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Anthony Peake daemon deja vu life after death temperal lobe epil. Bhakti Anand Goswami/939 The Bible as Veda. Gnosis and the Gnostic Teachings. Home - The Order of Nazorean Essenes. An Order that seeks to resurrect an ancient system of gnosis based on the hidden teachings of Yeshu (Jesus), Miryai (Mary), and Mani.

Home - The Order of Nazorean Essenes

By carefully collecting, purifying and implementing the ageless teachings found in the priceless scrolls of the Order. The Canon of O:N:E: consists of three levels of texts. The first and foremost is composed on ancient Nazorean writings translated out of Aramaic, Gnostic texts from the Nag Hammadhi discovery, and Manichaean texts. The Creed of the Gnostic Catholic Church. The Creed of the Gnostic Catholic Church: an Examination by Helena and Tau Apiryon Copyright © 1995, 1998 Ordo Templi Orientis All Rights Reserved. No part of this document may be duplicated in any form; electronic or otherwise, without the express written permission of Ordo Templi Orientis.