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Timeline JS - Beautifully crafted timelines that are easy, and intuitive to use. TimelineJS tutorial. Dipity. Tiki-Toki. Discover, Record and Share History with Timelines® Capzles: Create A Timeline From Images & Videos. There are web applications that let you create photo albums (Piacasa, Jalbum), and then there are applications that allow you to create videos and animations (Animoto, e.t.c.).

Capzles: Create A Timeline From Images & Videos

However, sometimes you want something in between those, thats where Capzles come in. Capzles allows you to create a timeline from captured moments of your life such as photos, videos and various other features like music and background. It doesn’t animate your photos or make a slideshow out of them. Rather, capzles treat every photo as a moment and combine the moments to create a timeline. While viewing a timeline you can click on each moment to see more details like time and date, location and any comments associated with it.. Creating a timeline is very simple. 1.Sign up at the site and click on “Create ” to create a new capzle.2.Add a title for your capzle and specify tags and categories if you want to allow people to search for your capzle.

Capzles Social Storytelling. Using Capzles – “Social Storytelling”, Archiving & PowerPoint Alternative. In the constant pursuit of the latest and coolest tools for creating engaging presentations, one of my esteemed colleagues mentioned this to me.

Using Capzles – “Social Storytelling”, Archiving & PowerPoint Alternative

Capzles is a new website service that allows users to create linear presentations with a variety of media in an engaging way. The idea behind the application is based loosely on creating a time capsule archive based on an event, a topic, or something of interest. I see some great applications of this concept in the classroom. It could be used much like a Prezi, PowerPoint, or even Glogster. The difference here, however, is that the basic concept is linear. Capzles are an interesting solution for creating a digital archive – and gives you some excellent tools to then publish and share your stories. For education, teachers could use this as a way for students to gather sources and present information on a particular topic. Accounts at are free for anyone to try and share. Another great alternative to PowerPoint!

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