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About us – Blue Room Briars. About Us Inspired by the title of a lesser known Ella Fitzgerald tune (which is perhaps one of the only references to smoking a tobacco pipe in the great American Songbook) Blue Room Briars was founded to fill a growing need in the pipe world, namely to provide pipe smokers, enthusiasts, and collectors from all generations an experience of the old world tobacco shop of yesteryear, all from the convenience of home.

About us – Blue Room Briars

While supporting our local brick and mortar pipe shops is important, many do not provide the level of service and commitment offered by pipe specific shops of the past. Many smokers have no access to local shops and choose to do business over the Internet. This is a great option for convenience, but is a poor substitute for a true tobacco shop, a place where a customer could talk to a competent expert about pipes and pipe tobacco, while the local shop craftsman buffed or modified their pipe to improve their overall smoking experience. Untitled. Old Dominion Pipe Company Traditional Corn Cob Pipes. At Old Dominion Pipe Company we are committed to producing only handcrafted traditional smoking pipes that give our customers the true enjoyment of smoking a pipe right out of the pages of history.

Old Dominion Pipe Company Traditional Corn Cob Pipes

While many modern pipes employ a variety of plastics, acrylics, and other modern man-made materials, our pipes are painstakingly crafted from only natural materials into proven historically accurate designs. Our corn cob pipes feature a natural corn cob bowl handcrafted from an heirloom Indian corn that traces its origins back to the “Bloody Butcher” variety grown at the base of the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains as early as the 1840s. The color variations in Indian corn carry over in the color of the cobs and cobs are carefully selected so that each pipe bowl is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation.

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PiaPipes-Online shop for smoking pipes and pipe maker accessories. Welcome to BISGAARD-PIPES. Quality Briar. House of Calabash. PIPES  Rare  Estate and New from  RareMemories. Amadeus Pipes. No Cookies To successfully order on this site you need Cookies enabled in your web browser.

Amadeus Pipes

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If you are currently using Netscape 6: TWO FRIENDS PIPES - HOME. The Pipe Guys - Retailer of the Finest Handmade Smoking Pipes. PIPES  Rare  Estate and New from  RareMemories. The Pipe Parlor. About us. “What a Neat Pipe!!”

About us

—with this feedback from an American friend who had just received a pipe from Italy, the name “Neatpipes” was born. The first, rudimentary version of went on-line June 18th, 2002,offering a beautiful collection of estate Dunhill and Castello pipes. I’m Luca di Piazza, the one who is behind “Neatpipes.” I first approached the pipe world in the year 2000, thanks to the late Franco Bolognesi. Franco was a big Milanese collector and lover of Dunhill, Castello and S. At the outset I decided to focus on Italian pipes, offering them to collectors and smokers from all around the world.

In 2004 I attended the Chicagoland Pipe Show for the first time, not really knowing what to expect. Tasty Tobacco Shop - Peterson Pipe Stand. Estate Pipes for Sale - Buy Sell Estate Tobacco Pipes - BriarBid. The Pipe and Pint. Penn Valley Pipes & Tobacco. Mars cigars & pipes. Meerschaum Pipes - Storient Meerschaum Pipes. Smoking Pipes. The Briary. Just For Him. Gift Shoppe Just for Him offers unusual and eclectic gifts for men.

Just For Him

Our selection includes hats, chess sets, model ships, and even old-fashioned shaving accessories like straight razors, shaving brushes and mugs. We carry many items you can’t find anywhere else, and there’s always something new that’s just arrived. We invite you to browse through our store, or our website—or give us a call for gift ideas.

Many special, limited availability items may not appear on our website, but we’ll be happy to help you in the store, or by phone. If you need a gift for the man in your life – fun or functional – we can help you find it. BODA PIPES & CIGARS.