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DistriSoft, E-learning & Multimédia - Accueil. Le Blog de DistriSoft. The Rapid eLearning Blog. Organizations operate at the speed of business and don't like to waste time or money.

The Rapid eLearning Blog

That's especially true when it comes to pulling people away from their daily tasks. And this is something that happens every time a person is asked to complete an elearning course. Word of Mouth Blog. Investing in Tech Opportunities for Everyone through Rails Girls Summer of Code Sep152015 As a leader on the software engineering team here at Articulate, I’m inspired every day by our mission to build awesome software that helps our users change the way the world learns.

Word of Mouth Blog

I love the work I do, but I also know it can be hard to break into the technology sector. E-Learning Software and Authoring Tools.