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Alfresco. Forge: Software Map. Alfresco add+ons is the place to find customizations, extensions and related projects for your Alfresco installation Looking to trick out your Alfresco install?

Forge: Software Map

You came to the right place. If you already have your code hosted you’re ready to be added. Download and Install Alfresco. Community Resources. Document Management. Document management is critical to any organization, whether it is used for compliance, customer service, business continuity, or effective collaboration.

Document Management

Today, users want the simplicity of a departmental solution, with simple to configure applications; whereas corporations want the consistent control and compliance of a scalable, robust content management system. Alfresco offers the industry leading, open source document management system to capture, search, and collaborate on documents with full library services and lifecycle management on a unified, robust repository. Traditional Document Management Traditional document management has its roots in complex document vaults accessed by document librarians. These have historically been developed as large, complex, enterprise software applications. Community file list 4.0.b. Alfresco Community 4.0.b is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Community file list 4.0.b

Learn more about what's in Alfresco Community 4.0. For further information, refer to the Release Notes. Please read this security alert Complete Installation.

Alfresco on tomcat