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Your personalized news app. The New York Times > Recommendations for You. New York Times improves its recommendations engine. Discussions about the future of news often feature a dystopian, filter-bubbly argument: Let people personalize the news they consume and it’ll kill the common conversation essential to democracy.

New York Times improves its recommendations engine

I’ve always been suspicious of that argument. (That “common conversation” was always a bit of a charade, and old newspaper monopolies can’t be simply willed back into existence by trying to guilt-trip readers who’ve found options they prefer.) But whatever your feelings about it, the reality is that very few news organizations have invested in technology that would allow for substantially different presentation of the news from person to person. If my neighbor goes to, he’ll see the same webpage I do; if my mother goes to, it’ll be the same page I see. (Some sites do minor shifts based on geography — local audiences vs. national audiences, for instance — but that’s still a long way from true personalization.)

Have you visited the NYT Recommendations page lately? Nouveau Infonity, l’application axée sur la personnalisation de contenu multi-format. Nouveau Infonity, l’application axée sur la personnalisation de contenu multi-format Application mobile centrée sur la personnalisation intelligente de contenu multi-format, Infonity s’adapte aux préférences du lecteur et à son mode de vie.

Nouveau Infonity, l’application axée sur la personnalisation de contenu multi-format

Infonity permet d’affiner le contenu selon ses centres d’intérêt, de choisir le format – texte, audio ou vidéo -, et ses moments de consultation. – À l’infobésité actuelle, Infonity répond par une sélection de contenus sur-mesure pour créer une relation privilégiée avec le lecteur. – À la généralisation des articles courts, Infonity répond par une offre éditoriale qui intègre aussi des articles approfondis. – À la règle « un contenu, un format », Infonity répond par un choix de contenus multimédias : texte, audio ou vidéo. « Le lancement de la nouvelle marque média Infonity s’inscrit dans la stratégie d’innovation de Prisma Media, innovation de fond, forme et fonctionnalité. Francetv zoom. Bauer Media to launch new multimedia lifestyle brand. Bauer Media is to launch The Debrief, an innovative new multi-platform digital media brand for constantly connected, influential ABC1 20-something women.

Bauer Media to launch new multimedia lifestyle brand

Author: News Desk Posted on: 22 November 2013 06:35 "The Debrief will put a modern take on traditional content pillars. " Bauer Media says: Launching in February 2014, The Debrief will deliver a distinct mix of tailored content that mirrors her behaviour 24/7, providing relevant content at the right time and through the right channels. The brand will launch as a digital platform,, with a best-in-class social and community strategy.

The Debrief will put a modern take on traditional content pillars. Paul Keenan, Bauer Media UK’s CEO, said: “The Debrief is a hugely exciting new launch for Bauer Media and a great addition to our powerful portfolio of media brands. “The Debrief girl is open to all experiences and is embracing this era of disruption. Welcome to your new FT web app. Open Calais. Exploring Stories With Deep Dive. Why Deep Dive?

Exploring Stories With Deep Dive

One of our central problems here at is surfacing content. With hundreds of articles, blog posts, media features and apps published every day it is simply impossible for readers to see them all. This is a good problem to have, but a problem none the less. So how do we help readers find everything they would want to read given that they only have the time to scan a small fraction of what we have to offer?

We do so in many ways: Our homepage/section front/subsection breakdown of the site itself goes a long way in allowing our editorial voice to guide visitors to a combination of what is important and what they want to read. What is Deep Dive? The first iteration of Deep Dive is basically a glorified “show me more like this” engine customized for the news reading experience. Looking Ahead Beyond a root article, users can create any combination of topics and search terms they would like to customize a personally compelling dive.

Thanks, David, Brandon and Priya.