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3 key differences between Baidu and Google in PPC advertising - RBBi. Baidu is the world’s 4th largest Search Engine after Google, Bing and Yahoo.

3 key differences between Baidu and Google in PPC advertising - RBBi

According to the CNNIC (the Chinese government’s agency of internet affairs) there are 710 million internet users in China as of June 2016. Baidu accounts for over 80% of the Chinese advertising market revenue. Chinese internet giants usually have a lot in common with their American counterparts (Baike & Wikipedia, Baidu Map & Google Map etc.). Baidu, on the other hand, is still starkly different from Google. Before entering the world of Search Advertising in China, consider 3 major points of difference between Google and Baidu: No.1 PPC Ads SERPs Layout There is an ad format in Baidu called “Brand Zone”, which works on a cost per time model; it allows advertisers to purchase keywords related to brands or products (trademark) – and own the SERPs for those terms.

Here is an example of BMW ads in and (there is no available at the moment) and the keyword is BMW. No.2 Ad Copy Writing. Baidu Vs. Google: How Are They Different? As Google (GOOGL Alphabet Inc ) maintains its stronghold in the global Internet search arena, Baidu, Inc.

Baidu Vs. Google: How Are They Different?

(BIDU Baidu Shs -A- Sponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1/10 Sh -A- ) has the upper hand in China with 82 % of the nation’s online search queries. Both Google and Baidu are listed on NASDAQ and operate in similar web services spheres, but the companies are quite different. Contrary to the common perception of Baidu as an “online search specific” company, it has a large suite of products and services somewhat similar to Google. Baidu remains a Chinese company, fully compliant with the local laws and censorship, as directed by the state government. The Bottom Line While Baidu continues to have the lead position in the Chinese Internet search market, Google remains the undisputed leader globally. Baidu Vs. Google: How Are They Different?


1. Introduction to Yammer. 10 Online Tools to Create Content Like a Boss (with infographic) Never has great web content ever been so important.

10 Online Tools to Create Content Like a Boss (with infographic)

Back in the day, website administrators simply put in keyword-dense material on their sites without regard to the actual value or quality of the content. They paid for that atrocity when the Penguin (not the Batman villain, but rather the Google algorithm) gave them the what-for! Today, if you want your site to rank and get the exposure you need for your business, you have to make sure that your content is not only search engine friendly, but also relevant, organic, and gives value to your audience. Here are 10 online tools to help you create content like a boss. 1. Social media has become uber important in content marketing in the last few years. 2.

A great blog title can get you the attention you need, and this online app makes it so easy, it’s hilarious. 3. Content writing may not be on the top of your skill set, but with a little help from the pros from Edugeeksclub, you can come up with great posts. 4 Instagram Tools for Scheduling Instagram Updates. Is Instagram a part of your social media marketing?

4 Instagram Tools for Scheduling Instagram Updates

Want to make posting to Instagram more convenient? Whether you’re in the middle of an event or on the road, there are scheduling tools to help you. In this article I’ll share four tools to schedule Instagram updates. Why Use Tools to Schedule Instagram Posts? Instagram was designed primarily as a mobile tool, so that’s where most interactions take place. If you’re using the native version of Instagram on a desktop, you can view Instagram content and interact with people you’re following, but you can’t upload anything. Find Instagram tools for scheduling Instagram updates.

Luckily, there are some tools for scheduling your Instagram content. Remember, scheduling or automating posts to your Instagram channel should not be the primary way you keep your Instagram channel updated. Let’s take a look at the available tools. #1: ScheduGram ScheduGram is an easy-to-use, reliable, web-based tool for scheduling updates to Instagram.