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Curate this pearltree, in order to collect api reference for sentiment analysis, opinion mining, social influence

SNTMNT - Social sentiment analysis for financial markets.


Twitter Sentiment - A Sentiment Analysis Tool. TweetFeel Twitter Sentiment - Twitter Search with Feelings about anything popular. Processing Tweets with LingPipe #1: Search and CSV Data Structures « LingPipe Blog. I have been focusing on teaching developers how to approach the challenges of computational linguistics.

Processing Tweets with LingPipe #1: Search and CSV Data Structures « LingPipe Blog

An interesting source to work with is Twitter since it is culturally relevant these days, fairly easy to work with from a data feed perspective and it is just so darned cute. Like many cute things, it is not long before it is eating your shoes, resisting toilet training and overall testing one’s patience. We will be using LingPipe to help tame the beast. I will start with how to work with the search client and will move towards language ID, deduplication and a bit of sentiment classification in later blog entries. LingPipe Home. How Can We Help You?

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