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Camtel formalizes its partnership with Sotel Tchad. Business News of Saturday, 21 February 2015 Source: Ecofin Agency The Cameroon Telecommunications Company (Camtel) and the society of Telecommunications of Chad (Sotel Tchad), represented by their respective General Directors, David Nkotto Emane and Adam Abbas Ahmed, conducted on 19th February 2015 in Yaoundé, the signing of an agreement of technical and commercial cooperation.

Camtel formalizes its partnership with Sotel Tchad

Under the agreement which financial details were not disclosed, the Cameroonian side, on the basis of its experience in the field of the installation of optics fibre (with a network of more than 6,000 km of cables installed in Cameroon), will accompany Chadian teams in the process of extension of their own fiber network, which is currently only 750 kilometres long. It will include the question of training and capacity-building, particularly in the area of contribution to home of the optical fiber and the establishment of an appropriate pricing system. Log into Facebook. Facebook. Case-Study-Cameroon-FINAL.pdf. Douala, Yaoundé internet exchange points to be ready by June. | Jan. 15, 2015, 8:30 a.m.

Douala, Yaoundé internet exchange points to be ready by June

Image: By BiztechAfrica Douala, Yaoundé internet exchange points to be ready by June. Orange Cameroun veut investir 1 500 M de F.Cfa en 10 ans – La chronique de Muriel Edjo. MTN, Orange in renegotiation with govt over license. Business News of Thursday, 15 January 2015 Source: Cameroon Tribune Licences for mobile telephony in renegotiation Orange and MTN have been in discussion with the Government in Yaoundé at the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications for some time now.

MTN, Orange in renegotiation with govt over license

They have been debating on the billions that these companies have to pay to the Treasury to renew their operating licenses as per their contracts signed 15 years ago. [] YooMee ® déploie son réseau haut-débit WiFi à l'Université de Douala. YooMee Africa to extend operations to CMR, other countries. Business News of Thursday, 1 January 2015 Source: PC Advisor The first LTE network in West Africa launched in Côte d’Ivoire last weekend.

YooMee Africa to extend operations to CMR, other countries

YooMee Africa plans to follow its launch of West Africa’s first TD-LTE network in Côte d’Ivoire last weekend with expansion to other areas of West and Central Africa. “In general, we look into the large region of West and Central Africa,” YooMee Africa CEO Dov Bar-Gera said via email. “We feel very comfortable in both English and French-speaking countries. Olivier Dicoh: “Camtel’s main mission isn’t seeking financial performance” Business in Cameroon: In light of the less than stellar state of its cash-flow, its high debt and a Cameroon mobile market in which two leaders (Orange and MTN) have a major head start, is the BBB rating Camtel received from Bloomfield likely to reassure investors whom the company hoped to attract?

Olivier Dicoh: “Camtel’s main mission isn’t seeking financial performance”

Olivier Dicoh: Camtel’s short term and long term ratings are investment grades in the moderate risk category and should reassure investors. The long term rating establishes Camtel’s fundamentals while the short term rating looks at its cash-flow within a period of less than a year. Of course, these ratings take into account the company’s cash-flow as well as its debt. It’s important to understand that Camtel’s main mission is to provide universal service (easing everyone’s access to information and communication technologies), not to seek financial performance as its activities fall within the framework of the Strategic Document for Growth and Jobs (DSCE). Les TIC emploient 50% de Camerounais actifs dans le secteur tertiaire.

“Nexttel already has 400,000 abonnés,” says Ministry of Postal Services and Telecoms. (Business in Cameroon) – The Minister of Postal Services and Telecom, Jean Pierre Biyiti bi Essam, stated that mobile service provider, Nexttel, until now the exclusive 3G permit holder, already has 400,000 subscribers since the start of its activities on September 18, 2014.

