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Family Activity Kit : Family Day. Plenty of day hiking trails located in, around Rice Lake, Wis. Cabin-goers to the Rice Lake, Wis., area will be impressed by the array of day hiking trails in and around this Barron County community.

Plenty of day hiking trails located in, around Rice Lake, Wis.

Among them: gCedar Lake Area County Forest trails – As with all Barron County Forests, several unnamed trails crisscross the wooded area. Try the northern-most one, off of Valley Road, which heads west for 2.5 miles through a nice mix of hardwoods; it ends at a gate just shy of Red Cedar Lake. gCedar Lake Sections 5 & 6 County Forest – Off of North Townline Road just east of 24th Street, a trail runs roughly north-south for about 1.5 miles before coming to a tee intersection. You’ll walk through a thick hardwood forest. gCedar Side Walking Trail – If you need to make a trip into town, consider this beautiful trail that runs alongside the Red Cedar River.

Read more about day hiking with children in my Hikes with Tykes guidebooks. Is This Thing On? Reviews and Ratings for Family Movies, TV Shows, Websites, Video Games, Books and Music. Amazing Puzzles & Games. Play. 10 Creative Label Crafts for Kids. Do you have color-coding labels??

10 Creative Label Crafts for Kids

Here are some crafts for the kids to enjoy! Added bonus — no mess! Gumball Machine Birds on a Wire Modern Wall Art Ladybug Cuteness Summer Party Invites Birthday Card Pretty Peacock Pictures Sweets for Your Sweetie Christmas Tree Craft Spooky Spider Suncatchers I love the colorful look of these labels! Not sure where to find color-coding labels? Have fun!! Yalda T. Uhls: Why Teaching Kids Self-Regulation Skills Is Essential. "They agreed that computers had, so far, made surprisingly little impact on schools - far less than in other realms of society such as media and medicine and law.

Yalda T. Uhls: Why Teaching Kids Self-Regulation Skills Is Essential

For that to change, Gates said, computers and mobile devices would have to focus on delivering more personalized lessons and providing motivational feedback. " --Conversation between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs (Isaacson, 2011) Many well-respected educators and academics propose providing young people with digital tools, believing they will inspire and excite them about academic learning. Yet children, like many adults for that matter, often use digital media for socializing and entertainment. And, for many people, the distractions available online often trump learning.

Although some student's passions are well served by technology (my 9-year-old son, for example, loves programming his Lego Mindstorm), this kind of individually driven focus and motivation may be the exception rather the norm. 1. 2. 3. 4. Bullying Information Center. Welcome. Amazing Puzzles & Games. Spelling & Vocabulary Website: SpellingCity.

Inspire My Kids  Earth Hour - Home. Togetherville - The Safe Social Network For Kids. Wisconsin Newspapers Online. Newspapers -- North America -- United States -- Wisconsin 43 resources Pierce County Herald Subject: United States--Wisconsin Language: English Features: Education, Business, Editorial, News - Local, Entertainment, Classifieds, Sports, Features/Lifestyles New Richmond News.

Wisconsin Newspapers Online

Save Money on a Graduation Party. You can’t believe it’s finally here!

Save Money on a Graduation Party

Junior and Sis are graduating from high school and starting their new lives as college students or independent adults. Don’t let your incredible pride in their accomplishments let you overspend your budget to celebrate. Even if you aren’t going to be sending a hefty check to college in the fall, you still do need to model to your kids how live the good life without busting a budget. It’s certainly possible to have a fun and memorable graduation party without spending a lot of cash, and this is a great time to show your (nearly grown!) Kids that a great time doesn’t have to cost a lot. Invitations With much of the known universe now on one social networking site or another, it’s become a natural to send invitations electronically. If Great-Aunt Estelle and other family members expect a paper invitation, there are free printable graduation invitation templates available. Venue Decorations Food.