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Assignment 1 Gallery Fall 2017

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Archives of Sexuality & Gender (Chance / 90) Howdy, my name is Chance Medlin, I use he/him/his pronouns and I work at Texas A&M University Libraries!

Archives of Sexuality & Gender (Chance / 90)

I am also an Aggie Ally. If you ever need someone to talk to or have questions, I would be more than happy to listen and help! In this tutorial, I am going to show you around a great resource called Archives of Sexuality & Gender: LGBTQ History and Culture since 1940. This database is an amazing resource where you can find primary documents and learn more about LGBTQ history and culture. You can scroll down the page to learn more! If you have questions or need additional help, please contact me! In this tutorial, I will be covering: How to find the ArchivesWhat's inside the ArchivesHow to Search the ArchivesWhat you can do with items you findInteresting FeaturesHow to Get More Help. ARTSTOR Part 1 (Pete / 91) ARTSTOR Part2 (Pete / 91) BrainPOP (James / 91) Business Source Premier (Matthew / 90) CultureGrams (Tania / 90) A Guide to the CultureGrams World Edition Online Database What is CultureGrams?

CultureGrams (Tania / 90)

The CultureGrams Online Database is a leading reference source for concise, reliable, and current information about the world's countries and peoples. Who uses CultureGrams? CultureGrams is for students, educators, and any other concerned citizens who wish to learn more about the world's countries and cultures. It is one of the most trusted and widely used cultural reference and curriculum products in the education, government, and non-profit arenas.

Why is CultureGrams a credible source? Currency Major news events are updated weekly, and statistical information is updated annually. Relevance CultureGrams World Edition includes over 200 country-specific reports, including coverage of every sovereign nation recognized by the U.N. and several foreign dependencies and territories. Authority Accuracy Purpose The aim of CultureGrams is to foster understanding and appreciation of the world's countries and peoples. The Report. EPIC! (Lisa R. / 90) Explora Secondary (Jenna / 91) FAOSTAT (Stacy / 90) Film & Television Literature Index (Rebecca / 91) What is FTLI?

Film & Television Literature Index (Rebecca / 91)

The Film & Television Literature Index is a EBSCOHost database that covers the film and television industries through industry papers, news, and scholarly academic journals. Publications include Journal of British Cinema and Television, Variety and Entertainment Weekly. Coverage is primarily from 1990 to the present, with some coverage of publications back 50 years. EBSCO provides a list of publications included. Intended Audience The FTLI is intended for film and television industry professionals and those interested in researching the field. Searching the Database After the initial log-in, FTLI defaults to the Advanced Search page. Searching can include the Boolean operators AND OR & NOT.Search by Author, Title, Subject Terms, Publication, and People Results include the Title, Author and Publication parametersMay also include an abstractIndicates if Full Text is available in PDF or HTML form.Otherwise, gives a link to full text.

Google Scholar (Ashley / 91) Heritage Quest Online (Nora / 91) -- Tracing Your Family Story --

Heritage Quest Online (Nora / 91)

History of Science, Technology & Medicine (Casey W. / 90) Homeland Security Digital Library (Amy / 90_ H.W. Wilson Tutorial (Stephen / 90) IMF eLibrary (Sara / 90) Don't forget to click on the videos! Info-Sci Databases (Jason / 91) Kanopy (Jaime / 90) KidsInfoBits (Danielle / 90) Literature Resource Center (Ryan / 90) A user's guide to its riches Are you a literature junky?

Literature Resource Center (Ryan / 90)

Then Literature Resource Center is your savior! NAXOS (Christopher / 90) NoodleTools (Lisa S. / 90) NoveList (Susan / 91) A guide to finding YA Literature Love YA?

NoveList (Susan / 91)

Looking for the next great read? Try NoveList! NoveList is a division of EBSCO. It is a database of fiction titles for children, adults, and YA. Looking to Expand your library's YA collection? NoveList is also an excellent resource for librarians! Is NoveList the same as NoveList K-8? No. So why would you use NoveList for YA recommendations? How to do an Advanced Search This is the advanced search window in NoveList. Use the Field drop down tab, pictured above, to select things like Title, Author, or Subject to aid your search. The advanced search is especially useful if you don't know specifically what you are looking for, but have an idea of a style, subject, or theme.

Try typing in the two keywords "summer" and "coming of age" in the advanced search. You could also try "coming of age" as genre in the field drop down for fun. Keep the operator as AND. This search produced over 200 results and includes some great titles to browse through! ProQuest Education (Joanne / 90) ProQuest Historic Newspapers Graphical Edition (Amy / 90) Some pages of this flipbook are locked due to the use of a mandatory form.

ProQuest Historic Newspapers Graphical Edition (Amy / 90)

CopyCopied Using free embed code, the flipping collection will display only 3 flipbooks, each limited at 15 pages/pdf. The other publishing options don't contain such limitations. Get more exposure for your business with the new HTML5 flipbooks.Learn More. Science Direct (Lauren / 90) Silent Film Online (Casey C. / 91) From the homepage of Silent Film Online: Why Silent Film Online?

Silent Film Online (Casey C. / 91)

Students of the performing arts should know many of these early silent films, their production methods, and the common tropes developed during this time that continue to be used in theatre and film to this day. In a discussion of the use of shadow in storytelling, one would be remiss to overlook all that the silent films Faust and Nosferatu have influenced, including even Disney's Dumbo! And, of course, comedy film as we know it today would not exist without the work of Charlie Chaplin. This database provides access to many of the early "Greats" of silent film that we can, and should, still learn from. Scope of the Database As you can see from this screen capture, taken from the top left corner of the homepage of Silent Film Online, this database contains 1,257 videos totaling 336 hours! Silent Film Online is a collection from Alexander Street Press, a ProQuest Company. Easy to find search box Advanced Search Making a clip.

SIRS Discoverer (Alyssa / 90) Designed with the youngest of researchers in mind Discoverer's target audience are Grades 1-9 but also includes materials suitable for Grades 10-12 Discoverer's interactive, engaging and user friendly interface will provide students with additional support in regards to their research, reading and writing skills U.S. and international magazines, newspapers, U.S.

SIRS Discoverer (Alyssa / 90)

Government documents and websites are the main sources of all educational articles and images. Visual History Archive (Samantha / 91) The Wiley Online Library (Danielle/91) Women and Social Movements International (John / 91) World Book Kids! (Christina / 91) Come on in!

World Book Kids! (Christina / 91)

World Book Kids is a database made by a leading publishing company, World Book Inc, located in Chicago Illinois. They provide students and teachers of grades 3-5 with educational and instructional content through encyclopedia articles, photos, videos and more. There are many browsing options and a basic search bar, where you can only search by subject or key words. All sources include Lexile levels, citation information and have the ability to be downloaded, shared, printed, translated and listened to. The interface of World Book Kids promotes learning and encourages inquiry amongst youngsters. There are so many topics to discover! World History in Context (Nikita / 91) World Shakespeare Bibliography (Kristin / 91) World Book Kids (Jennifer / 90)