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Collection de livres d'art du musée Guggenheim. The Solomon R.

Collection de livres d'art du musée Guggenheim

Guggenheim Museum by Kandinsky, Wassily, 1866-1944; Dearstyne, Howard, tr; Rebay, Hilla, 1890-1967, ed texts eye favorite 15 comment 0 Translation of Punkt und linie zu flache Topics: Art, Composition (Art), Art, Abstract by Celant, Germano; Solomon R. Favorite 0 Catalog of an exhibition held at the Solomon R. 75+ type driven sites. When we talk about the visual elements of a website, we are usually referring to images: photos, illustrations, icons, possibly the UI.

75+ type driven sites

What we tend to forget is that text is visual too. It is, after all, the visual representation of the spoken word. And text, just like images, can be beautiful or ugly, intriguing or dull, striking or bland, in appearance. The majority of sites out there use purely functional text. In other words, even though the typography might be passable, and the text readable, it is there to be read; any visual interest is picked up by images.

Some, rather brave, designers use type as content and visual interest This approach is not simply a case of ditching the use of any images and filling the space up with lots of text. Black on white or white on black is fairly standard, but in places color is used to add an extra dimension. Fullstop newparagraph Minnix Jessica Strelioff Elbow. Nuanciers naturels. Typographic logos: 35 eye-catching examples. It's tough enough to create an effective and memorable logo design, let alone restrict oneself to using typography alone.

Typographic logos: 35 eye-catching examples

But often getting down to the bare essentials is where the most remarkable solutions and brilliant ideas emerge. Sometimes it's a beautifully thought out ligature that nails it, or an imaginative use of letters. At other times it's clever use of colour, scaling or re-arranging of letters or even subtly removing something from the logotype that gives it a twist of brilliance. Dan Cassaro aptly summed up this potential of a purely type-based identity when he said that "Letters sit squarely between information and meaning so what we choose to do with them is very important and exciting" (p8, Little Book of Lettering by Emily Gregory).

These examples from across the globe show the way. Take a look, and you should emerge freshly inspired and challenged to look at typography in a new way... 01. 02. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 24 Heures du Mans 09. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Little Big Details - Your daily dose of design inspiration. The Best Landing Page Inspiration.

Top Inspiration websites for Designers. 16 Famous Designers Show Us Their Favorite Notebooks. Sure, digital design apps might be finally coming into their own, but there's still nothing better than pen and paper.

16 Famous Designers Show Us Their Favorite Notebooks

Here at Co.Design, we're notebook fetishists, so we recently asked a slew of designers about their favorites—and whether they would mind giving us a look inside. It turns out they didn't. Across multiple disciplines, almost every designer we asked was thrilled to tell us about their notebook of choice and give us a look at how they use it. Our operating assumption going in was that most designers would probably be pretty picky about their notebooks, but this turned out not to be true: While Muji and Moleskine notebooks were the common favorites, some even preferred loose paper.

But what makes the notebooks of designers special isn't so much what notebook they use, as how they use them. Gadi Amit: President And Principal Designer, NewDealDesign "It's just a quick (and dirty!) Michael Bierut: Partner, Pentagram Joe Brown: Designer, Ideo "I normally don’t use notebooks. W I S F. Match #359 Details at Loewe Spring 2017 | La malédiction (detail) by René Magritte, 1963 More matches here Match #358 Maison Margiela Haute Couture Fall 2014 | Irises (detail) by Vincent van Gogh Match #357 Details at Atelier Versace Fall 2016 | Genevieve’s Wave (detail) by Matthew Cusick, 2014, inlaid maps on panel More matches here Match #356 Jessie Bloemendaal photographed by Michael Baumgarten and styled by Elisa Zaccanti, makeup Mel Arter & hair Roxy Attard | Painting by Selma Weissmann Read the story behind this match on WISF’s Instagram!


Match #355 Details at Nina Ricci Fall 2009 | Thaxter’s Garden by Childe Hassam, 1892 Match #354 - I’M BACK! Riley Montana styled by Julie Pelipas and photographed by Hans Neumann for Vogue Ukraine July 2016 | Painting by Marney Ward Match #353 Elie Saab Spring 2015 | Shades of blue in the ocean Happy holidays everyone!!!