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PARCC ELA Question Stems - by Standard.pdf. PARCC Grades 3-5 ELA Literacy Combined Common Form Specifications.pdf.pdf. K-2 ELA Formative Tools. Formative Tools. Kindergarten-Grade 2 The primary purpose of these tools is to provide educators with instructionally useful information related to how students demonstrate knowledge (including in relation to content progressions), and provide that information at an appropriate level of detail and specificity to supplement a teacher's current understanding of student proficiency.

Formative Tools

The formative tools will be incorporated into the curriculum and gather information about student learning in a way that seeks to be "invisible" to the student. That is, the formative experiences are designed to fit within the regular experience of even the youngest students. This provides teachers with information they can use to adjust instruction as appropriate. The formative tools will be available in fall 2015 for use in the 2015-16 school year.

ELA Rubrics

PARCC Question Formats. Marlboro ELA Presentations. 200 Prompts for Argumentative Writing. 500 Prompts for Narrative and Personal Writing. Common Core Standards for Close Reading. Core Clicks is the yearlong digital reading program from the creators of Scholastic News and Weekly Reader.

Common Core Standards for Close Reading

Designed for grades K–5, Core Clicks combines highly engaging nonfiction with powerful interactive instruction to build close-reading skills. Through multiple encounters with each incredible text, your students will develop the nonfiction reading skills required by Common Core and other higher academic standards. Best of all, this digital instructional program was built to work with your school’s existing technology, whether you use interactive whiteboards, computers, or tablets!

Highly Engaging Nonfiction Core Clicks features 120 captivating informational texts on curriculum-connected science and social studies topics. Each text features a dynamic video, amazing photos, and meaningful interactive tasks that keep kids engaged while they develop crucial reading skills. Learn more about the skills covered by Core Clicks Learn more about our Three Read System.

Model Content Frameworks - ELA/Literacy. PARCC Text Complexity. North Dakota CCSS. Common Core Support Tools. Below you will find unpacking standards documents to support teachers in their understanding of the common core and essential standards.

Common Core Support Tools

The unpacking documents demonstrate at a granular level the knowledge and skills students are expected to master at a particular grade. Important Note: The current Standard Course of Study will continue to be taught and tested during the 2010-11 and 2011-12 school years. New standards and assessments are to be implemented for the first time beginning with the 2012-13 school year. Please send any thoughts, feedback, questions and ideas about additional resources that would help you start preparing to teach the new standards to

English Language Arts Unpacking Standards Kindergarten (pdf, 608kb) High Frequency words by frequency.pdf. Common Core Key Terms - Prepping for PARCC. K-12 High Frequency words by frequency[4].pdf. Common Core Standards Explorer. New Jersey Educator Resource Exchange. Achieve the Core: ELA. Checklist for Evaluating Question Quality. LearnZillion. EngageNY: ELA CCSS. NYC Department of Education: English Language Arts. Illinois Model ELA Curriculum. Ohio PARCC English Language Arts. General Information Ohio is among 22 states that are working as a consortium, called the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC), to develop a common set of K-12 assessments in English and mathematics.

Ohio PARCC English Language Arts

The assessments will measure college and career readiness and will be available for states to administer during the 2014-2015 school year. To check for updates log onto the PARCC Homepage. Take a look at PARCC Item and Task Prototypes under The PARCC Assessment section. The prototypes provided are just some of items and tasks that PARCC will share over time. Back to Top Professional Learning Modules PARCC has developed a series on professional learning modules to help teachers, counselors, school leaders, and testing coordinators understand the new assessments. PARCC ELA Question Stems - by Standard.pdf. Text Complexity Grade Bands and Lexile Bands. "It isn't often that a society gets a chance to start afresh, and I think that moment is here.

Text Complexity Grade Bands and Lexile Bands

" —Chester E. Finn, Jr.* The Common Core State Standards Initiative offers the following overlapping Lexile bands (or Lexile ranges**, as defined by Common Core) to place texts in the following text complexity grade bands. We have realigned our Lexile ranges to match the Common Core Standards' text complexity grade bands and adjusted upward its trajectory of reading comprehension development through the grades to indicate that all students should be reading at the college and career readiness level by no later than the end of high school. New research was released on August 15, 2012 concerning text complexity. The Common Core Standards advocate a "staircase" of increasing text complexity, beginning in grade 2, so that students can develop their reading skills and apply them to more difficult texts. Please contact us for more information. *Chester E. Literacy Design Collaborative. PARCC Tips: Five Ways To Supercharge Student Performance.

In light of the forthcoming PARCC test, thousands of districts are scrambling to prepare their students for an assessment that they are not yet prepared to take.

PARCC Tips: Five Ways To Supercharge Student Performance

What follows is a list of five strategies that promise to heighten students’ readiness by honing in on PARCC-specific skills, increasing their familiarity with PARCC-like learning tasks, bolstering their confidence, and ultimately, supercharging their scores. Do right by your students and prep them using these tips now! #1. Highlight With Purpose! Among the slew of digital tools students be allowed to access during the PARCC test is the somewhat obvious but oft-underutilized highlighter tool. While this may not seem terrifically groundbreaking, it does provide a significant advantage for students who know how to leverage the tool for organizational and analytical purposes. . #2. Among the many things PARCC purposes to assess, there is a substantial focus on students’ ability to understand vocabulary in context. . #3. . #4. . #5. iTeach4Results - *ELA & Literacy. PARCC Games. Here you will find a variety of games aimed to help students prepare for the Reading section of the PARCC exam.


Check back often, as we will be constantly adding new games.