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Topics in Sexual Education

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Janeology - The glossary to sex terms and acronyms. Slang for a sex act where both partners are stimulating the other with their mouths AB, Adult Babies a fetish for regression into an infant/toddler state through dress (including diapers), roleplaying, and being rendered helpless to a Mommy/Nanny; the formal title for this fetish is “paraphilic infantilsm”; it can manifest itself in many ways but revolves around the ideas of giving up control to Mommy, wearing diapers and other baby clothes, playing with other ABs, being stripped of responsibility, and sometimes, exhibitionism; ABs need a Mommy/Nanny to help take care of them, to feed them, clothe them, change their diapers and check for diaper rash, play with them, and to discipline them when necessary ablutophilia sexual arousal caused by bathing or showers abrasion sensation play that can range from playful to painful that uses rough, textured objects such as steel wool, sandpaper, and pumice stones to stroke, massage, or graze the skin.

Fuck yeah sex education. Fuck yeah sex education. Helpful Sexual Health Links. Course 1. Strange But True Sex Facts - Lustability. During the months of research which have gone into devising our sexual compatibility test, we’ve uncovered some pretty extraordinary facts.

Strange But True Sex Facts - Lustability

We reckon they’re too cool to keep to ourselves. 1. SexFacts_tsj.jpg (JPEG Image, 640x4251 pixels) - Scaled (12%) Sex, Relationships and You (Over 14s). "It encourages safe and pleasurable sex without bullsh*t" The Sex Education I Wish I Had. This originally appeared on Massive Hassle.

The Sex Education I Wish I Had

Republished here with permission. So I have had almost zero formal sex education. When I was 10, our teacher held the girls back at break time and solemnly informed us that we were due to start bleeding out of our vaginas any day now. If this happened while we were in school, we were to tell NO ONE but immediately locate the nearest female teacher, who would provide us with something to soak up THE SHAME OF OUR WOMB.

She did not actually say that last bit, but even at 10 years old, I felt it was strongly implied. When I was fourteen, our science teacher skipped over the chapter on the reproductive system. The same year, a lady from Tampax came to speak to us about periods and gave us heavily branded booklets about growing into our new bodies. - How Have Contraceptives Changed Your Life. Spermicidal Condoms & N9. I came across an article called “What Spermicide Users Should Know, But Often Don’t” by Gretchen Cuda Kroen the other day that reminded me of the downsides to spermicides, specifically nonoxynol-9.

Spermicidal Condoms & N9

While nonoxynol-9 is very effective at helping to prevent pregnancy and STIs, it can also have some negative effects. Facts on American Teens' Sexual and Reproductive Health. May 2014 •Fewer than 2% of adolescents have had sex by the time they reach their 12th birthday.

Facts on American Teens' Sexual and Reproductive Health

But adolescence is a time of rapid change. Only 16% of teens have had sex by age 15, compared with one-third of those aged 16, nearly half (48%) of those aged 17, 61% of 18-year-olds and 71% of 19-year-olds.[1] There is little difference by gender in the timing of first sex. •On average, young people have sex for the first time at about age 17, [2] but they do not marry until their mid-20s.[3] This means that young adults may be at increased risk for unintended pregnancy and STIs for nearly a decade or longer.

•Teens are waiting longer to have sex than they did in the recent past. •In 2006–2010, the most common reason that sexually inexperienced teens gave for not having had sex was that it was “against religion or morals" (38% among females and 31% among males). This Might Hurt, but I'm Hungry. False Popular Notions Of Sex That Imperil The Young. THE monthly sexual secretion of woman has been rather euphemistically called her monthly purification, because in former times it was thought that her blood would be thereby freed from impurities; just as during the puerperium it is termed a purification when the entire open uterine surface cleanses itself.

