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Helpful Sexual Health Links | SUNY Geneseo Some of the information on our pages has been borrowed from other excellent web sites. Visit the following sites for more information about sexual health: Ask YAWA!--Do you have a question about sexual health issues which you feel uncomfortable about asking? Helpful Sexual Health Links | SUNY Geneseo
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Sexualization | In a world dominated by global capitalism, even our sexualities are up for saleCorporate PaedophiliaGetting Real about SexualizationWhat’s the evidence about young people’s sexual behaviour?Nine out of ten parents feel that their views on sexualisation are misrepresented. ProbablyThe sexualisation of girls: beyond the moral panicAre we seeing the sexualization of children or the infantilization of adults?It’s good to talk: Liberal parenting and the sexualization of childrenSexuality education is stuck in a rut, and these ongoing sexualization debates are in part to blame.We need a wider analysis of inequality, not the surveillance of young peopleQueering the perspective: A call to recognize LGBT Youth in the sexualization of children debateNurturing AutonomySex Shops: from the back streets to the high streetsPornography: A filthy fruitLife before Internetporn: the golden years? Sexualization |
Opening to Love |Charlie Glickman
Services Rendered: Fair Compensation for Educators • Be A Sex Educator Services Rendered: Fair Compensation for Educators • Be A Sex Educator By Sarah Sloane New educators, there is one simple fact that I want – nay, I NEED you to understand: nobody gets rich from teaching about sex and kink. Even the most successful sex educators in the US aren’t what most of us would call “wealthy”, and the great majority of us – even those that do this on a full time basis – aren’t making a substantial income out of our teaching & writing. Sex education is not something that is culturally valued in our society, and without that cultural sense of importance we will likely find that most organizations & stores will be unable to pay us what they (and we!) wish they could. Now that my pessimism has been aired, let me tell you what’s important to understand: as an educator, your business sanity will become contingent on your ability to balance your own desires and needs with the ability of the group that you’re teaching for to compensate you.
February 5, 2013: Thanks for all the cool comments and discussion, but I can’t keep up with the moderation demands right now. Comments on this entry are now closed. Yesterday I saw this Tweet. The piece linked there asks the question: “Can married women have straight male friends?” and suggests that friendships between straight men and straight women can be very difficult, partially based on a study about how some men and women might view their friendships differently: Can men and women be friends? An essay and a website launch. Can men and women be friends? An essay and a website launch.
[I'm busy studying for finals. In the meantime, enjoy this guest post by Jack. I think it's important information for people who've learned testing is important but are unsure what to expect when they actually go through the process. -Holly] Guest Post: What it's like to go to an STD clinic. Guest Post: What it's like to go to an STD clinic.
How I Found Out I Didn't Have the Herpes I'd Been Living With for Four Years This story is an update to this story, published here in April 2012. Six months ago, I sat waiting in my gynecologist’s exam room chair, fully clothed and wishing I were anywhere else. At that particular moment, I’d even have preferred being naked and spread-eagled on the paper-lined bed. How I Found Out I Didn't Have the Herpes I'd Been Living With for Four Years
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During the months of research which have gone into devising our sexual compatibility test, we’ve uncovered some pretty extraordinary facts. We reckon they’re too cool to keep to ourselves. 1. A woman is more likely to want to commit adultery during ovulation than at any other time in her cycle. Strange But True Sex Facts - Lustability Strange But True Sex Facts - Lustability
slang for a sex act where both partners are stimulating the other with their mouths AB, Adult Babies a fetish for regression into an infant/toddler state through dress (including diapers), roleplaying, and being rendered helpless to a Mommy/Nanny; the formal title for this fetish is “paraphilic infantilsm”; it can manifest itself in many ways but revolves around the ideas of giving up control to Mommy, wearing diapers and other baby clothes, playing with other ABs, being stripped of responsibility, and sometimes, exhibitionism; ABs need a Mommy/Nanny to help take care of them, to feed them, clothe them, change their diapers and check for diaper rash, play with them, and to discipline them when necessary ablutophilia sexual arousal caused by bathing or showers Janeology - The glossary to sex terms and acronyms Janeology - The glossary to sex terms and acronyms 2008 Proceedings.pdf#page=88
Facts on American Teens' Sexual and Reproductive Health Facts on American Teens' Sexual and Reproductive Health June 2013 •Fewer than 2% of adolescents have had sex by the time they reach their 12th birthday. But adolescence is a time of rapid change. Only 16% of teens have had sex by age 15, compared with one-third of those aged 16, nearly half (48%) of those aged 17, 61% of 18-year-olds and 71% of 19-year-olds.[1] There is little difference by gender in the timing of first sex. •On average, young people have sex for the first time at about age 17, [2] but they do not marry until their mid-20s.[3] This means that young adults may be at increased risk for unintended pregnancy and STIs for nearly a decade or longer.
Aesthetic Attraction: (es-ˈthe-tik attraction) Attraction to someone based on finding them attractive or aesthetically pleasing though you don’t necessarily want a sexual or romantic connection with them. Ableism: (əb(ə)l-ism) prejudice or discrimination towards non able bodied or aneurotypical people. Butch: usually used in the lesbian or queer community for a person with more mascuiline features or way of dress, also a gender identity for some. CAFAB: (K-Fab) Coercively Assigned Female at birth, similar to FAAB, although it is just to be used by intersex people as it underlines the fact that this assignment was against their will CAMAB: (K-Mab) Coercively Assigned Male at birth, similar to MAAB, although it is just to be used by intersex people as it underlines the fact that this assignment was against their will fuck yeah sex education
If how pregnancy happens seems simple, know that it's not. It's not a big mystery at this point, and it's something we can understand, but it's way more complex than two different kinds of cells happening to be in the same place at the same time and -- VOILA! -- baby. Human Reproduction: A Seafarer's Guide
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Not Everything You Wanted To Know About Puberty (But Pretty Darn Close) | Scarleteen by Heather Corinna Puberty is the process of physical changes leading to physical sexual
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“I always knew something was different about me…” Thus starts the stereotypical coming out story, and mine is no different. Once I realized I was queer, however, my story diverges. There was no deep sigh of relief, no lightbulb moment of, “Ohhh, that explains everything.” Body as a Second Language: Navigating Queer Girl Culture on the Autism Spectrum | Autostraddle
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