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Welcome to this Philosophy Tree. Such a wide range is covered, it will need "pruning" from time to time by adding sub-branches ... for example, Eastern & Western branches, classical & modern, the various schools of philosophy will need to be separated out. Feel free to make such collections and unite them under a new "sub-tree". Thanks for your help growing this topic! dcoda Apr 30

Everyday Philosophy from Prospect Magazine
Video Lectures 2010 Video Lectures 2010 Michael Taussig, philosopher, talking about Corn-Wolf, writing, craft presence and storytelling. In the lecture Michael Taussig discusses the concepts of theory, fieldwork, diaries, works, in progress, documentary, Roland Barthes focusing on Mauss, gift, Derrida, shamanism, fetishism, culture, mimesis, alterity, Adorno, form, essay, art, politics, nature, magic, science, social, anthropology, Benjamin, Berger, EGS, European Graduate School. 2010

George Berkeley is credited with the development of subjective idealism. Subjective idealism is a fusion of phenomenalism or empiricism, which confers special status upon the immediately perceived, with idealism, which confers special status upon the mental. Idealism denies the knowability or existence of the non-mental, while phenomenalism serves to restrict the mental to the empirical. Subjective idealism thus identifies its mental reality with the world of ordinary experience, rather than appealing to the unitary world-spirit of pantheism or absolute idealism. Immaterialism Immaterialism
Don Edward Beck, Ph. D. Debates over globalization are but the surface-level collisions of the deeper tectonic plate-like cultural fault lines that remain hidden from view. The failure to both understand and deal with these evolutionary core value systems result in needless clashes over worldviews, constant threats of "us" vs. "them" or class-based violence, and expensive, politicized solutions that are both inappropriate and ineffectual. The WTO debates and conflicts in Seattle exposed these fault-lines. Spiral Dynamics Integral - Dr Don Beck Spiral Dynamics Integral - Dr Don Beck


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