Le recrutement et la productivité à l’heure des Big Data

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French: The Most Productive People In The World. Le recrutement et la productivité à l’heure des Big Data. Big Data, Trying to Build Better Workers. In telephone call centers, for example, where hourly workers handle a steady stream of calls under demanding conditions, the communication skills and personal warmth of an employee’s supervisor are often crucial in determining the employee’s tenure and performance.

Big Data, Trying to Build Better Workers

In fact, recent research shows that the quality of the supervisor may be more important than the experience and individual attributes of the workers themselves. New research calls into question other beliefs. Employers often avoid hiring candidates with a history of job-hopping or those who have been unemployed for a while. Scientific Management Redux: The Difference Is in the Data. John-Patrick Thomas I wrote a Sunday column about the rise of what is being called “work force science.”

Scientific Management Redux: The Difference Is in the Data

Lots of companies are embracing the trend, but anyone familiar with business history might reasonably ask, What’s really new here? Certainly, the current enthusiasm for worker measurement and trait testing has its echoes in the past. Frederick Winslow Taylor’s time-and-motion studies of physical labor, like bricklaying and shoveling coal, became the “scientific management” of a century ago. And for decades, major American corporations employed industrial psychologists and routinely gave job candidates personality and intelligence tests.

Mitchell Hoffman » Research. Publications Mitchell HoffmanDoes Higher Income Make You More Altruistic?

Mitchell Hoffman » Research

Evidence from the Holocaust, Review of Economics and Statistics, August 2011, Vol. 93, pp. 876-887. Working papers Mitchell Hoffman and Stephen BurksTraining Contracts, Worker Overconfidence, and the Provision of Firm-Sponsored General Training (Web Appendix) Stephen Burks, Bo Cowgill, Mitchell Hoffman, Michael Housman The Value of Hiring through Referrals.

Yale School of Management. Erik Brynjolfsson, Bio. Digital Business at MIT. Peter Cappelli - Management Department. AbstractClose The notion of regular, full-time employment as one of the defining features of the U.S. economy has been called into question in recent years by the apparent growth of alternative or “nonstandard” arrangements – part-time work, temporary help, independent contracting, and other arrangements.

Peter Cappelli - Management Department

Identifying the extent of these arrangements, whether they are increasing, and where they occur is the first step for understanding their implications for the economy and the society. But this has been difficult to do because of the lack of appropriate data. We present estimates of the extent of these practices based on a national probability sample of U.S. establishments, evidence on changes in their use over time, and analyses that help us begin to understand why they are used. Wharton Center for Human Resources. To us, business is personal. Referrals.pdf.

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Marc Rotenberg

" - Justice Louis Brandeis Marc Rotenberg is Executive Director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) in Washington, DC. He teaches information privacy law at Georgetown University Law Center and has testified before Congress on many issues, including access to information, encryption policy, consumer protection, computer security, and communications privacy. He testified before the 9-11 Commission on "Security and Liberty: Protecting Privacy, Preventing Terrorism. " He has served on several national and international advisory panels, including the expert panels on Cryptography Policy and Computer Security for the OECD, the Legal Experts on Cyberspace Law for UNESCO, and the Countering Spam program of the ITU. He currently chairs the ABA Committee on Privacy and Information Protection. EPIC - Electronic Privacy Information Center.

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