Strange biology

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Oreo the geep rams genetic barrier. Sheep-goat hybrid Oreo and his mum at a NSW children's daycare centre.

Oreo the geep rams genetic barrier

Picture: Gary Graham Source: The Daily Telegraph HALF sheep, half goat? You've got to be kidding. That is what farmer Terry Crompton thought when he discovered his ewe had just given birth to a hybrid. Fertility landmark as scientists make sperm from stem cells - Science, News. It is believed to the the first time that sperm cells made in the laboratory with stem-cell techniques have been used to generate offspring free of any obvious physical or genetic defects that have grown up and reproduced normally, the researchers said.

Fertility landmark as scientists make sperm from stem cells - Science, News

Scientists took stem cells from the embryos of laboratory mice and converted them into mature sperm cells, then used them to fertilise eggs and produced the healthy, fertile offspring. The technology may one day form the basis of a new approach to treating infertile women incapable of making their own egg cells, the scientists said. One possibility is that skin cells taken from infertile men or women could be turned into stem cells and then converted into the "germline" cells that give rise to sperm and eggs. These sperm and egg cells could then be used in standard IVF procedures.

Giant Rat Kills Predators with Poisonous Hair. By utilizing the same plants that African tribesmen use to poison their arrows, the furry fury known as the African crested rat can incapacitate and even kill predators many times its size, researchers have found.

Giant Rat Kills Predators with Poisonous Hair

"This is the first mammal that is borrowing a deadly poison from a plant and slathering it on itself without dying," said study researcher Jonathan Kingdon, of Oxford University in England. "This is an extraordinary thing to have evolved. " Growing up in Africa, Kingdon was frequently exposed to these rats, even keeping one (very cautiously) as a pet. He had heard this animal was poisonous, but it look 30 years for him to figure out how and why this special animal kills and sickens its predators. Man who could hear his own eyeballs roll cured. "Eventually I could hear my heart beating and my eyes moving in their sockets.

Man who could hear his own eyeballs roll cured

It was really distracting. " Mr Mabbutt was referred to Martin Burton, a surgeon from the Oxford Radcliffe Hospital who helped establish the Cochrane Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders Group. A CT scan found perforations inside the semicircular canals inside Mr Mabbutt's ear. He was diagnosed with superior canal dehiscence syndrome (SCDS), a rare condition discovered by American surgeon Lloyd B Minor in 1995, which is thought to only effect one in 500,000 a year in Britain. South Korean scientists seem to have produced a glowing dog. South Korean scientists said on Wednesday they have created a glowing dog using a cloning technique that could help find cures for human diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, Yonhap news agency reported.

South Korean scientists seem to have produced a glowing dog

A research team from Seoul National University (SNU) said the genetically modified female beagle, named Tegon and born in 2009, has been found to glow fluorescent green under ultraviolet light if given a doxycycline antibiotic, the report said. The researchers, who completed a two-year test, said the ability to glow can be turned on or off by adding a drug to the dog’s food. Embryotic Similarities. 10 Horrible Deep Sea Creatures - (sea monsters, sea animals...) Viperfish The Viperfish (Mesopelagic - found at 80-1600 meters - about a mile down) is one of the most wicked looking sea monsters. Some of them are black as night all over with light organs (called photophores) in strategic places on their bodies, including one on a long dorsal fin that serves as a lure for the fish it preys upon.

Some viperfish (and many other deep ocean fish species) don't have any pigment (color) at all - they're transparent. They also have enlarged eyes, presumably for gathering as much light as possible where there is little or no light at all. 10 Most Incredible Hairy People. Yu Zhenhuan The Hairy Chinese Kid (Yu Zhenhuan) was first mentioned on 12 October 2002 during Karl's first ever edition of Educating Ricky. Karl revealed the child was indeed quite hairy and apparently had trouble hearing due to a build up of hair in his ears. Yu was born in the city of Anshan in the Chinese province of Anshan in 1979 and began growing hair at the age of two that eventually covered approximately 96% of his body. Two-Headed, Five-Legged Tortoise Predicts Hockey Championship. Slovakia’s Ice Hockey Championship winner may rest in the hands of a two-headed, five-legged tortoise.

According to CBS News, Magdalena is a tortoise who was born with two heads -- one head is named Magda, the other one, Lena. Her situation is similar to that of conjoined twins whose embryos don’t separate correctly during pregnancy. According to The Telegraph, the tortoise would probably not survive in the wild, due to other tortoises excluding her. Two-Headed Turtle Found In Backyard. Scientists: Stinky Sock Smell Helps Fight Malaria. NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) -- What do mosquitoes like more than clean, human skin? Stinky socks. Scientists think the musky odor of human feet can be used to attract and kill mosquitoes that carry deadly malaria. The Gates Foundation announced on Wednesday that it will help fund one such pungent project in Tanzania.

