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Free PowerPoint to Flash Converter. iSpring Free 6 Like professional iSpring products, iSpring Free converts even sophisticated presentations with animations, triggers, hyperlinks, audio and video fast and easy.

Free PowerPoint to Flash Converter

With all PPT effects preserved. Why is it Free? iSpring Free is a quality product that performs PowerPoint to Flash conversion better than competitors who charge a fee. How is this possible? How It Works? Create Online Presentations 1. Develop E-Learning Courses 1. Which iSpring product is right for you? You can choose between the free and the full version of iSpring's PPT to Flash converter. Convert PowerPoint to Web with iSpring Products Convert PowerPoint to Flash Create SCORM-Compatible E-Learning Courses Convert PowerPoint to HTML5 Add Audio and Video Narrations Flexible Player, Optimized for Any Screen It has a very user-friendly, clutter-free, pleasing interface.

. — Hemant Damle I was attracted to iSpring for its versatility and ability to enable me to go beyond what I could have ever imagined. — Debbie L. Convert PowerPoint to video (SWF – Flash movie format) Looking to expand the reach of your presentations?

Convert PowerPoint to video (SWF – Flash movie format)

When you convert a PowerPoint file to video format, you can do a lot of things with it: Post it on your web sitePost it on YouTubeBurn it to a CD and send it to potential clientsPost it on your blog or Facebook There are several types of video formats. In this tip, I focus on Adobe’s SWF format. It’s easy to post on a Web site and most computer systems have the viewer. YouTube may complain if you use an SWF format that embeds a player button and other controls, but for other uses, the controls are great. To see the video, click here How do you convert PowerPoint to SWF? As far as I know, the best free tool is iSpring Free.

When you install iSpring Free, you get a new tab in PowerPoint 2007 with the conversion tools. The Quick Publish button converts your presentation to SWF format in one click. Of course, you may need to set up your presentation appropriately first. The result is just 3 files: My HTML code, after editing, looks like this: ELN Content Criteria. 2940 Baker Dr.

ELN Content Criteria

Springfield, IL 62704 Thank you for sharing your expertise Welcome to Ed Leaders Network. We greatly appreciate your willingness to work with us to deliver high quality, on demand professional development to educational leaders. Your generosity and expertise is at the heart of ELN and we are committed to supporting you throughout the process. 10 minutes or less. . - PowerPoint with voice - Video (all file types) - Both PPT and Video 1 idea per slide 1 image per slide 20 seconds of voice Images should be hi-resolution and fill entire slide without pixelation. (800px X 600px) Minimal slide text at 20+ sans-serif font. 10 words or less that includes main idea and any keywords. SlideIdea Adds Interactivity, Polls & Feedback To Boring Presentations.

A small, Shanghai-based startup called SlideIdea made its official debut at TechCrunch Disrupt’s Startup Alley this past week, with a new take on presentation tools built for iPad first.

SlideIdea Adds Interactivity, Polls & Feedback To Boring Presentations

Though this space is rife with competitors, including not only Apple’s own Keynote app, as well as Prezi, Haiku Deck, Flowboard, and others, what makes SlideIdea interesting is its “smart widget” platform, which lets users add interactive elements to presentations in order to better engage and solicit feedback from the audience. Like many of the existing presentation apps out there, SlideIdea makes it easy to create slides directly on the iPad. In this case, the app’s so-called smart widgets speed up the process of slide-building by allowing you to quickly add text, shapes, charts and other interactive functions, and drag them around on the screen, resize them with gestures, and more. Today, SlideIdea is offered for free, and there’s no cap on cloud storage. Digital Presentations in Education. 5 Ways Students Can Create Audio Slideshows. Somewhere between a PowerPoint presentation and a full-fledged video is the audio slideshow.

5 Ways Students Can Create Audio Slideshows

Creating audio slideshows can be a good way to add meaning to slides that otherwise might not mean much without a presenter. Here are some ways that students can create audio slideshows. Narrable is a neat service for creating short narrated slideshows. To create an audio slideshow on Narrable start by uploading some pictures that you either want to talk about or have music played behind. After the pictures are uploaded you can record a narration for each picture through your computer's microphone or by calling into your Narrable's access phone number.

UtellStory is a service for creating and sharing audio slideshows. is a handy service for recording video and or audio to accompany your slides. In my mind one of the original audio slideshow tools is Animoto. Make a Powerful Point. Build an Online Video Presentation from PowerPoint.