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Curso Economia Colaborativa. Equaltimes. En solo cincuenta años se marcharon casi 400 personas.


No fue a consecuencia de una catástrofe natural, fue la promesa de un futuro mejor la que vació los campos y apagó las voces de la escuela. Hoy, Torralba de Ribota podría ser uno de esos miles de pueblos condenados al olvido a causa del éxodo rural. Pero no ha sido así, le salvó el arte. Este pequeño municipio de la provincia de Zaragoza (España) resiste desde hace años con poco más de cien habitantes, en su mayoría gente muy mayor. Sin embargo, desde 2012 sus viejas casas abandonadas empezaron a ser ocupadas de nuevo por vecinos llegados de la ciudad: una poetisa, un diseñador, una profesora de teatro, un pintor, un fotógrafo.

En la actualidad, más de la mitad de la población mundial se concentra en las ciudades, mientras los campos se van quedando desiertos. “La cultura genera ideas, es movimiento, es vida”, defiende Lucía Camón. “Como lugar de producción es perfecto”, insiste Lucía. Download Old Maps Wallpaper Gallery. Far Far Hill - Free database of digital illustrations and papers. Art school Barcelona Spain. In our studios the focus is on the production of work and on the autonomous search for your personal artistic fascinations.

Art school Barcelona Spain

You will be closely guided by artists that have their studio in the same building and a selection of guest artists from our network. Goals develop and select a strong portfoliodiscover your artistic motivationstake part in events and exhibitions in Barcelonaformulate and verbally express your art more accurately and in a contemporary contextfind your working rhythm and working processorientate in the art world. - Descontos para voar agora! World Travel Resources: How to Plan, Budget, Eat Safely & Pack for Travel.

Depending on your nationality, you will need visas in some countries, but might receive a visa waiver or visa on arrival in others.

World Travel Resources: How to Plan, Budget, Eat Safely & Pack for Travel

This aspect of travel isn’t the most fun but unfortunately it’s also unavoidable. Since many countries require a visa ahead of time, one that cannot be obtained when you enter the country, it’s best to read up ahead of time about each country and its requirements. Travel and Medical insurance. There were several times on this trip where I got sick, and while some countries are not expensive to find good medical care, others break the budget.

Experiences for the future

ANANDA. Los 10 mejores lugares de retiro para meditación en el mundo. ~ Find Best Yoga Teacher Training programs. Resources. Welcome to FIC. 8 Days Yoga and Diving Holiday in Maldives - The seaside rooms which are 44 square meters in size, are affordable and comfortable accommodations.

8 Days Yoga and Diving Holiday in Maldives -

They are nicely furnished, with a modern and elegant double sink bathroom. The rooms have a wide patio door looking onto a cozy wooden veranda just beside the endless white beach. They are part of the same complex with a sandy inner courtyard. It is ideal for groups wishing to share a unique experience. Room facilities include full air conditioned rooms with individual temperature control, ceiling fan, fully stocked mini bar, safe box, hair dryer, beach towels, telephone with direct external line, twice daily housekeeping service, and complimentary wireless internet access The hotel offers a further 40 fully furnished rooms, in two story blocks of 4 rooms each.

Each room is spacious, creatively designed, comfortable, and has an en-suite elegant natural stone bathroom with shower. 8 Days Yoga and Diving Retreat in Zanzibar - Entering a meditative state of mind and being in the present moment.

8 Days Yoga and Diving Retreat in Zanzibar -

The fusion of yoga and diving can help you understand what meditation is and how you will be able to apply it in your daily life. Through diving, one can experience a moving meditative state, a sense of peace and connectedness with nature. As you float silently, weightless in the blue ocean and only hearing the sound of your breathing, you will realize the feeling of being in the present moment as you experience the sensation of being submerged in another environment. This sensation of hovering in mid-water is immensely liberating.

Scuba retreats

Virtuallynomadic. “Oh, you are going to Koh Samui!?


Are you going to the Full Moon party? Oh, it’s so much fun!” Says the beautiful Thai girl behind the Airport check-in desk. A stark contrast to the extremely sharp and restrictive China and Japan were we just came from. Back to the Land of Smiles and with a visa on arrival, you simply can’t beat Thailand. Phuket Airport Overnight Hotel I’m sure we aren’t the only ones who found the ‘Phuket Airport Overnight Hotel’ online and with an early flight to Koh Samui the next morning, we decided to give it a go. The Fisherman’s Village, Koh Samui, Thailand Tim and I found an unusual, old dance hall slash apartment in the center of the cozy and relaxed Fisherman’s Village. The food is amazing as well as the decor of every restaurant and bar. TaxiFareFinder - Estimate Your Taxi Cab Fare, Cost & Rates. Revolut - Simply Revolutionary - Tutorials. Dashboard. Europe travel deals - – daily tips for cheap flights, air tickets and other travel deals. TalkTalkBnb.


