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How to Select the Sharpest Aperture. Home Donate New Search Gallery How-To Books Links Workshops About Contact Selecting the Sharpest Aperture © 2006 I originally wrote this article back in 1999.

How to Select the Sharpest Aperture

If you read all of it, I'll probably lose you, but I'll summarize it all right here. Depth-of-field calculations are flawed. They calculate the largest aperture that will give barely passable sharpness. Nikon 50mm Lens Comparison. Index of individual 50mm test pages Top of 50mm comparison SHARPNESS vs.

Nikon 50mm Lens Comparison

F/STOP Remember how similar the lenses looked to each other on my sharpness pages at each f/stop? That's because most lenses perform almost identically to other similar lenses at any given f/stop. On the other hand, lens sharpness varies wildly with aperture. Guide Image. Your choice of aperture is far more important than your choice of lens! Lens performance varies wildly from one f/stop to the next. Fixing Unsharp Images. Fixing Unsharp Images © 2008

Fixing Unsharp Images

All rights reserved. I get my goodies at Ritz, Amazon and Adorama. It helps me keep adding to this site when you get yours from those links, too. I was photo editor at a newspaper in the early 1980s. We got all sorts of bad images, and the photographers never knew why. Those days were simpler, since no computers were involved. People presume unsharp images are caused by a defective camera or lens. 99% of the time it's photographer error! Today's high resolution digital cameras are unforgiving of any error by the photographer. It is very difficult to see an image accurately, and it is equally difficult to make a sharp image. First I cover getting your monitor or projector adjusted, then I cover camera issues. Look at digital images on a monitor. Fixing Unsharp Images.

Lens Sharpness. Home Donate New Search Gallery Reviews How-To Books Links Workshops About Contact Lens Sharpness © 2011

Lens Sharpness

All rights reserved. Four Reasons Your Photos are Blurry, And How to Avoid Them » Light And Matter. Why Are My Pictures Blurry?

Four Reasons Your Photos are Blurry, And How to Avoid Them » Light And Matter

It’s not uncommon for amateur photographers to bring home blurry photos at the end of the day. Unfortunately, though, when many people see a blurry image, they think “It’s out of focus!” , which is only occasionally true. Without knowing exactly why an image isn’t sharp, it’s very difficult to reliably avoid the same problems in the future. Below, I’ve listed the four main causes of blurry photos, how to identify them, and how to avoid them. 1.

OK, lets get this out of the way. How Can You Tell? Look at the entire image and try to find an area in the background or foreground that is sharp. This problem is most difficult to identify when you’re using a lens with a large aperture and the depth of field is very shallow. Examples: How Can You Avoid It? If you’re using an autofocus [AF] SLR camera, the most important thing to do is practice and get familiar with your camera’s AF sytem. Hands On With Your DSLR: Best Camera Tips For The Amateur Photographer From Youtube. Okay, this is a kind of a personal project.

Hands On With Your DSLR: Best Camera Tips For The Amateur Photographer From Youtube

I just graduated from a basic entry level DSLR to an intermediate DSLR. Something, that’s right on the cusp between amateurs and professionals (the very powerful Canon 7D). Even as I heft the camera in my hand, I know that it’s going to be quite a jump up the rope. The famous Indian Rope Trick won’t help me climb the rope. I have to do it click by click. Thankfully, I have a faithful tutor called the World Wide Web and it does not carry a cane. Adorama Photography TV The one video I picked: How Color Influences B&W Photography Adorama TV runs 4 days a week and is well-worth a few minutes of your time.

The posts also highlight the equipment used in the lessons as Adorama TV also reviews photography equipment. Cameralabs The one video I picked: Canon 7D DSLR Review The videos are sporadic, but they focus specifically on camera reviews and equipment. DigitalRev TV. Focus Testing. Again I'm not saying there isn't a problem with some 10D bodies, but it's yet to be determined how widespread the problem really is.

Focus Testing

Please note that focus accuracy isn't specified to be - and probably never is - absolutely perfect. From past statements by Canon it seems that the spec for focus on "consumer" bodies (and the 10D is a $1500 "consumer" body) is that focus is within the DOF. On the "pro" bodies focus spec is within 1/3 of the DOF because they use higher precision AF sensors which require faster lenses. With slower lenses (slower than f2.8 or f4, depending on the body), AF accuracy of the "pro" bodies reverts to the same as that of "consumer" bodies which don't have the high precision sensors.