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Classroom collaboration tool. Cyno world. The Costume Designers: Working with the Actors.


Technology Network for Java Developers. Rreher('y"( Dfcv bbf. Dfnfdn. Gfngfn n. Vbnvb. Gnfg. Thr. Rter erg. Thrt. Pearltrees Gets a New Look, New Features and New Premium Tiers. Pearltrees , the social curation service that helps you organise Web content, photos and notes (‘pearls’) into mindmap-style ‘trees’, is today unveiling a new look, new features for paying users and revised pro account tiers. Pearltrees was launched in December 2010 and now boasts two million monthly active users, collecting over 50,000 links every day. The new UI, codenamed ‘Asimov’ by the French startup, is designed to provide a coherent, simpler experience across the Web, iOS and a forthcoming Android version.

There’s nothing enormously different about it, although there’s now an Apple-style ‘dock’ at the bottom of the page for universal options and a subtly more friendly look that uses responsive design to optimize the layout for different screen sizes. The updated iOS version, which will be available as soon as it’s approved by Apple, promises to get rid of one my biggest bugbears when it comes to curation apps – the Safari bookmarklet. Now, there are three paid tiers:


What are some good resources for finding pictures to use in presentations. Wghfjgjvkv hhj125. Fugrtpoyfitfotfodyfupgfodtdtdtd. Alxend. Hgp. Gfhg. Ghvb. Yytrt-'- Fhhdffbv. Dfgfdg fd. D f hdf. New show from Roger Ballen – photographer with a keen and powerful lens. Roger Ballen, Head Inside Shirt, 2001 Shadow Land is a new show, comprehensively revealing the extraordinary work of Roger Ballen. Revered for his contribution to contemporary photography and as one of the most important artists in the field of his generation, New York-born Ballen spent 30 years in South Africa, developing his style and documenting his surroundings, all in the consistent black and white and square format.

It’s an oeuvre that reveals a heavy and affecting aporia of immediate “extreme, uncanny beauty,” as described by the gallery, and the incomprehensible complexities of its subject matter, focussing quite deliberately on the marginalised people and the extreme-ness of their lives. Though the format remains the same, the style evolved, we are told, into “documentary fiction,” making consciously indistinct “the line between reality and fantasy.” Shadow Land: Photographs by Roger Ballen 1983-2011 is now showing at the Manchester Art Gallery until May 13.


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