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To be veganized. Quick N Easy Quiche Crust Recipe - - 18185. Eating for Happiness. Happiness centers around several important neurotransmitters: serotonin, dopamaine, endorphins, phenylethylamine, and anandamide.

Eating for Happiness

Serotonin is popularly known as the “feel-good hormone,” or your body’s own natural tranquilizer, hence the happiness factor. This is the neurotransmitter that antidepressants target in order to boost overall happiness levels. Up to 90 percent of your body’s total serotonin is located in your gut, where it regulates intestinal movement. The remainder is synthesized in your central nervous system and helps regulate mood, appetite, sleep, muscle contraction, and some cognitive functions including memory and learning.

Recipes for Cherry Wine, Limoncello, Walnut Rum Liquor, Cherry / Blood Plum Vinegar. Cherry Wine / Port Recipes Suggestions for use.

Recipes for Cherry Wine, Limoncello, Walnut Rum Liquor, Cherry / Blood Plum Vinegar

Try this mixed with soda water or lemonade for a cool thirst-quenching drink.Also can be mixed with champagne to make a dangerous good drink! In winter try a little nip at room temperature to warm you up.Pour some over ice cream! Homemade Cherry-Flavored Vinegar Recipe. Sometimes I have in my head a scene where I put a cherry in front of a duck and tell that duck* that it and the cherry are meant for each other.

Homemade Cherry-Flavored Vinegar Recipe

The imagined scene often ends with the duck giving me an indignant stare, holding up the middle pointy end of one of its webbed feet. Yet, I figure, with or without an approving quack from our feathered friend, this is definitely a case of anyone of us knowing better than the duck: duck and cherries go together.