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Merci Patrice! Je transmets ta réponse. by centrenad Sep 2

It is in the feature development plan! Since pearltrees has grown so much over the last month, the number of notifications / person has sharply increased and we should filter much more. Also an-anti flood feature is coming in the next few day: 3 notifs a day max / person and 12 notifs a day max overall by Patrice Sep 1

nukem777 asked : Could you PLEASE have a drop down menu withing e-mail notifications that allows us to be specific about which groups and teams we want to receive notifications from. Right now it's all or none, and some of these teams border on spam. Thank you, Ted 14 février - via prise by centrenad Sep 1

une idée: par exemple si je suis sur une branche nommée (noam chomsky) avec des pèrles sur noam chomsky et naomi klein , je clique sur l'onglet "réseau" et une sorte de page du type facebook s'ouvre à ce sujet précis, si je lance un message tout ceux qui sont là le reçoivent s'ils ont activé "l'onglet reseau", s'ils n'y tiennent pas , ils desactivent l'onglet, du coup on pourrait perler les discutions dans notre pearltrees noam chomsky et la boucle est bouclée, chaque pearltrees serait donc constitué à la fois de nos favoris (pages web , vidéos etc) mais en plus il y aurait des perles d'une couleur spéciales avec des dialogues, un gars qui se met à aimer chomsky vient sur ma branche dédiée, il y trouve mes discutions, il peut les lires et me deviner encore mieux que d'apres mes liens, ainsi il peut participer, il finirait par y avoir des amis à qui on pourrait donner un statut spécial pour acceder à des branches de pearles cachées.. by neobio Apr 7

New and independant is always cool :-) by Patrice Feb 25

great :D . Should it be created here ( should i team up ) or should we create news & independant PT about it ? by anon Feb 25

Good idea - Nicolas (Nicolas Cynober) should definitely be in. He is Pearltrees's specialist for semantic Web & associated formats by Patrice Feb 24

what about creating a Team PT about RDF files ( wich are not commonly used yet ), manipulation of RDF data and rdf tools dev ?

Could be a good thing to help to build tools around PT IMO by anon Feb 24

Pardon my English - synchronicity and serendipidy! In our sandbox of Moodle for Students, we will be overjoyed to offer a big Pearltree like the one in Avatar. Already we have the makings of an entire course portrayed visually as a Pearltree with students engaging in the single frame of reference. The screen real-estate becomes a peripheral source of news and information. They have beautiful density of facilities that open and return to the same view. It's very very good design. by pauljacobson Nov 10

Hi Paul - Collective pearltrees are in the development plan and will come... in a couple of weeks! This will allow for on an amazing number of possible uses and no less than a brand new way to have social interaction. Stay tuned ;-) by Patrice Nov 9