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Wingstand - The Official Wingstand Merchant Store. The WINGStand is a very interesting little product that is designed to hold your tablet or smartphone such as the iPad or iPhone right next to the curved Apple Bluetooth keyboard.

Wingstand - The Official Wingstand Merchant Store

The little stand has a curve in the front that is made to fit the keyboard. That curve allows the tablet or iPhone to sit right over the top rounded section of the keyboard for comfortable use. The idea is that you can push the iPhone or iPad up to the keyboard and type away using the keyboard at a comfortable distance from the screen. The little stand is being made for injection-molded plastic in White or as shown in (Eco Friendly) Black. Engadget. Gadget Lab - Hardware That Rocks Your World. The 8 Best Cooking Apps for Seasoned Chefs By Brent Rose Friday, April 11 3 Comments Your culinary creativity knows no bounds, but your chef-fu is only half-baked.

Gadget Lab - Hardware That Rocks Your World

Here are some smartphone tools sure to spice up your next epicurean endeavor. Vine Creeps in on Messaging With New Private Video Option By Mat Honan and Christina Bonnington Thursday, April 3 0 Comments Vine launches a new private messaging feature. Popgadget Personal Technology for Women. Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide.