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Projections and Video 3D Mapping

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Projection Film Screens, Touch Screens, Multitouch, Rear Projection Screens, Projection Film. Digital Projection & Visual Display Solutions. Mocom 3D/HD Projection Screen. Pro Series. Projector Lamps, Projector Bulbs from MyProjectorLamps - USA. Dnp Supernova Flex screen - Aesthetic, space-saving projection screen. Multi-Projector Edge Blending with Overlap. The Matrox PowerDesk Edge Overlap feature allows M-Series1 users to easily and intuitively adjust the number of overlapping pixels between edge blending projectors to create a seamless, unified image.

Multi-Projector Edge Blending with Overlap

With edge overlap natively supported at the GPU level and no scaling required, M-Series cards provide outstanding image quality for all standard applications—across the entire desktop—for a very effective, collaborative work environment. Matrox M-Series cards can be combined with affordable edge blending projectors to provide a unique, cost-effective solution for boardrooms, classrooms, digital signage applications, and worship and presentation environments looking to drive seamless digital content on up to eight projectors in a wide range of configurations. Key Benefits Use Simple and Cost Effective Equipment. Home Theater Screens, Video Screens, Screen Material, Commercial Video Screens, 2:35:1 Screens, Starglas, Movie Theater Screens, Home Theater Projector Screens. Visualplanet. 3M Bolivia: Imagen Gráfica: Laminas de Retroproyección Vikuiti™

Estas películas ligeras y dotadas de una tecnología innovadora basada en la concentración de la luz a través de micro esferas de cristal, captarán de forma eficaz la atención de su público gracias a sus flexibilidad, visibilidad, luminosidad y contraste.

3M Bolivia: Imagen Gráfica: Laminas de Retroproyección Vikuiti™

Cualquier tamaño o forma La lámina autoadhesiva de retroproyección Vikuiti™ puede cortarse dándole cualquier forma y tamaño. Permite crear los más innovadores diseños en publicidad digital marcando la diferencia respecto a las aplicaciones convencionales. Visible desde cualquier ángulo Estudios realizados revelan la gran importancia que tiene el tiempo durante el cual la publicidad está dentro del ángulo de visión del consumidor. Alta luminosidad y contraste La avanzada tecnología de está lámina consigue que las imágenes tengan un excelente contraste y luminosidad desde cualquier ángulo incluso en ambientes luminosos. Draper Inc. Manufacturing Since 1902. Welcome to Glimm Screens. Who are we?

Welcome to Glimm Screens

Glimm Screens International has been founded in 2000 by Mr Bjorn Bijster. He has developed new concepts and new media solutions for different markets. He has brought successfully different new media solutions to the conventional advertisement market. Glimm Screens International has created a new global platform for new media which have been introduced to different countries around the world. Screen Technologies. Art & Performance Showcase. We are Mr.Beam. As a team of video mapping directors and motion designers, we strongly believe that the time has come to break the rectangular boundaries of how we as humans are used to experience visuals.

We are Mr.Beam

We believe that with the right creative approach and a slightly different view, ordinary objects and architectural artifacts can be turned into extraordinary forms of media. Entertainment Technology. Mapamok (English) · YCAMInterlab/ProCamToolkit Wiki. This picture shows a screenshot of mapamok running using a model of the YCAM Library.

mapamok (English) · YCAMInterlab/ProCamToolkit Wiki

Introduction. Luiscript » Software developer and trainer  NuFormer - 3D video mapping projections on buildings and objects. Platform for Next Generation User Interfaces. Controlling light in interactive performances. Real-Time Rendering Resources. RealFlow. Audio visualizer, music visualizer, visual programming language (VPL), realtime graphics design platform. Music Visualization.

The program uses internationally patented technology for controlling lighting technology directly by audio signal (LTCA).

Music Visualization

It can ingeniously control all the lighting technology directly just through the music that is being played. The most widespread protocol - DMX512 - is used to control the lighting technology. A Music Visualization version that allows controlling the first 10 DMX channels is free and available for download. For a full featured implementation you only need an ordinary PC with a soundcard and an USB port. Music analysis runs in the background from any input or output (for example from the microphone input, the line input or any application like Windows Media Player, WinAmp and others). Advantages the system developed to control lighting technology: The application is able to control lighting technology by music in real time. Preview of the Music Visualization 1.4 software. Surreal.FX Plus - Download Surreal.FX Plus Shareware by RealNetworks - Multimedia Software. Caliber FX Pro 3.0 Caliber FX Pro Finance Caliber FX Pro: Unfortunately the vast majority of trading software is incapable of actually bring in profitable results reliably and consistently.

