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Download old version of Animation Paper for free – Animation Paper. Scrapbook on Scrapbooks - Google Trang trình bày. Tools for 2D Animation - Google Slides. Tools. Hi everybody, On a day-to-day of an animator we usually loose a lot of time with repetitive and heavy tasks which increase the factor of human error but we often forgot an important fact: We work with computers that can do those kind of tasks for us!

For example, I remember I used to work the spacing, creating a breakdown and moving it on the timeline to favor one of the keyposes, trying to keep my blocking organized…until I discovered the tweenmachine. You can imagine the revolution it has been for me, to go form several manipulations to a simple slider!

For this reason, sometimes, it is convenient to stop and “sharp your axe“: which means to take the time to analyze the operations performed daily and see if there is a script or tool that allowed you earning hours. Here I share with you my database I have sorted in these categories: shotView (Maya): Creates a floating viewport to watch the animations. AnimRange (Maya): Select different ranges in the timeline. Keep animating!!! 3D Animation Online Services, 3D Characters, and Character Rigging.

HandBrake: Open Source Video Transcoder. Frame by Frame for YouTube™ The Color Scheme Designer. 10 Color Palette Makers.


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