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JavaScript. iPhone, Android, Blackberry, PHP, Generatrix, Wordpress App Development in Pune, India. Tangle: API Reference. Contents HTML attributes class I want <span class="TKAdjustableNumber" data-var="cookies"></span> cookies.

Tangle: API Reference

The class attribute normally specifies a CSS class which gives an element a style. Presentation tool based on the power of CSS3 transforms and transitions in modern browsers. CSS3 Create - Démos, tutoriels et expériences CSS3 : menus, galerie photos, interfaces web. Raphaël—JavaScript Library. Morris.js. Getting started Add morris.js and its dependencies (jQuery & Raphaël) to your page. 1 <link rel="stylesheet" href=" <script src="//"></script>3 <script src="//"></script>4 <script src=" If you don’t want to use the CDN-hosted assets, then you can extract them from the zip bundle and upload them to your own site.


Underscore.js. Underscore is a JavaScript library that provides a whole mess of useful functional programming helpers without extending any built-in objects.


It’s the answer to the question: “If I sit down in front of a blank HTML page, and want to start being productive immediately, what do I need?” … and the tie to go along with jQuery's tux and Backbone's suspenders. Underscore provides 80-odd functions that support both the usual functional suspects: map, select, invoke — as well as more specialized helpers: function binding, javascript templating, deep equality testing, and so on. It delegates to built-in functions, if present, so modern browsers will use the native implementations of forEach, map, reduce, filter, every, some and indexOf. 50 Useful JavaScript Tools - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement By Jacob Gube JavaScript is a powerful client-side scripting language used in many modern websites and Web applications.

In the hands of a skilled Web developer, JavaScript can enhance the user’s experience of the website and provide rich interactive components and features. But even though syntactically simple in nature, JavaScript is often difficult to author because of the environment it runs in: the Web browser. JavaScript’s popularity is evident in emerging technologies, such as Adobe AIR, which use it as a supported language for creating desktop-based applications.

Scriptular. L'objet Math. Essential JavaScript Design Patterns For Beginners. Design patterns are reusable solutions to commonly occurring problems in software design. They are both exciting and a fascinating topic to explore in any programming language. One reason for this is that they help us build upon the combined experience of many developers that came before us and ensure we structure our code in an optimized way, meeting the needs of problems we're attempting to solve. JavaScript Programming Patterns. JavaScript is meant to be used to add behaviour to a website, might it be for form validation or for more complex operations like drag & drop functionality or performing asynchronous requests to the webserver (aka Ajax).

JavaScript Programming Patterns

During the past few years, JavaScript libraries became increasingly popular. One of the reasons is definitely that websites are getting more and more complex and reinventing the wheel each time is not acceptable if you are working on a tight schedule. But letting aside libraries and focusing on the “bare” syntax of JavaScript, it is very valuable to know what kind of options you have in terms of programming patterns when writing JavaScript.

Metaprogramming javascript. Learning Advanced JavaScript. Basic JavaScript Part 12: Function Hoisting. Here are the links to the previous installments: In a previous post I already discussed the phenomenon of hoisting in JavaScript.

Basic JavaScript Part 12: Function Hoisting

In that post I showed the effects of variable hoisting and why it’s important to declare all variables at the top of a function body. For this post I want to briefly focus on function hoisting. Let’s start off with an example to illustrate this concept. functionExpression(); // undefined functionDeclaration(); // "Function declaration called. " var functionExpression = function() { console.log('Function expression called.'); }; functionExpression(); // "Function expression called. " functionDeclaration(); // "Function declaration called. " function functionDeclaration() { console.log('Function declaration called.'); } functionExpression(); // "Function expression called.

" functionDeclaration(); // "Function declaration called. " On the other hand, a function declaration is always defined as a named function without being part of any expression. Google JavaScript Style Guide. We follow the C++ formatting rules in spirit, with the following additional clarifications.

Google JavaScript Style Guide

Curly Braces Because of implicit semicolon insertion, always start your curly braces on the same line as whatever they're opening. For example: if (something) { // ... } else { // ... } Array and Object Initializers Single-line array and object initializers are allowed when they fit on a line: Multiline array initializers and object initializers are indented 2 spaces, with the braces on their own line, just like blocks. Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript. Introduction The first version of this paper, written in 2003, had several shortcomings, not the least of which was that the techniques described were specific to Internet Explorer.

Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript

I've updated and improved on the original, to document the current state of the art, especially in light of the extensive interest in AJAX technology and the increasing adoption of the FireFox browser. All the examples presented here will follow the ECMA language standards and can be applied to Internet Explorer, FireFox, and ActionScript (in Macromedia Flash). Using Objects to Organize Your Code - rmurphey.

RequireJS. Usage§ 1 Load JavaScript Files§ 1.1 RequireJS takes a different approach to script loading than traditional <script> tags.


While it can also run fast and optimize well, the primary goal is to encourage modular code. As part of that, it encourages using module IDs instead of URLs for script tags. JavaScript pattern and antipattern collection.