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10 Tips for First-time RV Campers - R We There Yet Mom? This is a part of our Camping for Beginners series.

10 Tips for First-time RV Campers - R We There Yet Mom?

Click here to hear about the Myths I thought about Camping, here to see how comfortable camping in an RV can be and here to see what was on our menu for 7 days. Yesterday I received the comment, “Sorry, that’s not camping – that’s its a traveling hotel room.” on one of my articles about camping in an RV. At first, I took a little offense to that. Just because I choose to not sleep in a tent while outdoors doesn’t mean I’m not camping. All the campgrounds we stayed at had spots for tents AND RVs. Quite frankly, I’m proud to have camped in an RV all week – I know my boundaries and what will make me miserable and sleeping on the ground at night is one of them. So to that comment, There are different ways to camp. Emergency Road Kit checklist. Having these items stocked in / on your rig for an emergency road kit will go a long way toward allowing you to at least make any necessary temporary RV repairs so you can at least get off the road, if not get to a proper RV repair / RV maintenance location.

Emergency Road Kit checklist

RV websites we like for May 14, 2016 – RV Travel. Here are a half dozen websites we believe will be of interest to the readers of

RV websites we like for May 14, 2016 – RV Travel

Be sure to return every week for more great sites that will make your life, whether on the road or at home, better. National Park maps The National Park Service publishes tons of great free maps. Matt Holly, a park ranger with the NPS, has collected them all and posted them on this site, where you can download PDF and image files of any U.S. national park map. This site currently has 1,006 free high-resolution national park maps to view, save, and download.

10 Of The Best Camping Spots In Iowa. No Iowa summer is complete without a camping trip.

10 Of The Best Camping Spots In Iowa

Some of the best memories of all are the ones of sitting around a smoky campfire, roasting marshmallows, and telling stories late into the night. So whether you prefer a cabin, a camper, or just a good old sleeping bag and tent, here are 10 of the best camping spots in Iowa to check out this summer. 1. Backbone State Park, Strawberry Point There are two campgrounds at Backbone. 2. Ledges offers both electric and non-electric campsites. 3.

Lake Red Rock is Iowa's largest lake, so if you're in the area for a fishing or beach trip, camping is the perfect option for staying overnight. 4. Another gorgeous lake area in Iowa, Saylorville Lake is a favorite spot for campers around the Des Moines area. Best Places to Camp in Iowa. We've ranked the best places to camp in Iowa using our unique campsite popularity algorithm that accounts for the average rating and number of reviews for a campground, the number of people who have camped or wish they could camp at that campground.

Best Places to Camp in Iowa

Sign up for a free account and vote for your favorite camping sites by submitting a campground review or creating a campground wishlist today! New! Find the best campgrounds by city: Johnston (7), Centerville (5), Pella (4), Muscatine (3), Solon (3), (2) Explorer RV Insurance. Remember the first time you looked at something under the magnifying lens of a microscope?

Explorer RV Insurance

Perhaps it was just a leaf from a schoolyard tree. One moment it looked common place: green, veined, and slightly weathered. But placed under the lens of the microscope, the leaf transformed into a topographic map of hills and valleys. Miniscule dust particles, hardy visible to the naked eye, became large rocks and boulders strewn across its surface. Suddenly it's covered with a giant forest of hair-like trichomes. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Microscopy. RV Tips for Spring Maintenance - Travel Tips - Pet Travel Center. Printer-friendly version Get Your RV Ready for Spring Author - Ken Freund Brought to you by Good Sam Club RV Road Service Get Your RV Ready for Spring Coming out of Hibernation Winter elements can take a toll on stored RVs.

RV Tips for Spring Maintenance - Travel Tips - Pet Travel Center

If your coach has been in storage, now is the time to start preparing for those spring getaways. 5 Easy Spring RV Maintenance Steps – Wheeling It. By libertatemamo 6 Comments As everyone knows regular maintenance is a key part of beast happiness.

