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STEAM It Up for Struggling Students! 15+ Resources. Kids Learning Skills and Being Awesome. - DIY. 22 Customizable STEM Project-Based Learning Activities. If you’re a teacher or homeschool parent looking for ideas for STEM project-based learning activities, then you’ve come to the right place!

22 Customizable STEM Project-Based Learning Activities

We’ve compiled a list of terrific STEM project-based learning activities that can be tailored to meet your students’ needs. Our list breaks down the learning activities by subject: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Many of these activities are customizable so they can be catered to toddlers all the way up to high school aged students. If you’re looking for some quick 5-minute project ideas to keep the kids busy while you’re on the phone or taking care of house chores, check out this Bored Jar idea from Left Brain Craft Brain. Some of The Best Android Apps for Teaching STEM. May 17, 2015 We have received a couple of requests over the past few weeks from teachers asking about Android apps for teaching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

Some of The Best Android Apps for Teaching STEM

We did some research and compiled for you the short list below. We only featured the apps with more popularity among educators based on the number of downloads and user reviews. We hope you find this compilation helpful. Getting to the Roots of STEM with the Radix Endeavor. The island of Ysola abounds with mysteries.

Getting to the Roots of STEM with the Radix Endeavor

Strange plants and animals are plentiful and odd geometries are legion. The inhabitants of this place are plagued with problems, and only you can solve it. It will take an adventuring mind, an inquisitive spirit, and a good grasp of science to prevail. Ysola is the setting of the Radix Endeavor. A Massively-Multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG), the Radix Endeavor was set up as an edutainment tool for engaging junior high and high school students with the principles of STEM subjects. The Creation of the Radix Endeavor The Radix Endeavor was developed by the MIT Education Arcade and Filament Games starting in 2011. The Radix Endeavor is an MMORPG, something it shares with highly popular games like World of Warcraft or Guildwars. This works because the designers of the game created an island that is “Earth-like” but which is not actually Earth. The Radix Endeavor. New Tools for STEM Education.

April, 2015 Looking for new ways to make STEM education more engaging?

New Tools for STEM Education

From fundamental math and engineering to hands-on electronics and robotics, here are some new products that have been creating a stir in various STEM communities. MathGames A wonderful Math website for students that works on tablets, phones and desktops and tests over 1200 CCSS-aligned math skills. Made by Google, this free resource aims to teach a diverse audience with online exercises, mentors, events, and more. Computer Programing. Create Mobile Apps. Play Games - TryEngineering. DESIGN SQUAD . Parents & Educators. - 14 Amazing Project Sites: A STEM, PBL, Common Core Series - A Goldmine of Resources. 0 Comments June 8, 2013 By: Michael Gorman. How Can I Make my Classroom a Playground? Top ten computer science teaching resources.

When the Guardian Teacher Network asked me to exclusively reveal a list of my top 10 resources I found it really hard to narrow my choice down to just 10.

Top ten computer science teaching resources

But here it is – and if you think I have left any out then please do comment on the blog and add your suggestions or send me a message through Twitter @teknoteacher. 1. Scratch Community is a fantastic programming resource for learners of all ages. What better place to start than a site dedicated specifically to teachers who want to use Scratch to teach programming? Here you will find videos, lesson plans, worksheets, discussions and even real people to ask for help. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

ISTEM: Lesson Plans. STEM Lessons/Resources for Teachers. Simple Machines for Kids! Original-332762-1.jpg (350×270) Home - The State of STEM. 6-8STEMresources. Introduction: In recent years, the potential impact of global warming has been discussed widely by the scientific community.


The majority of scientific reports suggest that the Earth will be soon facing climate change as the Earth increases in temperature. Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of the Earth. The increase in temperature may only be a few degrees, however, this slight change could have a profound impact on the Earth's polar ice caps. In the past 100 years, the Earth has warmed by one degree Fahrenheit. There are many possible causes of global warming. The melting of the ice in Antarctica, Greenland and other land locked glaciers is a big concern for scientists.

A good introduction to global warming for students can be found at: The Environmental Protection Agency Climate Change Kid's site Group Size: Any. STEM - Additional STEM Resources. STEM Education Resource Center. Welcome to PBS Teachers STEM Education Resource Center!

STEM Education Resource Center

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Resources for Grades PreK-12 PBS offers all Americans the opportunity to explore new ideas and new worlds related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning through television and online content. On-line broadband access and digital media are dramatically changing the opportunities available to the nation’s educators improving STEM education. Our recent national educator survey (Grunwald, 2009) indicates that more teachers than ever before are turning to digital media resources to help their students understand concepts, practice new skills and engage in exciting, authentic learning experiences.

STEM Resources for Middle School. STEM Project Ideas. STEM Engineering Resources. 100+ STEM Websites & Webtools for Teachers.