Surreal.FX Plus - Download Surreal.FX Plus Shareware by RealNetworks - Multimedia Software

Of course there are never any guarantees with the Forex market but what EVERY SINGLE EA should be trying to do, is to seek out trade set ups... JavaScript FH Plus Demo 1.0.2 Web Development JavaScript FH Plus is a small but useful program that contains JavaScript snippets that can be used for performing a variety of different tasks. So JavaScript FH plus can also be thought of as an ultimate source for Java Scripts. Software & Hardware. Animata. Arduino - HomePage. List of free software for videomapping « videomapping workshop.

FLxER - PERFORMING VIDEO NETWORK AND SOFTWARE. VPT 6.0 « Conversations with spaces. Create audiovisual shows. LPMT – Little Projection-Mapping Tool. Download software for edgeblending and warping. Multi projector Edge blend software home. Blendy. MXWendler - Videomapping, VJ Software. Tutorial. Blendy VJ acts like a bridge between two Syphon-enabled applications. On one side is the input , an application playing or generating the graphics you will project, delivering a Syphon texture.

In the middle, Blendy adds a blend pattern next to your input and delivers another Syphon texture. This pattern will be used to hide the edges of each projector, by mapping it exactly where the light is doubled. On the other side is the output , an application that will map your input and the blend pattern to the projectors. Syphon is a framework based on a revolutionary technology called IOSurface , available only on Mac OS X 10.6 (and above), which allows graphic applications to share textures in the graphics card, with near to zero overhead . ImmersaView. Simple and fast with ease It is the ultimate geometry correction and edge blending software that enables flawless visualization on flat, curved or dome multiprojector displays.


Tutoriales. 10 Best Software for Visual Performance Artist. 10 Best Software for Visual Performance Artist The task of selecting software for live audio-visual performances can become overwhelming, given the wide variety of solutions that are available.

10 Best Software for Visual Performance Artist

As is true of choosing anything, you need to understand what you need. How To Project On 3D Geometry. Russian | French | Italian Note that due to the manual nature of the described approach your results will not be perfect, but can be quite good depending on your patience.

How To Project On 3D Geometry

Introduction All the above mentioned topics deal with the same problem: Find the pose (position, orientation) of an object or the pose and lens characteristics (field of view, shift) of a camera viewing that object. In cinematography with 3d visual effects the terms "match moving" or "camera tracking" are used to describe the problem of matching a real world scene with its virtual counterpart in order to mix them together seamlessly. For this task a list of software exists (boujou, 3d equalizer, ...) that makes the live of visual effects people easier.

Learn “3D” Projection Mapping, From the Start, with vvvv [Video] Arguably, democratizing a technique is an excellent way to improve craft. (See: linear perspective in Renaissance painting.) Video Projection Mapping Blog. By HELMUT BREINEDER ( For the recently re-opened Danish Royal Jelling National Museum realised a projection mapping installation for the institution’s mythology room (assignment and creative lead: Art+Com studios).Across several levels, outsized roots of the Yggdrasil tree – a legend in Nordic lore – served as projection surfaces for images, text and animations that bring the Viking mythology to live.

Here, twelve essential tales from the realms of cosmology, magical items, crossing realms and Ragnarok are staged across three trees using a combination of illustrative character animations and abstract motion design. Switches between themes and areas are underscored by atmospheric colour changes of backlit rear panels spread across the entire room.m box fleshed out the Art+Com storylines and brought them to life with details, designs and animations. Video Mapping Software: 3d Projection Mapping. I’ve been intrigued by the idea of 3d projection mapping/video mapping for the use in live shows in public outdoor spaces and in smaller venues as well. It’s generally known for big outdoor venues and live shows: some of you may have seen Amon Tobin’s show ISAM. But these guys from France, Pierre Schneider and François Wunschel, created a 2 person show called “Euphorie” on a much smaller scale than Amon Tobin’s bewildering experience.

Check out this clip of fluorescent light guitars: Two different projects, both different kind of shows, but I like that they’re both designed to tour and to be shown before a live audience. I was also able to find an interview with the creators of the show ‘Euphorie’, who are better known as the founders of the company 1024 architecture. Edge blending, warping and mediaserver technology with auto camera based alingment of projectors.