“Nexttel already has 400,000 abonnés,” says Ministry of Postal Services and Telecoms

The company which has billing rates of 54 FCFA within its network and 66 FCFA to other networks, has been offering promotions and bonuses to lower fees for intra network and extra network calls by 50 FCFA. The Postal Services and Telecommunications Minister revealed this information on December 2, 2014 before the parliament. He was presenting to members of parliament what he has achieved with his 12.7 billion FCFA budget (close to 24 million dollars). Before the Finance and Budget Commission, Jean Pierre Biyiti bi Essam also defended his budget proposal for 2015 which is 13.673 billion FCFA (25.6 million dollars).

Eximbank China lends 41 billion FCfa in Cameroon to lay fibre optics. (Business in Cameroon) - On December 3, 2014, Cameroonian Head of State, Paul Biya, published a decree authorising Economy Minister, Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi, to sign a 41 billion FCFA loan agreement with export-import company out of China (Eximbank China) to finance the national fibre-optic expansion project.

Eximbank China lends 41 billion FCfa in Cameroon to lay fibre optics

According to reliable sources, this financing should facilitate building the urban fibre-optic networks of several Cameroonian towns and cities, thus expanding the national fibre-optic network which is currently estimated to cover 6,000 km. Cameroon’s “digital improvement” plans “require laying 10,000 or even 20,000 km of fibre-optic cables to cover the entire country,” the Postal Services and Telecom Minister, Jean-Pierre Biyiti bi Essam, back in May 2013 in Maroua when inaugurating the fibre-optic initiative.

Eximbank’s new finacing will allow the Cameroonian government to carry-out plans to lay 10,000 km of fibre-optics by 2015. World Bank doubts Camtel’s ability to turn a profit on mobile services and 3G. (Business in Cameroon) - In a November 2014 report, from which some excerpts were revealed on December 3, 2014 by the weekly Cameroonian publication, Repères, the World Bank has expressed some doubt about Cameroon Telecommunications’ (Camtel), ability to make the 3G technology it will be offering as of 2015 profitable.

World Bank doubts Camtel’s ability to turn a profit on mobile services and 3G

“Camtel has been making minimal offers and poor service. It could not manage CDMA technology (with the CTphone) which is equivalent to 3G technology,” writes the Bretton Woods institution in its report. With this finding, the World Bank goes on to say that, “Done probably without any financial contribution due to the company’s deteriorated finances, the granting of a 3G licence to Camtel seems entirely politically motivated, particularly in light of the fact that Camtel seems to lack the human competence required to implement a quality network.” TIC : L’Assemblée nationale connectée au Wifi.

Startimes Ltd to rehabilitate CRTV for 110 billion FCfa. Unfortunately the following page was not available: This might be because: You may have typed the web address incorrectly.

Startimes Ltd to rehabilitate CRTV for 110 billion FCfa

Please check the address and spelling ensuring that it uses capital letters correctly and it does not contain spaces.It is possible that the page you were looking for may have been moved or deleted. Please try the following options instead: Câble : le Cameroun interconnectera les 10 capitales régionales dans moins d'un an. Cameroon prepares to welcome 4th mobile operator. | Oct. 8, 2014, 11:49 a.m.

Cameroon prepares to welcome 4th mobile operator

Image: By BiztechAfrica By Issa Sikiti da Silva, Cameroon. Cameroun - Fibre optique: De nouvelles boucles en vue. Cameroun: 400 000 personnes seulement connectées à Internet. Cameroun - Fibre optique: Trois nouvelles villes servies. Cameroun - Télécommunications: La 3G pour tous dès janvier 2015 relance le débat. Cameroun : En 2013, les sociétés de téléphonie mobile ont cumulé un CA de 500 milliards FCfa – 01/10/2014. Camtel sera le 4eme opérateur mobile au Cameroun. Cameroon's New Telephone Numbering Scheme will Increase Available Numbers from 80 to 800 million - AfrICT (Africa ICT)

Beginning on November 21, 2014, Cameroon's telephone system will have a new numbering scheme. According to the new plan recently adopted by the country's Telecommunications Regulatory Board (TRB), telephone numbers will migrate from 8 to 9 digits. The current 8-digit phone numbers will be expanded by prepending a digit according to the carrier; the number 2 will be prepended to numbers issued by mobile telephone operators while the number 6 will be prepended to numbers from CAMTEL, the incumbent telecom operator.

