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Queensland University of Technology - Australia. The University of Adelaide. Yerevan State Linguistic University after V. Brusov. 网络孔子学院. Confucius Institute. A Confucius Institute in Canada Confucius Institutes are non-profit institutions operated under the Government of the People's Republic of China whose stated aim is to promote Chinese language and culture, support local Chinese teaching internationally, and facilitate cultural exchanges.

Confucius Institute

Confucius Institutes are sometimes compared to language and culture promotion organizations such as Britain's British Council, France's Alliance Française and Germany's Goethe-Institut. Unlike these organizations, however, Confucius Institutes are run directly by their government and they operate within established universities, colleges, and secondary schools around the world, providing funding, teachers and educational materials. This has raised concerns over their influence on academic freedom, the possibility of industrial espionage,[1] and concerns that the institutes present a selective and politicized view of China as a means of advancing the country's soft power internationally.[2][3] Name[edit] 网络孔子学院. The Mandarin Center. Confucius Institute Online (网络孔子学院)

Confucius Institute Online (网络孔子学院) Liverpool Confucius Institute homepage - Liverpool Confucius Institute. Confucius Institute for TCM - Faculty of Health and Social Care. Working with major partner institutions in London and the South East, we provide one-day workshops through to full-time undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Confucius Institute for TCM - Faculty of Health and Social Care

Experienced academics and state-of-the-art skills laboratories ensure our students experience first-class training. Our applied research tackles real-world issues. We have made a submission to the Research Excellence Framework (REF2014). Read about all submitted Unit of Assessment entries on our REF2014 webpage. Confucius. Confucius. by the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance. Confucius Publishing Home Page. Confucian Documents. Sacred-texts home Taoism Buddhism I Ching Journal Articles: Chinese Religion OCRT: ConfucianismBuy CD-ROM Buy books about Confucianism These are key texts of Confucianism, the traditional state religion of feudal China.

Confucian Documents

These are some of the few Chinese texts which survived a disasterous book-burning in 213 B.C.E. by the Emperor Ch'in Shih Huang. Confucian Canon Five ClassicsSacred Books of China Traditional Chinese Beliefs Confucian Canon. Although three of four of these books are traditionally attributed to Confucius (K'ung-tzu, 551-479 B.C.E.) it has been established that he did not write a single word of them; they were written down by his students after his death.

The Confucian Canon in Chinese and EnglishConfucius, tr. Confucian Analects (Lun Yü)Confucius, tr. MenciusMencius, tr. The Song Confucians. On the surface, a sense of historicism-that things change and do not remain the same-is not conducive to the belief in timeless Confucian values.

The Song Confucians

But the two paradoxically exist in Song Confucian scholars. Often, it was precisely because they were aware of historical changes--that things do not remain the same, that they wanted to hold on tenaciously to Confucian principles, to find something permanent within change. This also shaped the style they treated Confucian principles--on the whole much more transcendental than previous Confucian scholars, although Zhu Xi tried to avoid a high level of transcendentalism in his treatment of Confucian learning. We will be able to get a glimpse of this more transcendental treatment of Confucian learning in chaps.20, 21, and 24 of the de Bary book, which we will read in the next three weeks. Zhu Xi, compiler of the "Four Books," also astutely noted the historical changes in references to rulers from Zhou to later dynasties. (662)

Neo. Confucius was introduced for the first time to the West as: Chinese philosopher,who flourished about five hundred years before the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Confucius' teachings have exercised such a molding influence that if the Oriental way of life were to be characterized in one word it would be "Confucian" Confucius was human, all-too-human, and the sagest of the sages. He did not pretend to be a prophet, but dedicated his whole life to save the mankind as a heavenly missionary. Confucius promised those who followed him no great riches, no secrets for worldly power or fame. Instead of gold or glory, he spoke only of a dream. Confucius spoke and lived and dreamed of a world where happiness, good, and peace would replace misery, evil, and war. Named for at 6th century B.C. Neo-Confucianism as propagated by Zhu Xi (1130-4200, in Japanese, Shushi) of Song China became the most influential doctrine in shaping the thought and behavior of the Japanese people. Confucian education. To enrich your family, there is no need to buy good land: Books hold a thousand measures of grain.

confucian education

For an easy life, there is no need to build mansion: In books are found houses of gold. When you go out, do not be upset if no one follows you: In books there will be a crowd of horses and carriages. If you wish to marry, don't be upset if you don't have a go-between: In books there are girls with faces like jade. A young man who wishes to be somebody will devote his time to the Classics. Home.