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Wiimote. Arduino. Autodesk123 _ capture 3D easy. ARToolKit 3Dbars. Proce55ing. Digital Tools for Design: Teaching Materials/References for Karl Ulrich. Digital Tools for Design This page contains information on contemporary digital tools for design, including those used to create three dimensional digital models of artifacts, and those used to actually produce the physical objects corresponding to those objects.

Digital Tools for Design: Teaching Materials/References for Karl Ulrich

You may also find this page on conventional manufacturing processes informative. As an overview of what is possible today, check out Dave Robertson's fascinating Fallingwater example. Tools for visual expression There are dozens of tools out there for creating three dimensional computer models of objects. Sketchup is quite easy to learn and use, and is free (for the basic version). Autodesk's 123D is a free modeling tool with several different use metaphors.

Blender is an open-source, free digital modeling tool that includes surface modeling, animation, solid modeling, and rendering. Tools for fabrication If you want to transform your 3D computer model to a physical object, you'll need to adopt some kind of production process. Visualizing Light at Trillion FPS, Camera Culture, MIT Media Lab. Home | News | Join Us | People | Projects | Publications | Talks | Courses Femto-Photography: Visualizing Photons in Motion at a Trillion Frames Per Second Team Ramesh Raskar, Associate Professor, MIT Media Lab; Project Director (raskar(at) G.

Visualizing Light at Trillion FPS, Camera Culture, MIT Media Lab

Blog. Credits Alexey Beljakov, Andrey Boyarintsev, Anna Kerbo, Nikolay Matveev, Julien Vulliet, Minoru Ito Architectural Light Studio (The ALS) is unrivaled software suite designed for creating, editing and playing back architectural and art lighting scenarios.


The ALS editor is required for: creating a three-dimensional geometric layout of lighting equipment in 3Dcreating a developed layout view on a plane with address assignment and equipment groupingcreating visual effects scenarios Main benefits of the new software: The debut of the ALS took place on The Light+Building 2014 in Frankfurt from March 30 to April 4, 2014 The ALS is written in vvvv by Ivan Rastr electronic crafts. 60.71 - C100 Android 4.0 Mini PC (RK2908 1.2GHz. Groupes. Animata. How to Control Animata With OSC from Max/MSP and Pure Data « Månsteri. If you haven´t heard of Animata yet, you should head over to and educate yourself. Download the software and go through the tutorials. I also recommend reading through the mailing list, it has tons of useful information. Controlling Animata with a mouse and doing real-time animations is pretty cool by itself, but Animata really shows its true potential when you control it with OSC.

Then you can start doing something like this: There is a Processing example available from the Animata site that controls Animata with sound input. Unfortunately, the Kitchen Budapest guys are busy improving the software and there isn´t really good documentation available about the OSC messages needed to control Animata. I assume that you know something about OSC, Pure Data and Max/MSP, because I don´t want to write a huge post explaining everything from the beginning. One more important thing. DOWNLOAD MY EXAMPLES. All incoming messages to Animata must be sent through port 7110.

OpenFrameworks. > Wake Up With the World Up With the World is a an iOS application that turns your wake up alarm into musical collaborative experience.


> Fractal Film al Film includes a very precisely choreographed scene, shot in very high definition (5K) at eight different angles, shown always differently using custom based software that chooses rules at random and follows them. > Timo Maas “TANTRA” ne that uses Arduino controlled ball dispensers, motorised rotating steel plates and LED lights to create a nexus between electronic music and a sound responsive mechanical object. Handy AR. Overview The Handy AR presents a vision-based user interface that tracks a user's outstretched hand to use it as the reference pattern for augmented reality (AR) inspection, providing a 6-DOF camera pose estimation from the tracked fingertip configuration.

handy AR

A hand pose model is constructed in a one-time calibration step by measuring the fingertip positions relative to each other in presence of ground-truth scale information. Through frame-by-frame reconstruction of the camera pose relative to the hand, we can stabilize 3D graphics annotations on top of the hand, allowing the user to inspect such virtual objects conveniently from different viewing angles in AR. Open Source Multitouch Software for Education.

SixthSense devient open-source : du génie technologique en liberté. Il l'avait promis, c'est chose faite.

SixthSense devient open-source : du génie technologique en liberté

Le petit génie indien Pranav Mistry rend accessible à tous dès aujourd'hui, le code source et les plans du hardware de son invention révolutionnaire, SixthSense. Tout le monde, mais surtout les plus avertis, va pouvoir concevoir dans sa remise le produit révolutionnaire de demain, car SixthSense vient tout juste d'être rendu public et complètement ouvert. Il y a bientôt 3 ans, Pranav Mistry, justement nommé par les avertis "The Genius", présentait SixthSense, un projet révolutionnaire où l'humain embarquerait son monde numérique sur lui et pourrait utiliser n'importe quelle surface, de sa main à un mur de métro en passant par l'exploitation de son PC sur une simple feuille de papier.

Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit (FAAST) Contributors Evan A.

Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit (FAAST)

Suma, Belinda Lange, Skip Rizzo, David Krum, and Mark Bolas Project Email Address:

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CNC Prototypage rapide. Eyesweb - Google Custom Search. iNTerFaces. Do It Yourself - Hacking Real Life. Seeing Machines. Track and understand faces like never before with faceAPI from Seeing Machines – now available for license. faceAPI allows you to incorporate Seeing Machines world class face tracking technology into your own product or application. faceAPI provides a suite of image-processing modules created specifically for tracking and understanding faces and facial features.

Seeing Machines

Applications téléchargeables. Software for Brain Computer Interfaces and Real Time Neurosciences. Electroencephalography. OpenViBE - Interaction cerveau-ordinateur.


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