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Dirección de Formación Continua - Diseño y producción de videojuegos (Serious Games)
PlayCollective is a global strategy, research, and product group. Their focus includes creating positive impacts on kids and family using all kinds of products, from digital media like games, apps, and websites, to traditional platforms like toys, board games, or even playgrounds, all built to enhance learning. Rosalie Dunlap, one of our serious game alumn, is a part of this worthy mission. As Director of Curriculum & Design, Rosalie takes part in “developing interactive products that make use of traditional educational pedagogy in a way that is more appropriate for the platform, target audience, product goals, and IP.” She oversees and participates in several parts of the process, which includes defining the over goals of the product, developing an educational pedagogy, designing the product, consulting producers and developers throughout the process, formative testing, and summative evaluation.

MSU Serious Games Design Program

MSU Serious Games Design Program
Serious Games Certificate @ The University of Winnipeg's
Serious Games - Education - University of Skövde