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The Fantabulous Lists of Social Media Case Studies. February 14, 2011 A guest says: Thanks for this.

The Fantabulous Lists of Social Media Case Studies

It will take me some time to go through the entire list, but I needed lots of case studies for my training sessions. This will be very useful. Open Source CMS Demos & Information. Is Mobile Affecting When We Read? « Read It Later Blog. Printed media used to allow us to read in the places we found most comfortable.

Is Mobile Affecting When We Read? « Read It Later Blog

When you imagine yourself reading the newspaper it’s probably in your favorite chair, at the breakfast table, or at the cafe with an orange mocha frappuccino in your hand. Unfortunately, as news and media moves online, it moves us away from these places and into our desk chairs. Even worse, consuming content is no longer on our own schedule. The flood of content disrupts us all day as if we have an maniacal paperboy throwing new editions on our doorstep every 15 seconds. 6 Reasons You’re Being Social Media Ignored. We’re just two weeks into 2011 and you may already be feeling a little social media frustrated.

6 Reasons You’re Being Social Media Ignored

It’s okay, you can admit it. You can admit that, despite all your best efforts, your social media accounts are failing to connect with the right people. In fact, sometimes you’re left to wonder if they’re connecting with anyone. You’re not seeing any replies, no retweets and your follower count has been stuck at 200 for three months. The Conversation Prism by Brian Solis and JESS3. The:viral:factory - a digital marketing and media company. The 5 Basic Points of Digital Marketing. Digital marketing, like any other business venture, has both its pros and cons.

The 5 Basic Points of Digital Marketing

It is crucial to fully understand where one may fail and where the other will succeed. To be a success in the fast paced world of digital marketing, one should follow five basic points: Undertake extensive use behavior studies: Most importantly is to understand that most successful digital marketing ventures are not based on innovation, but, through research, gaining knowledge of your customers’ likes and dislikes.

Knowing this provides the vendor with an avenue of continued communication. Use engaging elements to connect: Secondly, do not just hope for a miracle by posting a batch of videos, selling your product or service on the internet in hopes that it somehow takes off. Initiate conversations: Thirdly, with social networking sites being the latest rage, it is of importance to never just join a conversation on a site such as facebook . Post from: The 4 Cs of Social Media. Social media is a paradox: it is the physical representation of a revolution in the way consumers obtain (and create) information.

The 4 Cs of Social Media

At the same time, it is just another marketing channel. The reason I believe marketers are so confused about social media is because of this paradox. And the reaction of many is to rush into the technology. This misses the point, of course, since social media is about customer relationships and not really about the technology at all. In the past, I have written about the challenges of Social Media and The Brand, the power of Integrating Social Media and Search and asked Why Do You Tweet? Challenges of Cross-Channel Marketing Integration. Brand engagement can happen anywhere—a fact recognized by the US senior-level marketers surveyed by integrated marketing solutions provider Alterian, 60% of whom said most customer engagement happens both online and offline.

Challenges of Cross-Channel Marketing Integration

The rest of the respondents were split evenly between the two. Customers likewise indicate that they expect several touchpoints with a brand. Nearly 80% of web users surveyed in Q2 2009 by ATG said they used at least two channels to conduct product research. This points to the crucial nature of coordinating marketing campaigns across multiple channels to create engagement wherever possible with an integrated message. Marketers responding to Alterian’s survey recognized the importance of such campaign integration; nearly 90% called it vital or extremely so. But achieving marketing integration can be difficult. The goals of cross-channel campaigns are ones shared by virtually all marketers. Keep your business ahead of the digital curve. The Best Way To Grow An Audience And Build Your Community. Is it a Facebook page?

The Best Way To Grow An Audience And Build Your Community

Is it Twitter? Is it posting a video to YouTube? What about creating a Blog? What is the best way to grow an audience? As someone who sits in corporate boardrooms or presents in front of large audiences, that has to be the number one question: what should I be doing online that will help me grow an audience and build a community? But, there is one thing… As you build your own spaces and places on the channel and platforms, always remember that the "build it and they will come" model won’t work. Infografía: Las mejores campañas y marcas virales de 2010. Excelente infografía desarrollada por la agencia de publicidad viral británica Viral Ad Network (para NMA´s Viral Brand Chart), que compila excepcionalmente todo el fenómeno del marketing viral>> en Internet durante el primer semestre de 2010 (20 de marzo al 26 de julio).

Infografía: Las mejores campañas y marcas virales de 2010

Claramente marcado por el Mundial de Fútbol y la campaña online de Old Spice, las cifras permiten identificar sutiles variaciones en las preferencias de los usuarios de Twitter y Facebook para consumir y compartir el material que "despierta su interés". Dato no menor, considerando los esfuerzos de las marcas por identificar con mayor efectividad a sus audiencias y generar contenidos cada vez más transversales en Internet (impacto, relevancia, alcance). Viral and Network sostiene que Facebook es mejor plataforma para compartir este tipo de contenido, por el mayor tiempo de conservación de la información y su orientación al "ocio". 5 Tips For Starting A Social Media Conversation. So you’ve uploaded a snappy profile picture, crafted a swanky bio and officially launched your social presence on Twitter, Facebook and the works.

5 Tips For Starting A Social Media Conversation

You start to get a few fans and followers, but now what? You keep hearing that it’s important to engage in conversations, but where do you begin? Perhaps you’ve made a few attempts to connect, but without much success. Ogilvy PR Paris.