5 Easy Spring RV Maintenance Steps – Wheeling It

Now, I’ll readily admit that Paul and I are not exactly mechanical geniuses. I’m pretty handy with the tools, and Paul can be electrically suave with a multimeter, but we’re not the types that will have the confidence to take on all the complicated RV stuff ourselves. Thankfully, like good old dogs we’re willing and able to learn. A Complete Guide to RV Camping in State Parks of the United States. RV Roof Maintenance, Brakes, AC & More. Lazydays' RV Maintenance Specials Cover RV Brake System Service to RV Roof Maintenance, and Everything in Between Performing preventative RV maintenance is critical – especially if your coach is stored more than it is used.

RV Roof Maintenance, Brakes, AC & More

Your RV is a valuable investment; however, it can be very costly to repair if it is not properly maintained. Regular RV maintenance ensures your family's comfort and safety, and extends the life of your vehicle. Water Leaks. When we do body repair in our shop a lot of what we fix is as a result of problems some preventative maintenance could have avoided.

Water Leaks

Although not all the body repair we do is a result of low maintenance, enough of it is that I felt I would try to write this article so that by following these guidelines RV owners could possibly alleviate some problems or at least detect them before they do major damage. I also intend to attempt to answer some common questions I receive. This repair job is temporary and will require major frame rebuilding. RV Water Leak Quick Tips. HOW TO: Prevent RV Roof Leaks (Dicor Maintenance) #Loloho » Blog Archive » VIDEO: RV vs. Hotel (A Slightly Biased View) Being travel enthusiasts, my wife and I have stayed everywhere from flea-infested hostels, to skanky motels, to cozy bed & breakfasts, to five-star resorts.

I’d like to think we’ve learned something about hotels, and how they compare vis-a-vis RVs. So let’s ponder the timeless question: “What’s better, staying in an RV or in a hotel?” Probably the most elegant hotel atmosphere I’ve enjoyed has been the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan, at Christmastime. During my stay, the President of the United States was also staying at the Waldorf. I ran into Peyton and Archie Manning in the downstairs bar (Peyton was up for the Heisman that year). The Waldorf wasn’t the nicest hotel room I’ve experienced. That brings me to our Airstream travel trailer, and how it compares to staying in a hotel. But everything is done just right. U.S. Hotel Rates Rise as Room Demand and Revenue Hit All-Time Highs. U.S. hotels can’t keep up with room demand and that’s causing them to see lower occupancy increases as average daily rates and revenues continue climbing, hotel data company STR found.

Room occupancy and supply saw the smallest year-over-year increases for February compared with other indicators given that demand is growing faster than the number of available rooms. STR said rising average daily rates will drive revenues the most this year as hotels wait for more properties to open to help year-over-year occupancy levels increase, even though overall occupancy is at 64.8%. This trajectory takes shape particularly with luxury hotels, which reported a 5.5% increase in average daily rates and a 0.7% increase in occupancy year-over-year for February. Room demand, average daily rate, revenue per available room and room revenue are each at all-time absolute highs for the 12-month period from February 2014 to February 2015. February 2015 U.S. U.S. Source: STR 2015 U.S. Goin' RV boondocking. Tips for Camping Without Hookups. Do you want to have the freedom and confidence to stay and enjoy your RV anywhere? Most RVs are designed to be self-sufficient homes on wheels and are well suited for camping without hookups.

Still, many RV owners get apprehensive at the thought of traveling too far from the comfort and security of the full hookup RV park. Boondocking Tips - How to and Where to. Boondocking, Off the grid, Off the cord, Dispersed Camping, Dry Camping or Wild Camping are all names for camping or RV’ing without any hook ups (water, electric or sewer). Boondocking is probably the most popular term in the RV community, Dispersed Camping is what the government agencies (BLM, National Forest, etc.) call it, but our personal favorite is Wild Camping, not just because it sounds cool but because it embodies what it’s all about…driving out into the wild and camping. This is the ultimate way to shrink your footprint, disconnect and truly surround yourself with nature (and save a lot of money while doing it).

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