If they can be cheaply mass-produced, the traps could provide the first practical way of controlling malaria infections outside. The increased use of bed nets and indoor spraying has already helped bring down transmissions inside homes. Rare Two-Headed Albino Snake Shocks Zoo. Wrinkled When Wet: Accidental or Adaptive? Fingers wrinkled after an afternoon snorkeling.

Wrinkled When Wet: Accidental or Adaptive?

Photo by notanyron via Flickr Creative Commons Beachgoers know it well. BBC Nature - Tiny snails survive digestion by birds. 11 July 2011Last updated at 04:25 By Ella Davies Reporter, BBC Nature Excreted snails can survive Snails are able to survive intact after being eaten by birds, according to scientists.

BBC Nature - Tiny snails survive digestion by birds

Japanese white-eyes on the island of Hahajima, Japan feast on tiny land snails. Researchers found that 15% of the snails eaten survived digestion and were found alive in the birds' droppings. Zoologger: The first non-human meat farmers - life - 30 June 2011. Species: Melissotarsus insularis and three other Melissotarsus species Habitat: Down on the farm under the bark of African trees, particularly in Madagascar.

Zoologger: The first non-human meat farmers - life - 30 June 2011

Lots of ants practise a rudimentary form of agriculture. Some are gardeners, gathering leaf fragments on which they cultivate a crop of tasty fungus. Others are dairymaids, "milking" the sweet excretion known as honeydew from aphids, scale insects and other related insects. But the Melissotarsus ants of continental Africa and Madagascar are special. Blind snake rediscovered after 100 years - Technology & science - Science - LiveScience. A rare blind snake has been rediscovered in Madagascar a century after its last sighting.

Blind snake rediscovered after 100 years - Technology & science - Science - LiveScience

The snake, which looks like a long, skinny pink worm, was known only from two other specimens, both discovered in 1905. “They’re really rare because they’re subterranean,” said blind-snake expert Van Wallach of Harvard University who described the new specimen. “You can’t just go out anytime you want and collect these things. You can dig forever and never find them.” Scientists captured the snake, called Xenotyphlops mocquardi, alive in 2005 during an expedition to collect reptiles and amphibians in northern Madagascar. God instructs stoner grandfather to become smelly: He avoids bathing for 37 years. Some say cleanliness is next to godliness, but not Guru Kailash Singh who quit bathing 37 years ago, because he believe he’d be rewarded for his sacrifice.Kailash, 65, a farmer from India, stopped using soap and water in 1974, after his wedding.

God instructs stoner grandfather to become smelly: He avoids bathing for 37 years

He also hasn’t cut his dreadlocks, according to the news agency Barcroft.It wasn’t because he no longer needed to attract the ladies that he let himself go. Kailash reportedly abandoned washing because a priest told him it would help him produce a son.With seven daughters born since then, he’s still waiting for a male heir.Each evening, Kailash winds down the day with a “fire bath” ritual of smoking marijuana, praying to the Hindu god Shiva and dancing around a campfire.There was one failed attempt by his family to force him into a stream.

‘He fought us off and ran away,’ his wife Kalavati Devi, 60, told Barcroft. Strange Exits: Woman dies of heart attack caused by shock of waking up at her OWN funeral. Posted by Anonymous on June 23, 2011 A woman died from a heart attack caused by shock after waking up to discover she had been declared dead – and was being prepared for burial.As mourning relatives filed past her open coffin the supposedly dead woman suddenly woke up and started screaming as she realised where she was.Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov, 49, had been wrongly declared deceased by doctors but died for real after hearing mourners saying prayers for her soul to be taken up to heaven in Kazan, Russia.Devastated husband Fagili Mukhametzyanov, 51, had been told his wife had died of a heart attack after she’d collapsed at home suffering from chest pains.Mr Mukhametzyanov said: ‘Her eyes fluttered and we immediately rushed her back to the hospital but she only lived for another 12 minutes in intensive care before she died again, this time for good.

‘I am very angry and want answers. Woman dies of heart attack caused by shock of waking up at her OWN funeral. Human eye protein senses Earth's magnetism. DARPA Wants Artificial Lifeforms. Blow from taxi restores boy's sight: News24: South Africa: News. Pigs could grow human organs in stem cell breakthrough. POOP BURGER: Japanese Researchers Create Artificial Meat From Human Feces.

Scientists Find 'Werewolf' Gene - Eating dirt can be good for the belly, researchers find. ‘Devil Worm’ Takes Animal Life to New Depths. A 49-million-year-old spider face — in 3-D - Technology & science - Science - LiveScience. Why a mobile phone ring may make bees buzz off: Insects infuriated by handset signals.

Giant Squid Killed by Sound? Uh-Oh: Cows Genetically Modified With People DNA To Produce More Human-like Milk. BBC - Earth News - Plant lives inside animal: algae invade amphibian cells. Colloidal Silver: Blue Skin »