False Popular Notions Of Sex That Imperil The Young

We might with just as much reason call nocturnal emissions a purification, because substances are then excreted which should actually be got rid of. But we are so little accustomed to thinking physiologically, that we take more notice of the external soiling than the internal cleansing. This soiling occurs so much more easily in young men because there is no wearing of a diaper to help as with girls. This symptom is manifested in the young man quite unexpectedly and at irregular intervals, and any unaccustomed clothing of the parts which could be employed, would only aggravate matters through friction and excite the production of secretion.

Learning To Ask. Do you ever have difficulty asking for what you want?

Learning To Ask

I used to, and it’s taken a lot of practice to be able to change that. On a recent trip, I had a great reminder of how important it is to be able to build that skill. When I got to the gate for my flight home, I saw an open seat at the end of one of the rows with electrical outlets. There were two sockets between each pair of seats, and at each of the two other seats in my row, there was a person using both of them- one for a phone and one for a computer. I noticed that the person at the far end had an iphone and a macbook, so I knew that they could charge their phone from their computer. 16 ways to talk about consent. Not Everything You Wanted To Know About Puberty (But Pretty Darn Close) By Heather Corinna Puberty is the process of physical changes leading to physical.

Not Everything You Wanted To Know About Puberty (But Pretty Darn Close)

Sorting Maybe from Can't-Be: Reality Checking Partnered Sex Wants & Ideals. Scarleteen users often ask for our help making choices about engaging in sex with a partner .

Sorting Maybe from Can't-Be: Reality Checking Partnered Sex Wants & Ideals

When we have those discussions, we'll usually link them to some basic information, then engage in a talk starting with questions about what they feel they want and need when it comes to a. #431 : I want to have sex for all the wrong reasons. Hey there, Captain Awkward (or Other Awesome Person), I am currently lucky enough to be dating World’s Most Amazing Guy.

#431 : I want to have sex for all the wrong reasons.

We have been dating for over a year, and for the most part we get along great. Identity, Attraction, Relationship Terms. Asexual – a person who does not experience sexual attraction allosexual — any person who is not asexual, demisexual, or gray-asexual; a person who desires partnered sex and experiences sexual attraction to others; anyone who is heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or pansexual demisexual – person who only experiences secondary sexual attraction as a result of emotional connection (either platonic or romantic); demisexuals may experience sexual attraction to more than one person at a time or only one; they do not experience sexual attraction to strangers, celebrities, or to people who they barely know.

Identity, Attraction, Relationship Terms

How frequently they experience sexual attraction and how long it takes them to experience it in a given relationship varies by person. Queer Is A Verb. I wrote this for the Momentum Conference anthology, to accompany my presentation at the event. What does “queer” mean? Body as a Second Language: Navigating Queer Girl Culture on the Autism Spectrum. “I always knew something was different about me…” Thus starts the stereotypical coming out story, and mine is no different. Once I realized I was queer, however, my story diverges. There was no deep sigh of relief, no lightbulb moment of, “Ohhh, that explains everything.” Creating Equal Access to Quality Health Care for Transgender Patients: Transgender-Affirming Hospital Policies. Snippet #4: The bisexual invisibility report. This is a excerpt from my book Bi: Notes for a Bisexual Revolution. If you like this text, please consider buying a copy.

Okay, so I know I haven’t posted anything of my own in a while, so I thought that instead of a short little snippet, I’d post something more substantial. This is still from my book, taken from the chapter about biphobia and monosexism. Jonathan Eig, "The Birth of the Pill: How Four Crusaders Reinvented Sex and Launched a Revolution" (Norton, 2014) Public Service Thursday! Birth Control: Let me explain it to you. This article (yes, it’s old) in the Washington City Paper about men who don’t understand how birth control works made me laugh. And then feel sad. Birth Control Bingo. Paragard IUD. Accessible Gynecologists. I recently came across a post on the Gimp Girl Community about Accessible Gynecologists, and (sadly) wasn’t all that shocked that it contained a rather short list of gynecologists who members have found to have accessible facilities and doctors they’d use. Male Birth Control - Vasalgel, Male Birth Control Pill - Are There Male Birth Control Pills?

