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James Oberg's Pioneering Space. How to Prove You're an Alien by James E.

James Oberg's Pioneering Space

Oberg (appeared on OMNI magazine home page, 1998) The alien visitor to the new world was faced with the challenging task of convincing the natives of his superiority. It would have done little good to expound on topics such as religion, esoteric philosophy, homeland geography, or even the techniques of navigation, which had brought the visitors across such great distances in the first place. Asteroid to threaten Earth in 2013. By the Counter Intelligence Agency with Gordon Duff “The asteroid, known as DA14, will pass by our planet in February 2013 at a distance of under 27,000 km (16,700 miles).

Asteroid to threaten Earth in 2013

This is closer than the geosynchronous orbit of some satellites. There is a possibility the asteroid will collide with Earth, but further calculation is required to estimate the potential threat and work out how to avert possible disaster, NASA expert Dr. A MESSAGE FOR ALL OF HUMANITY - Extended Version. Travis Walton UFO Abductee explaining inside the spacecraft. The Official Travis Walton Web Site. Conclusion. In 1994 in Seattle USA Colin Andrews approached DR Sherwood to see if he was interested in doing research on the crop circles.

The work began in the season of 1995 and has been ongoing every since. Now for the first time a conclusion study report is complete and entered here for you to view! The conclusion is as follows: Study has shown that in some cases there are patterns (though very mundane and obvious!) World History & Mystery. Gallery of mystery. Part 2 Peru bronze wheels, described by professor Rafael Larco Hoyle in his work "Peru"; they resemble very much modern gears.

Gallery of mystery

The famous "Kiev astronaut": it's the only European little statue found until now which shows so evident "spatial" features. Kaoru Nakamaru officiel de solidarité internationale des journalistes [profil Kaoru Nakamaru] Death and Beyond: Science at the Edge of the Known. National Atomic Testing Museum: Area 51 UFO 'secrets' to be revealed by Smithsonian Institute speakers. By Nina Golgowski Published: 05:49 GMT, 2 September 2012 | Updated: 21:08 GMT, 5 September 2012 Closeted UFO believers may have a reason to come out this month, at least for one night.

National Atomic Testing Museum: Area 51 UFO 'secrets' to be revealed by Smithsonian Institute speakers

Delving into the extra-terrestrial mysteries of Area 51, a Smithsonian Institution affiliated museum in Las Vegas has announced plans for a one-night event featuring speakers from both the U.S. military and U.K. Steven Greer Claims Discovery Of A Small Humanoid Body. - Steven Greer director of CSETI is reporting that he has gained access to a small humanoid body only 18 inches tall and wants money for DNA studies for verification purposes.

Steven Greer Claims Discovery Of A Small Humanoid Body

People are of course naturally suspicious that that this is some kind of viral marketing ploy for his upcoming UFO/ET documentary called Sirius. There is so much garbage being created on the Internet that it's difficult to sort through what is real and what is not, so we have to rely on investigators we trust to investigate cases of real physical evidence of contact. What the jaded public needs to know is that in spite of all the hoaxing there are some credible cases from the past involving physical evidence of very small alien humanoids that might be used to give more credence to Steven's discovery.

The first is a case from 1932 where the little body was investigated by scientists before it disappeared. Best UFO footage 1947 - 1997. The Day Before Disclosure 2010. Giant Human Finger Found In Egypt. Allegedly down below pictures were photographed in Egypt by photographer Gregor Spörri in 1988.

Giant Human Finger Found In Egypt

Europe's biggest newspaper is showing them for the first time in public "exclusively". What you are looking at is a gigantic 15 inches long, mummified humanoid finger and the creatures height would be over 16.4 feet! In 1988, on the last day of his private investigation trip, he contacted an old man from a grave robber dynasty.


'Tall Whites' Living Among Us in Nevada Under Military Cover - Former Serviceman Recounts Incredible Story About 'Out of This World' Encounters. By Greg Szymanski 5 February 2005 from TheArcticBeacon Website When aliens or UFO’s are mentioned, some people say it’s just a hoax or somebody’s “imagination gone south.”

'Tall Whites' Living Among Us in Nevada Under Military Cover - Former Serviceman Recounts Incredible Story About 'Out of This World' Encounters

Others when they hear the “magic words” just shut off the television, reserving judgment for the next time they belly up to the bar. Flying Saucers Are Real - Full Feature with Nuclear Physicist Stanton T. Friedman. UFO's Contact with Jacques Vallee Part 1. Jorge Martín - Enigmas del Milenio / English version. One Million U.F.O Researchers Project !!! Dark Matter, Dark Energy & Cosmic Rays. The vastness of space and the puzzling nature of the cosmic objects that occupy it provides no shortage of material for astronomers to ponder.

Dark Matter, Dark Energy & Cosmic Rays

To round up some of the most enduring mysteries in the field of astronomy, the journal Science enlisted help from science writers and members of the Board of Reviewing Editors to choose eight puzzling questions being asked by leading astronomers today. As Robert Coontz, deputy news editor at Science, writes in his introduction to the series, the participants decided that, "true mysteries must have staying power," rather than being questions that might be resolved by research in the near future. Mysterious sounds: More videos of unexplained "apocalypse sounds" roaring out of nowhere. Thepocketgod. PRS 362 – INTRO TO CREATIVE PARANORMAL WRITING @ Paranormal Research Society. Delve in to the maddening world of Ryan Buell, Edgar Allan Poe, William Peter Blatty and yourselves as we explore the unknown through our psyche.

