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Monetizing your product

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9 SaaS Subscription-Billing Solutions. Subscription business models are becoming increasingly popular on the web.

9 SaaS Subscription-Billing Solutions

Amazon Prime may be the best example of a successful, ecommerce-related subscription. But there are many others. We’ve addressed Amazon Prime here previously, in “Amazon Prime: 5 Million Members, 20 Percent Growth.” We’ve profiled other companies that offer digital subscriptions, in “Consider the Subscription Model for New Revenue.” For merchants interested in launching their own subscription programs, here are nine subscription-solution providers for small and enterprise-scale companies. Chargify Chargify provides a SaaS billing solution for online companies. SaaSy SaaSy provides a customizable, hosted subscription order page that can match the look and feel of a company’s existing website design.

Zuora Zuora’s Z-Billing 2.0 is an enterprise-level product that supports virtually any customer subscription model, provides customer metrics, tax automation and compliance, and multi-currency support. Monexa. 5 Psychological Studies on Pricing That You Absolutely MUST Read. As marketers and business owners, you will most likely come to deal with the process of pricing your products or services.

5 Psychological Studies on Pricing That You Absolutely MUST Read

The thing is, many folks struggle with this process because although they understand their customer’s needs, they aren’t experienced with what to charge people for their work. Below I’ve analyzed a few recent research studies that dive into pricing of products and services in the hope that you might better understand how to price your own goods. 1. Comparative Pricing: Not Always Optimal One of the first techniques that many marketers attempt in forming a new pricing strategy is to directly compare their price with that of a competitor. “Hey, my software is 30% less than this popular option, why not buy mine?” The problem is, comparative pricing isn’t always as reliable as marketers think it is, and can effect costumer’s perceptions of the product in a few different ways. Consider this scenario: Buying Aspirin… What do you do?

The first involved selling CDs on eBay. 2. 3. Learn How To Increase Your Conversions From These 5 Consumer Psychology Studies. Understanding how the mind operates is an essential part of marketing and conversions, and always has been.

Learn How To Increase Your Conversions From These 5 Consumer Psychology Studies

Today, we are fortunate to have benefited from professional psychological research studies that can give us a much better understanding of how people work, rather than using blind guesses and hunches. People are very sensitive to taking all sorts of queues that affect their outlook on your product or service. With this knowledge in hand (backed by real research), you will be able to prime people for positive actions, and increase your conversions in a consistent manner by tapping into the psyche of your potential customers.

What you’ll be learning today largely fits into 3 distinct categories: Why people who feel “connected” with your brand are better customers.Why personalization & follow-up information are critical in getting people to take action.How your price points effect conversions (and customer’s perceived value of your products). The best part? 1. That’s right, the 4th option. How Digg Found a Way to Make Money – GigaOM. Social networking behavior — endless repetitive page views, unvetted content — isn’t a great fit for traditional forms of online advertising.

How Digg Found a Way to Make Money – GigaOM

Early attempts to bring search or brand ads onto sites like MySpace and Facebook had pathetic results compared the trajectories of the sites’ popularity and attention. But now, a few years in, social media companies are starting to discover how to advertise to their own audience. And in the last five months, Digg has figured out a model that makes sense. So much so that its new site-specific ad formats already account for more than a third of its revenue. Digg, through its savvy users’ curation of news, facilitates tons of page views, comments and clicks to publishers’ sites, but as we here at the GigaOM network have seen firsthand, such bursts of traffic do nothing for advertisers’ click-through rates (CTR). CHARTS OF THE WEEK: Here's How Much A Unique Visitor Is Worth. Internet sites love to brag about their unique visitors.

CHARTS OF THE WEEK: Here's How Much A Unique Visitor Is Worth

The more unique visitors, their story goes, the more the site is worth. As if. The value of a site's uniques depends entirely on what the site does. Specifically, it depends on how the uniques are monetized. The chart below illustrates the value of a unique for several different types of web properties. To estimate these numbers, we took the full year revenue for 2009 for each of the companies below (owned-and-operated sites only) and divided them by their average monthly worldwide uniques. The Price Is Right: How to Charge What You’re Worth. Skip Advertisement This ad will close in 15 seconds...

The Price Is Right: How to Charge What You’re Worth

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