Work & Volunteer. ASIA. Roteiros de 'turismo de experiência' têm atividades por até R$ 90 mil - 23/04/2015 - Turismo. E-Rewards. La web (y el manual) de los trotamundos. Viagens Independentes. Intrepid Travel - small group tours - Asia Africa Europe Americas Antarctica. We Go Round the World.

A big part of our time traveling is spent researching where we are heading next , how we are getting there, where we will stay once we arrive, and what we will be doing.

We Go Round the World

A large part of how we figure this out is by reading other travelers blogs and seeing what they did. Since our blog posts don’t focus much on this we have created this page that we will continue to update to hopefully help current and future travelers. If you have any questions about any place, just leave us a comment below! ArgentinaAustraliaBelizeBoliviaCosta RicaEgyptGuatemalaIndiaIsraelItalyMexicoNepalNew ZealandNicaraguaPanamaPeruSingaporeSouth AfricaThailandTurkey Mexico.

Manual de una vuelta al mundo: más de 100 consejos para hacer realidad tu sueño - Google Libros. 25 Wonderful Places To Visit In Your Lifetime! : The Travelers Zone. 134.4K Flares134.4K Flares × Have you ever dreamt of visiting any of your favorite places?

25 Wonderful Places To Visit In Your Lifetime! : The Travelers Zone

Most often, you will hear these words from your friends, family members or any others. Every one of us desire to visit our favorite places in our lifetime. It is the dream of every human being. [click on the picture to see the image in full size] Grand Canyon: Grand Canyon is the steep-sided gorge carved by the Colorado River in Arizona State of United States. Nearly 5 million people visit the 1 mile deep Grand Canyon every year. The best time to visit Grand Canyon is during the summer, fall and mild spring, but most locals agree that winter is the great time to visit.

Cuaderno de viaje

California en 20 pasos. Entre surfistas y estrellas de Hollywood, California es uno de los estados más completos de los Estados Unidos: aquí hay playas, montañas, lagos, pistas de esquí, trenes panorámicos, misiones españolas y desiertos fantasmagóricos.

California en 20 pasos

Espacios para trabajar gratis en Madrid - DNomad Club. Estrangeira Como economizar em hospedagem - ECONOMIA COLABORATIVA - Estrangeira. A Internet, cada vez mais, conecta as pessoas.

Estrangeira Como economizar em hospedagem - ECONOMIA COLABORATIVA - Estrangeira

Hoje, nós presenciamos a explosão da economia colaborativa. Tell Me About Brasil. Year in Review 2015. Pause Current Time 0:03 Duration Time 0:25. Travelistly, Discover High Quality Travel Content — Travelistly by BucketListly. What's Travelistly? Discover High Quality Travel ContentTravelistly is a Reddit for travelers, a ProductHunt for travel content, and a platform for travel bloggers. We bring you the most inspiring travel articles and videos for your trip planning. Myfitravel - Viaja Siempre con Tu Wifi. Vitrinepix - Crie, Compre e Venda - Camisetas Personalizadas de alta qualidade. The Official New York City Guide. Kenya – Explore the mecca of high performance. California en 20 pasos. Las mejores herramientas para organizar tu viaje. Kenya – Explore the mecca of high performance. El mayor mercado de vehículos en línea de Alemania. Busque, compre y venda vehículos nuevos y de ocasión.

The travel groups of the future. Have you ever stopped to think about why you travel? Do you look for peace and quiet over chills and thrills? Or do you prefer a hassle-free and pre-packaged holiday? Well, whether you like to explore the most remote parts of this world to immerse into an unfamiliar culture or you chose to treat yourself to a spa hotel by the beach to forget about your worries, here is an interesting read for you! The Future Traveller Tribes 2030 report; written by the Future Foundation agency and commissioned by Amadeus, gives an interesting insight into the future trends of travel groups. Nomadler – Community of nomads. Plan your trip.

VirtualTourist - Travel Guides, Hotel Reviews, and Forums. Bitacoras de viaje. Flightless Travel. Twelve little helpers around the world. I posted on my blog some tips for travelers. As usual the post is in Italian. I am giving you a short version in English as it may contain some interesting information. 1. Noleggi & servizio bici. ¡Se puede viajar barato! París - Guia de viajes y turismo en París - Disfruta París.


Piamonte, cuna ‘slow food’ Estafas y robos en Marruecos. Con Mochila – Información para un viaje de mochilero o por tu cuenta. TheBestTimeToVisit : When To go Where - Best Weather & Climate around the World! Round-The-World Travel Guide. Artedepartir_blog. Visados. Budget $ € Seguros. Hotels & hostels and alternatives! Mochilas. Barcos. Vacunas. Flights RTW. Digital nomad.


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Work/Volunteer. Planning. Travel Life.