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Marche pour le climat 21 sept. 2014

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311,000 climate protesters marched in New York. What’s next? Oil-Rich Rockefellers Are Dumping Fossil-Fuel Stocks. Mobilisation Populaire Pour le Climat. Réchauffement climatique: les balbutiements d'une mobilisation mondiale. Climat : « Il faut que les Etats aient peur de revenir chez eux les mains vides » Face au changement climatique, une nécessaire clarification stratégique. A la veille d'un dimanche de mobilisation internationale en faveur de la lutte contre le changement climatique, Maxime Combes et Nicolas Haeringer, membres d'Attac France (et blogueurs sur Mediapart), appellent la société civile à changer de stratégie et de cible: plutôt que de peser en vain sur des Etats qui se sont montrés impuissants depuis vingt ans, affronter directement les pollueurs.

Face au changement climatique, une nécessaire clarification stratégique

La lutte contre le réchauffement climatique fera de nouveau l'actualité ce week-end et en début de semaine prochaine. Ban Ki Moon, le secrétaire général de l'ONU, a en effet convoqué un sommet spécial le 23 septembre prochain. Il réunira plus de 120 chefs d'État et de gouvernement à New York afin de « donner un nouvel élan à la lutte contre les changements climatiques ». Nicolas Hulot : «La crise écologique nourrit la crise économique» One big march, lots of little messages. A subway advertisement from the New York City Office of Emergency Management asks, “Do you live in one of NYC’s six hurricane evacuation zones?

One big march, lots of little messages

Know your zone.” As activists piled into the train on their way to the People’s Climate March on Sunday morning, it seemed an appropriate omen. The march’s central aim was to bring the people on the frontlines of the climate crisis to the center of global capitalism, to force the media and the world leaders assembled for the United Nations General Assembly this week to look. The organizers estimate 310,000 people showed up, which vastly exceeded both their public prediction of 100,000 and even their higher private projections. Critics may come up with lower numbers, but the following facts are inarguable: The marchers lined up along Manhattan’s Central Park West from 61st Street to 96th Street, which is 1.5 miles. And they were the most diverse assemblage any American protest has seen in quite some time, possibly ever.

Meet a climate marcher. This weekend, the People’s Climate March made history as one of the largest demonstrations of its kind.

Meet a climate marcher

Organizers estimate that more than 311,000 individuals showed up from all corners of the world to take to the streets of New York City. Their demands ranged from stopping fracking to divesting from fossil fuels to seeking environmental justice to enabling disaster preparedness. Check out these great photos of the NYC climate march. Peoplesclimate's albums on Flickr. La plus grande mobilisation pour le climat de l'histoire. This video shows just how awesomely huge the People’s Climate March was. Peacekeepers and direct-action proponents prepare for climate protest, in very different ways. On the Saturday morning before what was going to be, everyone hoped, the largest climate protest in history, two very different groups gathered in Manhattan to discuss the finer points of making that protest happen without bringing disaster down on anyone.

Peacekeepers and direct-action proponents prepare for climate protest, in very different ways

At the Service Employees International Union headquarters near Times Square, mosaics of noble service workers decorate the façade. Inside, in an auditorium on the second floor, Steve Sherman, coordinator of security for the People’s Climate March, speaks to a group of several hundred volunteers who have signed on to work as “peacekeepers” along the route. Much has been said about the diversity of the participants of the People’s Climate March, but I haven’t seen great evidence of it until now. This is, indeed, a remarkably diverse group — in age, in fashion choices, and in presumed ethnicities.

Sherman is a solid guy with a graying ponytail, with the general demeanor of someone who can only be described as a mensch. “Fill the space!” Wall Street protest arrests nab 2 Captain Planets, 1 polar bear. It is a beautiful day to get arrested: not too hot, not too cold, and a crisp breeze coming off of the waterfront.

Wall Street protest arrests nab 2 Captain Planets, 1 polar bear

I am hanging out in Battery Park at the southernmost end of Manhattan Monday morning with several thousand protesters dressed all in blue, several hundred policemen, a few confused tourists, and Captain Planet. “Are you the same Captain Planet that protested Keystone in D.C.?” I ask. “I am,” she says. A New York, la marche pour le climat crée la surprise. Hundreds of Thousands Converge on New York to Demand Climate-Change Action. Réchauffement climatique: les balbutiements d'une mobilisation mondiale. Why the (awesome) climate march won’t change American politics.

The climate march that took place in NYC (and elsewhere) on Sunday was fantastic.

Why the (awesome) climate march won’t change American politics

It was thrilling to see so many people gathered together for a cause. In the process of organizing and marching, tons of social capital was created — connections made, bonds strengthened, seeds planted. It was a signal to policymakers the world over that lots of Americans are taking this seriously. It was a shot of solidarity for people facing up to what can feel like an unsurmountable challenge. For those and many other reasons, the march was awesome, a real triumph for the movement, despite what all the ankle-biters have said. Having gotten that out of the way, I’ll now resume saying depressing sh*t.