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Minnesota Web Design Professionals (Minneapolis, MN) We are a group of professionals focusing on All Things Web Design and Web Technologies; a community built upon four pillars: Network, Engage, Share, Learn From Each Other.

Minnesota Web Design Professionals (Minneapolis, MN)

Our vision is to build a strong local platform for learning and knowledge sharing among peers. Membership to this group is FREE and comes with plenty of opportunities to network with some of the best and brightest web design and web technology professionals in Minnesota. Gridster.js. 47 Mind-Blowing Psychological Facts You Should Know About Yourself. WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO READ IN THE NEXT PARAGRAPH IS COMMONLY BELIEVED, BUT NOT TRUE – You read by recognizing the shapes of words and groups of words.

47 Mind-Blowing Psychological Facts You Should Know About Yourself

Words that are in all capital letters all have the same shape: a rectangle of a certain size. This makes words displayed in all uppercase harder to read than upper and lower case (known as “mixed case”). Mixed case words are easier to read because they make unique shapes, as demonstrated by the picture below. OK, NOW THE TRUE STUFF STARTS — When I started this article the topic was supposed to be why all capital letters are harder to read. Usability. The Anatomy of a perfect Website [Infographic] Lessons Learned by a Solo Entrepreneur. Bret Victor, beast of burden.


Prototype. Balsamiq. iPad / iPhone. Usability.