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Coworkations: Explore the world without interrupting your career. Coworkation. OpenDoor: Coliving Spaces. Nomad House Lisbon : 1st digital nomad community with free housing - Co-living & Working Spaces Around the World. I look in the mirror to see that yet another freckle has made its debut on my sun-kissed nose.

Co-living & Working Spaces Around the World

I was in the zone yesterday evening, fueled into a creative trance by the invigorating wafts of my mint tea, the warmth of the sunset over the Moroccan coastline, and the peals of laughter from the surfers below my little terrace. I have my weekly 1-on-1 with our CEO later today. I’ll take the call in our workspace, just steps from my bedroom, but first I’ll go for a jog on the beach with a fellow nomad.

No need for a shower: we’ll just rinse off in the ocean. Okay — none of that really happened. Because I can. A Growing Trend The coliving and coworking movements have exploded in recent years. Here’s the thing, though: location independence doesn’t just mean working from wherever we choose. It means living on our own terms. Gone are the days of needing to show up to an office to have a productive career, and it’s no longer necessary to fill a loft or bungalow with furniture to live comfortably.

CoWoLi : Coworking meets Coliving – Find your Digital Nomad House. Coworking Packages - Switch your office for our beach. Birds Bay - Seaside Accommodation in Lesvos. Nomad Cruise - Explore the world with Digital Nomads. Digital Nomad Conference ✰ DNX. Welcome to Entropy Factory. New Guide Explores the Past and Bright Future of Coliving. As coworking explodes in popularity, its parallel movement, co-living, is being touted as the next disruption of surplus space.

New Guide Explores the Past and Bright Future of Coliving

At its essence, co-living offers shared living space and amenities, more housemates than the typical roommate situation, access to a network of properties, and flexible lease options that allow long and short-term residents to live side by side. You could think of coliving spaces as new fangled boarding houses often with purpose, travel, mutual support, and community mixed in. Life Anywhere by Marco + Giampaolo. Risks and challenges Bounce value is strictly dependent on three elements: People, Trust, Design.

Life Anywhere by Marco + Giampaolo

People: in this case it’s up to Bounce capability to reach the right people, to share the same values and attitude, and to build a critical mass so that the value delivery is maximized: in fact Bounce, in order to deliver the highest value, requires a sufficient number of people, which translates into destinations, which translate into opportunities.

Merum, Central Limburg - 23th till 27th may 2016 I VillaForum. Live with inspiring entrepreneurs in rural Austria - ~ The Entrepreneur House ~ Back in Barcelona. Hey gang, We are excited to officially announce The Entrepreneur House in Barcelona 2016.

~ The Entrepreneur House ~ Back in Barcelona

Remote Year. Beach House São Paulo. Livit. The Matera. Nomad Base - A Shared Experience. Live. Learn. Leave a Legacy. CasaNetural – CO-Living 2014. If you want to partecipate, contact us via email or via ph: +39 0835 044681!

CasaNetural – CO-Living 2014

Beginning in 2013 as an excellent experience to acknowledge international contexts and to increase the formative inspirational value, CO-Living of Casa Netural is a unique initiative of experimentation and inspiration across the Sassi of Matera and through the geographical folds of the magnificent Lucanian land. CO-Living is a professional and personal experience of great impact, revolving around: people who look for new frontiers of experimentationbusinessespublic administrators in search of inspirationsocial innovators who want to develop a prototype project. During one week, in which they live at Casa Netural, guests meet the local community, launch pilot projects, experiment throughout the territory, or simply take inspiration for future activities.

What happened through the course of CO-Living 2013? The type of week of CO-Living: Startup Abroad - Italy - October 2013. Zagreb Cohousing and Coliving. More info — The Surf Office. What kind of room I get?

