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Matheus Lopes

Matheus Lopes

Manifesto, traditional art, mixed media Building a galaxy, digital art, mixed media Alternate ending, digital art, mixed media
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Portrait paintings by Danny O’Connor (aka DOC) “Concentrating mainly on figurative and portrait subject matter, his influences include comic books, graffiti, illustration, and character design. With a strong graphic element visible in his work, O’Connor uses a wide range of media including acrylics, spray paint, ink, paint markers, and household gloss and emulsions. O’Connor has exhibited alongside some of the worlds leading Urban artists such as Banksy and Adam Neate as well as other gallery shows across the UK.” Danny O’Connor: website Via: Portrait paintings by Danny O’Connor (aka DOC)
Untitled Document
Paintings by Jack Morefield
Beautiful Watercolor Landscapes (12 pieces)

Beautiful Watercolor Landscapes (12 pieces)

Z.L. Feng grew up in Shanghai and began painting at the young age of seven. After experimenting with all kinds of different mediums, he finally settled on a favorite - watercolor. The artist always revered the medium because of its level of difficulty. “With watercolor you cannot cover your mistakes, so you must know what you are doing,” he says. One of Feng's favorite places to find inspiration is in the countryside of Virginia's New River Valley.
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Tranquility No 1 - On the Cutting Edge Exhibition
Markers and acrylic paint by Minjae Lee
Feather VII - On the Cutting Edge Exhibition
Champagne Supernova by Matt Sorensen spray paint art, space art