Weighing the options In every serious relationship I’ve been in, my partner has been on birth control, and in fact 62% of females of reproductive age are currently prescribed the pill. Understanding Semen Analysis Results. Updated June 18, 2015. 99 Interesting Facts about Penises. Does size matter? Watch these ladies settle the debate once and for all. Mapping Health: Mapping Maternity Care and Birth Outcomes. Overview High quality maternity care saves the lives of millions of women in pregnancy and childbirth. The improvements in outcomes for women over the last two centuries make clear the benefits of surgical expertise. Even now maternal mortality ranges by over 1000 times between countries with the poorest and best outcomes further indicating the benefits of medical interventions. Within the US however there are significant variations in the delivery of surgical care without any clear differences in outcomes as measured by either maternal or infant mortality.

Over the last two decades the rates of cesarean section have dropped in the mid 1990's, when effort was paid to reduce their rates, and have subsequently risen dramatically. Within this site we present publically available data to highlight this process and to bring awareness to this issue. Please proceed through the four screens using the tabs above. Transforming Maternity Care. Bipartisan Bill in Congress Would Send More OB-GYNs to Underserved Rural Areas. Let's Dial Down Some (Maybe) Ovulation Freakouts. Human Reproduction: A Seafarer's Guide. Adventures in the Archives: The Dangers of Legal Abortion. Starving and Pregnant: Lifting the Shame off of Pregorexia. In the United States, Single Motherhood Is Bad for Your Health - Pacific Standard. Antenatal Care Coverage by Country.

Pregnancy Is Bad for Women’s Health. Sarah Watts on Is prenatal diagnosis of disabilitie... (hell, yeah) Scarleteen: Photo. 71 Interesting Facts about HIV/AIDS. Guide to Australian HIV Laws and Policies for Health Care Professionals - Sex Work. How I Found Out I Didn't Have the Herpes I'd Been Living With for Four Years. Guest Post: What it's like to go to an STD clinic. My Corona: The Anatomy Formerly Known as the Hymen & the Myths That Surround It. Squirt: On Female Ejaculation. Lifestyles_Vibrators_3_300-7.23.131. Keeping It Clean: Top Tips for Sex Toy Sanitation. Sex Utensil Materials: Silicone (aka the Epic Silicone Post) - Lorax Of Sex. The Trouble With Toxic Sex Toys. Men Want Sweet Wives and Independent Daughters - Pacific Standard. Can men and women be friends? An essay and a website launch.

Psmag. Polly Brown photographs the places people have had self-induced orgasms. A Guide To Talking Dirty Throughout History. Polari - British gay slang. The Ridiculous History of Virginity Tests - Pacific Standard. Hysterical literature - clayton cubitt photographic works. Sexualization. Sex-health-media-resource-pack.pdf (application/pdf Object) Enthusiasm For Sex Isn’t The Same Thing As Sex-Positivity. Tw: dirkblog. The Ethics of Extreme Porn: Is Some Sex Wrong Even Among Consenting Adults? - Conor Friedersdorf. Deep Inside - A Study of 10,000 Porn Stars. Make Love Not Porn. SSTAR. Services Rendered: Fair Compensation for Educators. This Week in Sex: Let's Get Digital, Digital. Frisky Fridays: Bedsider. 7 facts you need to know about female genital mutilation. RH Reality Check - Lies Crisis Pregnancy Centers Might Tell You. The Heterosexual Questionnaire. Trula Godwin, a much beloved Davenport, Iowa... PCOS. Opening to Love. If You Want To Understand Relationships, You Need To Understand Shame.

Dealing With Differences In Desire. When Pain Gets In The Way of Sex. In Praise of Bad Sex. Adultery and secret lives way before Ashley Madison. Getting intimate with the married CEO of Ashley Madison. Catholic Blogger’s Dangerous New Project Warns People to Stop Using Contraception. 'Unprotected Texts': The Bible On Sex And Marriage. Bible Bay : Should I marry or stay single?