More info — The Surf Office

We provide single rooms to solo travelers and double rooms to couplesUpon request, we would be happy to accommodate friends coming together in one roomThere are maximum 2 single beds in one room What is the capacity of The Surf Office? Remote Year. Nomad House: Coliving Retreats and Coworkations for Digital Nomads. 3 weeks co-working in Spain and Portugal. Sende is coworking & co-living space in Spain. Cohubiting. COLIVING & WORKING FOR DIGITAL NOMADS. For Online Entrepreneurs and Digital Nomads. FAQ. The ”Freelancer Traveler” program covers the following:Airfare and airport transfers¹ Accommodations for one year – Own private roomWorkspace for one year with 24/7 internet2 excursions per month4 events per month (social, cultural, networking)The “Freelancer Traveler” program does not include:FoodSouvenirsShoppingCost of visasTravel and Health InsuranceExtra activities on your own timeWe strongly recommend entering the program with a monthly earning of no less than 2,600 dollars USD in order to fully enjoy the experience and still have a contingency fund.We will provide you with information for the visas, health insurance, what to expect, how to pack for a year, legal concerns and so on.


Don’t worries, we’ve got your back! Living the good life in rural areas — Rural Coliving. Digital nomads events in 2016 - Office to travelOffice to travel. A new year has recently started and I am celebrating it by making exciting business and travel plans.

Digital nomads events in 2016 - Office to travelOffice to travel

They can always change and I could end up in a place where I’ve never thought of, but I love having the big picture. Will it be Asia, Europe, Africa or South America again? Maybe all of them. In 2015 I realized more than before that being in a community of digital nomads is one of the things I like most when traveling. It makes me more productive, creative, open to ideas and helps making new friends or even business partners. Thus, while I am thinking what should be my next destination, I am also taking into consideration where I can meet new or old friends and spend time with some other like-minded people. Digital nomads events in January. The home to location independent workers. 55 Secrets - Skip The Tourist Traps , Explore Like a Local. After traveling, working online, and living in different countries over the last 3 years, I decided it is about time to create something that I haven’t found yet in my travels; a place where different people can coexist as a family and small community without paying for accommodation.

55 Secrets - Skip The Tourist Traps , Explore Like a Local

The main goal of this farm is make people learn and grow as both entrepreneurs and as individuals. It does not matter where you are from or what your skill sets are, if you simply want to work on your personal projects in an environment where everyone is there to help and motivate each other, this is the perfect place to work and live.I have an old family farm that has been uninhabited for the past 10 years. The farm is old but there is a lot of potential to become a great space to be creative and work beside fellow nomads. The working space will be the 2nd house found next to the main house, so you will have the quiet environment needed to focus on completing your goals. Coworking coliving mallorca workations digital nomads.

Coboat - Explore, Collaborate, Innovate - Remote Workation for adventurious Entrepreneurs. Immersive co-living in Boston, NYC, DC. PANDORAHUB - Living the good life in rural areas — Riba-roja para tod@s. Surf Office. Ile de Ré — TheCoalition. Sende - Cospace - Copass. Southwest Collective - Coworking Retreats. Do the economics of remote work retreats make any sense?

Startup Retreats: Find Coworking Vacations and Coliving Spaces. Sunny Office Event Andalusia. You will experience intense know-how transfer and exchange during the daily mastermind sessions with the other entrepreneurs.

Sunny Office Event Andalusia

As a break you can take a dip into the sea or just go for a walk on the endless beautiful beach which is just a 2 minute walk away. So far everyone simply LOVED this location. The best destination airport is Jerez de la Frontera (XRY). However, you can also fly to Sevilla or Malaga which are two further major airports and between 1,5-2,5 hours away. If you fly to Jerez de la Frontera we will pick you up and also bring you there when there you leave. ONE YEAR COLIVING AROUND THE WORLD GIVEAWAY. Co-living & Working Spaces Around the World — Life + Travel + Work.

Co-living & Working Spaces Around the World I look in the mirror to see that yet another freckle has made its debut on my sun-kissed nose. I was in the zone yesterday evening, fueled into a creative trance by the invigorating wafts of my mint tea, the warmth of the sunset over the Moroccan coastline, and the peals of laughter from the surfers below my little terrace. Permaworking - Co-live, co-work and share your know-how.

Nomad Pad.