This is the third change in the country's phone numbering since 2000. In 2001, phone digits increased from 6 to 7 thereby increasing available telephony numbers from 800,000 to 8 million. The next increase from 7 to 8 digits was in 2007. Cameroon: WACS Broadband - Finishing Works On Course. By Godlove Bainkong CAMTEL is constructing a link between Limbe and Batoke to render the system functional. Telecommunication users in Cameroon are still waiting to benefit from the wide-range of services and customer-friendly rates announced recently when government acquired from MTN and handed over to Cameroon Telecommunications (CAMTEL) the technical and commercial management of the land entry point for the WACS fibre-optic.

The handing over of the infrastructure, many thought, signalled an immediate start of service, with announced improvement in internet and phone services as well as the development of related activities. What's Happening? Cameroon’s Communication Cost Sees Slump As New Cable System Launches. VENTURES AFRICA – Cameroon’s communication regime characterized by poor communication services, snail pace internet connections and faulty technological services may be coming to an end as the West Africa Cable System (WACS), a submarine Fibre Optic Cable Landing Station, has been handed over to the Cameroon Telecommunications (CAMTEL). This was revealed by Jean Pierre Biyiti Bi Essam, Minster of Posts and Telecommunications as he chaired the handing over ceremony last week. He also noted that the WACS will stimulate internet services while reducing communication costs as soon as it goes live.

“We expect call rates and that of the internet services to drop while there will be speedy internet services. Activities such as telemedicine, distance learning, electronic commerce, online games etc will be improved,” he said. The Cable System Was bought from the MTN Group at the cost of FCFA 14 billion ($28 million) two months ago. Cameroun et Brésil bientôt connectés par un cable de fibre optique. Reasons why Cameroon needs to open up its 3G market. Cameroon lags behind other African nations in terms of broadband affordability. A recent Research ICT Africa policy brief addresses what is causing the high cost – and what can potentially be done to remedy the situation. 3G deployment in Cameroon has been limited due to poor policy decisions. YooMee wins bank backing for 4G in Cameroon, Chad. Cameroun: La gestion des Points d'échanges Internet se prépare. Altylis Seme Telecom, le nouvel opérateur de téléphonie mobile annoncé au Cameroun.

Trois milliards pour l’extension du réseau de la Fibre optique. CTC Cable - Projet unique et complexe - 200906-Essono-ART-Cameroun.pdf. Cameroon: Telecommunications - NW Gets Five Proximity Telecentres. EMP to offer ePayment service in Cameroon. Le Marché Du Web Au Cameroun Evolue Fortement. Activating a New Innovation Space - ActivSpaces Cameroon. Cameroun : Viettel obtient l’approbation du président Biya pour le développement de son réseau. TIC Mag, le premier portail de la veille technologique au Cameroun - E-post va interconnecter 234 bureaux de postes. Télécommunications: Le Cameroun maillé par 6000km de fibre optique.

Un tiers des Camerounais utiliseraient des produits du chinois Huawei. Only One Cable Distributor Has a Licence Out of Over 500. How Viettel Cameroun outsmarted Bharti and Maroc Telecom to become Cameroon’s third mobile telephone company. Vietnam's Viettel To Invest In Cameroon's Telecommunications Industry. 5.000 km de fibre optique opérationnels au Cameroun. IC2.pdf (application/pdf Object) DT-TICINFOR-2.2_CN1.pdf (application/pdf Object) 13-telephonie.html. Diapositive 1. ART 2008b.pdf (application/pdf Object) 4586.pdf (application/pdf Object)