PRS 362 – INTRO TO CREATIVE PARANORMAL WRITING @ Paranormal Research Society

Write three original stories, share them with your ‘team,’ and also help Ryan create two custom stories for the course itself. Summary: Nieuw. Philadelphia Experiment. The story is thought to be a hoax.[1][2][3] The U.S.

Philadelphia Experiment

Navy maintains that no such experiment was ever conducted, and details of the story contradict well-established facts about the Eldridge itself, as well as commonly accepted physics.[4] Synopsis[edit] Latest 2012 crop circles: Italy and Netherlands. UFO Mayan Secrets & Ancient Aliens Revealed - Ancient..History,Magic,Spells,World.


Best UFOs Aliens Videos Research !!! Aliens UFOs Photos Pictures Proof. Close Encounters - Aliens, UFOs, paranormal activity - we list the top sites. The Mystery Casebook - Cryptids, Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, Chupacabra, Sea Monsters, Aliens, UFO News, Mysterious Places, Photos, Video. The Jersey Devil. The Jersey Devil, the supposed mythical creature of the New Jersey Pinelands, has haunted New Jersey and the surrounding areas for the past 260 years.

This entity has been seen by over 2,000 witnesses over this period. It has terrorized towns and caused factories and schools to close down, yet many people believe that the Jersey Devil is a legend, a mythical beast, that originated from the folklore of the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Others disagree with this point of view. Science Confirms Third Eye Chakra « Merovee. Better late than never, chaps ! Approximately, two and a half thousand years after the chakras were discussed in the Upanishads, modern science appears to confirm the existence of the Third Eye Chakra , even though the scientists probably have no knowledge of the chakra system . From the Mail Online : Researchers found that the area of the brain used to ‘mentalise’ – the technical term for imagining what’s inside somebody else’s head – is far larger in people with a lot of friends.The forebrain region – found just above the eyes – is one of the most highly evolved areas of the human brain.

It is known to be crucial to social skills and the ability to ‘mentalise’, or guess what other people are thinking. Fastwalkers - UFO Documentary FULL. Is There Some THING On The Moon? 'Strange sounds' heard WORLDWIDE. Six UFOs are snapped just 30 miles apart in Kent & Essex. Alien hunters: What if ET ever phones our home? 16 January 2012Last updated at 00:09 By Jason Palmer Science and technology reporter, BBC News For decades we've been sending signals - both deliberate and accidental - into space, and listening out for alien civilisations' broadcasts. But what is the plan if one day we were to hear something? If we ever detect signs of intelligent alien life, the people likely to be on the receiving end of a cosmic signal are the scientists of Seti, aka Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Western White House UFO incident Echoed in New Stephenville Lights Video. By Jon Kelly Vancouver UFO Examiner 1-7-11 New video featuring a Dublin, Texas UFO raises fascinating questions concerning what MUFON’s study of an FAA radar report described as an enormous object that flew within ten miles of President George W. Bush’s Western White House on January 8, 2008. Alejandro Rojas: UFOs and Aliens Were Hot Topics for Celebrities in 2011. Menacing Hedge. Spielberg confirms Reagan extraterrestrial comment. Ancient Mysteries - Puma Punku in Tiahuanaco. Are Aliens On The Moon? Scientists Want YOU To Join The Search. White House Ends Silence on UFOs and ETs with Rejection of PRG Disclosure Petition l - But Petition ll is Filed Seeking Examination of the Rockefeller Initiative. NASA Mars Rover Finds Mineral Vein Deposited by Water. Richard Dolan - 12 Government Documents that Take UFOs Seriously.

UPDATE: UFOs at New Orleans football stadium identified. Earthlike Planet Found Orbiting at Right Distance for Life. NASA Telescope Confirms Alien Planet in Habitable Zone. Girl Who Does Not Age, Brooke Greenberg Baffles Doctors. The Non-Response Response from The White House (A.D. After Disclosure) Hollywood producer claims proof of UFOs. Best UFO documentary videos - military and pilot UFO sightings. UFO Alien abductions. The Betty Andreasson Encounter Alien Abduction. Yeti 'Nests' Found in Russia? Is this an alien skull? Mystery of the triangular-shaped head found in Peru. Eighth wonder of the world? The stunning temples secretly carved out below ground by 'paranormal' eccentric. Lair of Ancient 'Kraken' Sea Monster Possibly Discovered. Alien Abductions: I Just Want to Say . . . UFO At NFL Game: TV Camera Captures Strange Object In Flight During Broadcast. Serious Wonder. Black Death Is 'Grandmother' of All Modern Plague.

Scientist Prove DNA Can Be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies. Top Ten Unexplained Phenomena. History's Most Overlooked Mysteries. Visible Only From Above, Mystifying 'Nazca Lines' Discovered In Mideast. Mysterious Phoenix Lights Re-ignite Extraterrestrial Claims.