overall, Internet users were watching significantly more TV in 2009 than the year before, at nearly 18 hours per week.

“Television content continues to fascinate Americans,” said Ed Moran, Deloitte director of insights and innovation, in a statement. Hands On with Comcast’s Xfinity: TV Everywhere That’s Not All It. After weeks of anticipation, I finally got a chance to go hands-on with Comcast’s Fancast Xfinity TV service while visiting family that subscribe to Comcast’s cable and broadband service.

Hands On with Comcast’s Xfinity: TV Everywhere That’s Not All It

While the cable company should get points for launching the first TV Everywhere deployment in the U.S., my early experience has not been very positive. Due to significant issues with the authentication process and actual content library, I have to say that I’m more than a little disappointed by the service, especially after months of hype by Comcast and content partners like Time Warner. Authentication. DirecTV 3D broadcasts coming in early 2010? Media: Microsoft's Ballmer Sees Content Everywhere - Advertising. Disney Demos DECE Competitor ‘KeyChest’ The race to create technology that would allow users to purchase a piece of content once and watch it on nearly any device is heating up, with Disney showing off its “KeyChest” technology yesterday.

Disney Demos DECE Competitor ‘KeyChest’

Like the DECE, which made its own announcements earlier this week, Disney is trying to create a central repository that stores user purchase information where digital storefronts and devices could connect to enable access to content wherever and whenever. Disney demoed KeyChest to reporters in Burbank, Calif., showing them possible cases where the rights repository might come in handy. Arnaud Robert, Disney senior vice president of distribution technology, demonstrated how retailers could use KeyChest to share information about a customer’s purchases, so that a piece of content bought at one store would become available through another company’s web site, according to the LA Times. But there are still challenges ahead. The TMR Zoo - Men's Entertainment... Devolved! I have a theory. My theory pertains to whether or not high-definition (HD) television was a revolution for TV.

My theory is…not. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love HDTV. But, that doesn’t make it a revolution. The 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this year has reinforced my thinking. The two features I’m talking about are 3DTV, which has been getting a lot of press lately, and IPTV, which has, ironically, NOT been getting as much press.